Writing Short Essays. Useful Recommendations

Writing Short Essays. Useful Recommendations

Writing short essays is very similar to writing essays of any other kind. The only difference is in their size. Short essays should be half a length of a usual essay. For this reason, it is extremely important to use all writing skills and abilities to describe the main idea of the paper within a limited word count. In such case, an outline can serve as a good basis for the future work. It can help a writer create a high quality essay.

Guidelines on how to write short essay

Regarding the structure of a short essay, it is worth noting that it is quite similar to the one of a simple essay paper. Though, some specific features should be taken into consideration in the process of writing a short essay, the main parts of the paper are introduction, main body, and conclusion. Speaking about a number of paragraphs used for each part, conclusion and introduction usually require one paragraph each. At the same time, the number of paragraphs in the main body depends on the complexity of the paper and its topic. Consequently, the number of paragraphs used in the main body can vary from one or two to four or even five. Still, regardless of the number of paragraphs, an outline will be useful in any case.

Part 1: Introduction

In accordance to the requirements of the short essay format, its introductory part should provide the information outlining the main idea of the paper. For this reason, it is extremely important represent provocative introduction, to make the topic of the paper interesting and arguable for readers. In order to achieve such objective, the writer should think of a catching thesis statement, to draw the readers’ attention. The importance of the introduction is in its function: make a reader understand the topic and provide him with a general outline of the paper. Still, regardless of the fact that the introduction represents the main idea, it should not be detailed. If you try to put as much information into your introduction as possible, it will be boring for a reader and he/she may refuse from reading it at all. In order to attract attention of the readers to the given topic, it may be useful to use some quotation regarding it, which will be interesting and appealing to the audience.

Part 2: Main body

On contrary, the main body of the paper contains as much information regarding a specific subject as possible. It provides different statements, supporting evidences, arguments, viewpoints, etc. Moreover, all the provided information should be properly organized, structured, and represented in accordance to the writing standards. Short essay format also requires using different quotes, dates, names, and interesting facts, to make the paper more informative. Besides, all the paragraphs in the essay should be logically connected between each other by means of using transition sentences. In case you see that your paper lacks smooth flow of information and different parts of it seem to be disconnected, short essay outline can help solve such problem. It will help you reveal all the pros and cons of your work and improve the final version of the essay.

Division of a paper into paragraphs is a useful process, which makes it easier for a writer to express his thoughts. Moreover, it helps focus on the writing process without losing the central point. As a result, it is necessary to make each statement and argument specific, clear, and objective. Actually, there are no strict rules regarding the way each paragraph of the main body should be written. Still, it is recommended to use some writing tips, which can be helpful.

First, the strongest points of the paper should be discussed in the first paragraph. Consequently, the following paragraphs should represent less strong evidences, while the weakest supporting facts are normally used in the final paragraphs of the paper.

Such structure helps the writer convince the readers in the correctness of his/her point of view.

Conclusion, as a final part of the essay, has an extremely important role as it summarizes the whole information provided in the paper. First, it reminds readers the thesis statement of the paper. Second, it sums up the discussion and outlines the closing points. When writing short essays, remember that properly written conclusion will make readers think and analyze the information learned from the essay.