What Is the Best Way to Write an SAT Essay?

What Is an SAT Essay?

SAT writing is very similar to a typical college paper in terms of analysis. SAT essays are assigned to those who apply for SAT examinations; a pass to a top grade means admission to a college degree program.

Many people wonder, “Which schools require this type of assignment?” Colleges that require the SAT essay include Stanford, Stanford, Yale, and many others. Given that most prestigious colleges require this entrance exam, learning how to write a great SAT essay is critical if you want to attend college.


Before You Begin Writing an SAT Essay…

Consider the question: ‘how long does it take to write an SAT essay?’ while studying for the entrance exam. Time management is an essential aspect of the test and should be considered when writing the exam. Typically, writing time is divided into four stages of examination:

As students’ progress at different rates, there are various variations of these stages. Some writers are faster at reading than at creating an outline, while others may be the opposite.

Whatever your mind thinks, SAT essay practice is always the best way to go, so you can find the most reliable timing combination that works for you within the exam’s time limit.

It’s important to remember that the writing segment takes up most of the 50 minutes. The reading and outline segments are critical to completing the SAT essay.


What Your SAT Essay Requires

First impressions are essential. 

  • Introduce the author’s techniques briefly.
  • Remember to avoid using or discussing argumentative language right away.
  • Discuss briefly the efficient methods employed by the author.




  • Demonstrate your thoughts on the writer’s techniques.
  • Argue their case.
  • Examiners want to see that you understand the source.
  • They also want to know how the author defends their point of view.



  • Provide examples that back up your claims and demonstrate the relevance of your thesis.
  • Cite the passage in which the author used vivid language.
  • It is not necessary to rewrite an entire course.


  • Include a detailed claim about how each example demonstrates the author’s arguments.
  • Discuss what makes them persuasive.
  • Explain why the reader will find the examples compelling.


  • Provide a synopsis of the thesis.
  • Discuss how your examples back it up.
  • Please remember that this is not the place to include more detailed text or illustrations.
  • Finish with a concluding sentence.


Outline for an SAT Essay

A new SAT essay format has emerged in recent years. Examine how applicants handled this assignment in 2019.


  • This introduction paragraph should be between 2 and 5 sentences long.
  • Write about the source’s purpose.
  • Write a few lines describing the argumentative techniques discussed in the remainder of the paper.


  • Typically, the body is made up of three examples. The third example, however, is optional.
  • Each example is approximately six sentences long.
  • Your first sentence serves as a transition from the previous paragraph. That could be either your introduction or one of your body paragraphs.
  • Describe the passage’s argumentative language in brief.
  • Describe the author’s point of view.


  • The thesis statement.
  • Mention the examples from the assignment.
  • Finish with a concluding sentence.


SAT Essay Help

Consider the SAT essay tips below to better understand the exam paper if you want to get a high SAT essay score.

  • The SAT Essay Prompts Are Critical. Before reading the passage, analyze the provided prompt because it explains its purpose. Knowing the writer’s intent for writing before exploring the source will be highly beneficial. It gives students a glimpse into the source.
  • Introductions are critical. Openings provide context for the topic of the essay. It is also necessary for getting four marks on the SAT essay from the examiner’s perspective.
  • Use a broad vocabulary and compelling language. The SAT essay rubric includes a writing score that requires formal language. Don’t repeat yourself, and be mindful of your grammar. Avoid utilizing basic language, slang, and writing in the first person when composing your essay.
  • Avoid deviating from the topic. Maintain accuracy in your source citations throughout your essay. It is critical to demonstrate that you have read and comprehended the reference to the examiner.
  • It is best to practice. Examining SAT essay examples will assist you in writing your own essay on the big test day. Follow an SAT essay sample to practice writing your paper.