Top 10 Easiest and Hardest College Majors in the Country

Choosing a major is a challenge for any student. If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you understand the seriousness and consequences of this decision.


experts have compiled the following list of

top 10 easiest and hardest college majors

throughout the country.

Top 10 Easiest and Hardest College Majors.

🍸 Easiest College Majors for the Undecided

Though an easy major doesn’t guarantee successful employment, at least you’ll have more time to enjoy your college years with minimal hours of assigned reading per week.

  1. Communications,


    , and Advertising.

    This category is guaranteed to be free of brain-crunching lab work and mathematics. It truly is the easiest college route to take! Also, note that the

    average salary for this field

    is $60,000


  2. Social Sciences


    Despite requiring some Math and Statistics, it’s nothing compared to what Chemistry and Engineering students have to go through. The only disadvantage is that you’ll have lots of writing assignments. The average salary of a social scientist is $74,000.

  3. Business Administration and Marketing.

    What’s fun about this track is that students get to write proposals for startup ideas, allowing them to see how the theoretical principles they learn are used in practice. In the US, the average

    business analyst salary

    is almost $70,000. This makes Business Administration both one of the easiest and most lucrative college majors available.

  4. Education.


    how to teach

    is genuinely exciting for those with a passion for it, and it doesn’t require too much in the way of STEM. Given Education’s focus on spending time in the classroom to gain valuable teaching experience, you won’t have to worry about pulling lonely all-nighters in the library. This makes it one of the easiest degrees to get, while still being fulfilling. The average salary for this field is $55,000.

  5. English.

    Spending four years studying a language you’ve been speaking your entire life (or at least half of it, if you’re an

    ESL student

    ) is a fairly painless choice. The average salary of an English major is $55,000.

📖 Hardest College Majors for the Brave

The hardest college majors are those for which students typically spend more time preparing, studying, and training. The most challenging degrees are as follows:

  1. Engineering.


    average number

    of weekly hours spent preparing for classes is 18.41. For the same reason, Engineering also has the highest dropout rates (up to 60% in some cases). With all the Chemistry, Calculus, Statistics, and Physics you’ll need to study, you’ll be lucky to walk away with a “C.” As any Engineering student will tell you, getting an “A” is rare.

  2. Physical Sciences.

    The average number of weekly hours spent preparing for classes is 18.62. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geology fall into this category. You’ll practically need a

    photographic memory

    to remember all those Latin words and their meanings.

  3. Computer Sciences.

    The average number of weekly hours spent preparing for classes is 18.21. It will, however, pay off once you finally get your diploma. Your task is to stay alive and sane, spending the vast majority of your waking life studying.

  4. Health Professions.

    The average number of weekly hours spent preparing for classes is 17.98. Nursing students confess that at least 80% of their classes are challenging and give them no time to relax. But at least we can feel safe knowing that

    medical students

    owe it to their future patients to do well in school.

  5. Mathematics.

    The average number of weekly hours spent preparing for classes is 18.12. While many students are looking for majors that don’t require working with numbers (and beyond), this one makes brains boil.

What the hardest college majors lack in user-friendliness, they make up for in salary and gratification. Now, it’s time to weigh all the pros and cons and make your choice. Or have you already made one?

❗ How to Choose a Major: Main Factors to Consider

  • Define your strengths.

    Make a list of things you can do well or at least enjoy doing. What classes are you good at? Divide them into general spheres, such as Arts, Language, Engineering, Sciences, Medicine, Psychology, etc. Such a visualization will indicate the domain that’s for you.

  • Money is essential, but the deciding factors should be interest and talent.

    People who engage in activities that inspire them often manage to build a successful business. On the contrary, students who choose the hardest college majors with high pay for the mere sake of financial reward often suspend their studies, losing money and time in the process. Even the most stressful major can be intellectually stimulating for those talented in that specific domain.

  • Choose between theory and practice.

    If you plan on developing yourself as a researcher or a professor, a theoretically oriented degree is the way to go. In all other cases, opt for the most practical courses, especially those offering internship placement.

  • Some degrees are costly, but many of them offer scholarships based on GPA.

    If you’ve done well in school, scholarships could shave off years from the dreaded student loan repayment cycle. Keep in mind, too, that the priciness of an Ivy League university doesn’t guarantee a high quality of education.

  • No major or bachelor’s degree guarantees a career.

    Search the web to understand what specialists are currently in demand and which ones will be in demand by the time you graduate. Though the statistics change every year, the general picture should give you an idea of what’s marketable and viable when it comes to a future profession.

  • Imagine yourself five years after graduation.

    What does your typical day look like? Are you satisfied with the work you’re supposed to do? In the absence of answers to these questions, you’ll be learning blindly. Find a professional in your future sphere of expertise and don’t be afraid to pick their brain!