Tips to Write Birth Control Shots Pros & Cons Essay –

A birth control shot is a type of injection given to prevent pregnancy and especially to the girl after 3 months. It contains a long-acting form of the hormone progestin. It provides pregnancy protection lasting from 30 days to 12 weeks.

Choices among birth control shots:

There a variety of choices available around the world which vary by the hormones used and how long the protection lasts? And only one Depo Provera is approved for use in the United States.

Types of birth control shots:

There are three types of birth control shots including Depo Proverb, Noristerat, and combined injectable contraceptives.

Depo Provera

Birth control shot injection Depo Provera is the brand name for medroxyprogesterone acetate. It is approved for use in endometriosis and abnormal uterine bleeding.


It is the brand name for noristherone enhance and it is widely used in the United Kingdom, Africa, and parts of Europe. It is delivered by an injection into the muscles of the shoulders.

Combined Injectable Contraceptives:

CICs contain both progestin and a combined form of estrogen called estradiol. It is mainly available in Africa, Asia, and Latin America under names such as Feminine, Lunella, Nova fem and Cyclofem, etc. In this article, we are going to have a look at the pros and cons of birth control shots.

Pros of Birth control shots:

Let’s first have a look at some pros of birth control shots. Birth control shots are understood as a safe, simple, and convenient way to prevent pregnancy. It has many pros just like making periods lighter.

Effective to prevent pregnancy:

Depo Provera is a very effective birth control method if you remember to get your shots on time. Are you looking for protection from birth control shots?

Use condoms along with shots and as bonuses, it protects you from STDs.

Birth control shots are private and convenient:

Birth control shots are easy to get and it is highly convenient. If you use Depo Provera properly then you have to think about birth control 4 times a year. It is helpful for people who don’t want to deal with taking a pill every day.

Depo Provera is also beneficial for those people who don’t want to use birth control that interrupts sex. It is convenient also as you may be able to get shots to bring home and gives yourself which makes it extra convenient as you may be able to get shots to bring home and gives yourself. Moreover, it is super private if you do get a shot in the doctor’s office.

The shot is used to control birth and you don’t need to use it during sex. If one uses birth control shots properly then they are protected from pregnancy each day.

Most people now a day’s claim that birth control shots make their sex lives better as they don’t have to worry about pregnancy or interrupt sex.

Health benefits:

Birth control shots provide support to prevent cancer of the uterus and ectopic pregnancy.

Get your period less as compared to birth control pills:

Many people like birth control shots because it makes period lighter and less. Half of the people who use birth control shots on routine days stop getting their periods.

Therefore, not getting your periods is safe and you don’t need to worry about it at all. It has also been noticed that many people complain that in the first 12 months, they get more bleeding than usual and have spotting between periods.

Once you stop using birth control pills, your period schedule will go back to normal.

Birth control shots are temporary:

People who use birth control shots want to have kids when the time is perfect. One of the amazing things about birth control shots is that they are not permanent.

You can get pregnant once you stop using it when you desire. Indeed, a shot does not affect your ability to get pregnant in long run. If you want to get pregnant within a month or two, consult your doctor and discuss different birth control options.

Cons of birth control shots:

Now switch towards cons of birth control shots.

Get an infection after every 3 months:

You need to visit a doctor or health office after every 3 months to get your injection done.

It is vital to stay on schedule as birth shots work only if you consume them on time. One can take the help of a birth control app to keep track of your next shot day and set reminders for upcoming appointments.

If you live far away from the health center and you don’t find enough time to get your shots done then you need to search out alternative options.

Side effects when you use shots:

Negative side effects usually occur away after every 2 to 3 months once you get used to the shot. Some periods face problems with periods and get more bleeding and spotting than normal days.  This is most common during the first year and possible side effects include weight gain, nausea, sore breasts, headaches, or depression.

Many people by using birth control shots stop getting periods after a year. Your period should go back to normal once you wear your last shot. Still, if you encounter side effects then talk to your doctor or nurse about using birth control pills.

Take 10 months to get pregnant:

Birth control shots take about 15 weeks for pregnancy protection. On the other hand, it might take 10 months to get pregnant and return to normal.

Hence after stop using depo provera it can take several months to return to your first period. Everybody is different and reacts according to the shot that was taken; there is not the way to know when you get back to periods after your last shot.

You should try other birth control methods if you don’t want to be pregnant after consuming your last shot.


So Depo Provera is the only option available in the United States regarding birth control shots and must consult with your doctor or nurse about the above-listed pros and cons of birth control shots.