Tips On Writing A Descriptive Essay

May 2, 2019

Writing a
descriptive essay is based on creating a picture in the mind of your reader
with the help of involving all their five senses, smell, touch, sight, sound,
and taste. Ability to do it means success. But if you fail to do this, you have
tons of things to work on. So, let’s find out how to write a descriptive essay
step by step.

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Pick up Your Topic

When writing
this type of essay, you focus on a single event, location, person, or item, as
a rule. Your task is to make your idea about the topic clear by describing that
topic, and the way you present the things to your reader is really important.
You have not to tell your reader, but to show what you describe trough creating
a picture in their mind.

Your topic
must have sense, so the essay needs to be structured and all the paragraphs
have to be written in chronological order. When writing about a place or a
person, you should start in a general manner and after that only, provide more
specific details. The introduction is the tone for the rest of your essay, for
that reason, it should contain all the key ideas to cover in the essay.

Make a Statement

A thesis
statement is your next step. It represents an important idea of your essay. The
statement defines the essay purpose and the way the information is conveyed.
This paragraph is an introductory one and defines the framework of your topic.

Get the Senses Properly

Now you have
to create five columns on a paper for five senses, which will help you to
define your thoughts when describing your topic – the sight, smell, taste,
touch, and sound of your topic. Provide all the sensory details supporting the
thesis. You can use metaphors, personification, similes, and other literary

Then start
filling the columns with the details which help support your thesis, i.e. the
most interesting items you will provide in the body paragraphs. The topics have
to be set out in every paragraph, a topic sentence starts the paragraph, and
your intro paragraph and your thesis have to be related to each other.

Make an Outline

Creating an
outline is the next crucial step. It should list the details of the discussion.
High school students usually have to write an essay containing five paragraphs,
while students at the college have more freedom and can choose the length of
their paper.

The standard
essay contains five paragraphs and has a certain structure – intro paragraph,
three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Write your Conclusion

When creating
a conclusion, you have to realize that it summarizes your entire essay and if
necessary, it has to reaffirm the thesis. The conclusion is to be well written,
while it is the last thing your readers see and they should have it in their
mind for some time.

Review the Essay

everything is done, take a break. After some short rest, get back to it and
review it again. Think of your reader and reread the essay with the eyes of the
reader. Does your work make sense to you? Check whether it is easy to read it
and understand the topic. If any of the topics should be rewritten, do it.

Pay attention
to your choice of language and words. Your reader has to get enough information
and have a clear picture based on the details you provided. The details are to
help the reader to understand the topic from your point of view.

Now read your
essay loud! This way you may find the issues to work on again. After that, read
it to your friend or family, let them give their opinion. Ask someone else to
read your essay and ask if anything has to be improved, whether they understand
everything well.


Now you have
to proofread your essay, check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It is very
important. Delete all the clichés found. Rewrite those parts which are totally
descriptive or do not make sense.

When it comes to proofreading the essay, it’s
impossible to be too careful!

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