The Best Student Resources on the Internet

The vast majority of students at postsecondary institutions around the world are probably unaware of the variety of student resources available to them, both on and off campus. While it is simple to Google questions and find answers to questions on the fly, astute students recognize that the internet contains a wealth of resources that can and should be consulted frequently to make university life more manageable and entertaining.

Chances are, if you’re a university student, you, like most people, spend a lot of time on sites like Reddit that are counterproductive. Fortunately, Reddit is not inherently a waste of time. The way you use and navigate the site makes all the difference. If you are a university student, here are some of the best subreddits to follow.

Personal finance

The financial literacy gap is one of the world’s largest knowledge gaps that can heavily influence individual success across cultures. Most people, even if they are not completely financially illiterate, do not know enough to manage their personal finances competently. This isn’t their fault. Most societies do not prioritize it at the secondary or postsecondary levels. The financial literacy gap, on the other hand, isn’t just a matter of lost knowledge; it can cost university students thousands of dollars.

Consider checking out the personal finance subreddit if you’re in the process of curating your Reddit home page. Personal finance is read by over 13.5 million people and contains troves of information on how to make big and small financial decisions. Many of those commenting and responding to questions are experienced financial services experts or people who have had to ask and answer similar questions in the past. It’s a great resource to consult on a daily basis, or even just when you have a financial question that needs to be answered.

Eat cheap and healthy

The subreddit “Eat Cheap and Healthy” is another excellent student resource on Reddit. Part of academic success is determined by how well you care for your mind and body. You can only push yourself so far on unsatisfactory fuel and sleep before your body refuses to cooperate.

If you know what you’re eating is garbage, and if you’re spending too much money on empty calories (fast food is surprisingly expensive), check out this subreddit for meal ideas. It could completely change the way you think about eating and shopping while studying.

Many people, particularly students, believe that going to university entails sacrificing your eating and dietary standards for four years in order to further your education. The old familiar cliche of university students eating packaged ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner persists. However, if you know how to shop and what to cook, you can eat quite healthily on a budget. This subreddit is full of useful information and tips for doing so, as well as plenty of inspiration.

The main subreddit for your school or a subreddit for student resources

Reddit is now the third most popular website in the United States, chasing only Google (number one) and YouTube. Reddit has real pop-cultural, political, and social influence, which means it has become an important part of the online presence of most businesses and institutions. If you attend a large, well-known university, or even many smaller ones, chances are they have their own Reddit page.

These are another type of good subreddit for students, and they frequently serve as additional student resources for people who want to know what’s going on around campus. They frequently contain threads about deals or offers available on campus that would otherwise go unnoticed, as well as information about events, rallies, protests, and so on that are relevant to student life on campus.

It could also be used to meet people who share your interests. If you see someone talking about something you’re interested in, or if you’re having an interaction with a fellow student and it’s engaging and seems to be going well, you can send them a private message and ask if they’d like to meet for coffee, or a beer etc.

Subreddit for your field of study (2)

Subreddits related to your field of study are another excellent student resource on Reddit. For example, the subreddit “Engineering” has 210,000 subscribers. The subreddit “Political Science” has 10,800 subscribers, the subreddit “Philosophy” has 13.5 million subscribers, and the subreddit “Ask History” has 22,900 subscribers. These are just a few examples of subreddits dedicated to specific disciplines.

These types of subs are excellent places to ask people questions (often scholars or professionals), get pointed in the right direction before starting an essay, or find information and inspiration if you’re stuck on a topic. There are also writing services available that can assist you with planning or editing a paper if you believe it requires some extra love and care. If you don’t already have a Reddit profile, you should create one because they are anonymous and free, and they allow you to interact with millions of people from all over the world who are a wealth of new information and inspiration. Reddit is without a doubt one of the most useful student resources available.

Whether you use Reddit on a regular basis for news and entertainment or are brand new to the platform, there are a plethora of great subreddits to add to your list of subscriptions that are truly useful and beneficial to university students. Instead of spending all of your time on Reddit consuming gossip and media that doesn’t improve your knowledge or make your life better or easier, consider how you can use the website’s enormous potential to your advantage. Keep the above university student subreddits in mind, and for all other academic and writing-related issues, contact 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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