The Best Essay Topics & Ideas


One of the most difficult steps to take when you start writing an essay is deciding on a topic to write about (unless it has been assigned). Students are frequently tempted to write about something they are passionate about or are genuinely interested in. Though there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting the best topic, there are filters to consider when brainstorming ideas. After a significant amount of writing experience, it becomes clear that certain topics fit better with specific categories than others; this means that your topic of discussion should be chosen only after you have determined the type of essay you must write.

Tips for Choosing the Best Topics

Nothing is more important in writing than the topic of your essay. The essay topic idea is the backbone of your paper, and if it is weak, it will be extremely difficult for you to succeed. The best topic ideas are those that you are most passionate about. If you are uninterested in your subject, writing the essay will be excruciating. However, if it is something you truly enjoy, writing it will be a breeze. Another factor to consider when deciding on an essay topic is your intended audience. If your audience has little to no knowledge of a particular topic, consider skipping over highly technical and specialized topics. Finally, choose something interesting and exciting. Put yourself in the shoes of your reader: what do you want to learn about?

COVID-19 Topics

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived unexpectedly in our world, and it is difficult to predict what months of self-isolation and shelter-at-home orders will do to our lives and daily routines. This is an experience that none of us will ever forget, and an essay on such a hot topic will appeal to the majority of readers. We’ve compiled a list of intriguing essay topics for you to consider:

  •  What you should know about pets and COVID-19
  • How will COVID-19 affect your life?
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Self-Isolation
  •  Life lessons you’ve learned while quarantined
  •  Obstacles you encountered during the pandemic
  •  A person you lost as a result of COVID-19
  • Life at school during COVID-19
  •  Pandemic fear in the media
  •  A charity in which you participated during the pandemic
  • Projects you worked on during your quarantine
  •  Critical workers in the event of a pandemic
  • Your individual accomplishments during the quarantine
  • How have relationship dynamics changed during COVID-19?
  •  Favorite aspects of quarantine
  • What could have been done to prevent the virus’s spread?
  •  Backlash against Asian Americans as a result of COVID-19
  • COVID-19 prevention measures and how you implemented them in your life
  •  How to stay active and healthy during the quarantine
  •  The virus’s future: COVID-19 vaccines vs. a strong immune system
  • Mental health while isolating oneself

Essay Topics by Category

As previously stated, your essay topic is entirely dependent on the type of essay you write. Every student should be familiar with the following essay styles, which can be divided into four major groups:

Persuasive Writing (Group 1) – This essay type requires the writer to select and defend a point of view on a specific topic. This category includes argumentative, research, and persuasive essays.

Expository Writing (Group 2) – The purpose of this group is to present facts and inform the reader about a particular topic or idea. This category includes cause-and-effect, research, informative, and expository essays..

Descriptive Writing (Group 3) – This style requires the author to channel their inner artist by using lively vocabulary and coherent ideas to explain an idea, describe a concept, and so on. This category includes definition and descriptive essays.

Narrative Writing (Group 4) – This less common, but still prevalent, style necessitates the author telling a story or explaining a process (something in chronological order). This category includes narrative, process, and personal essays.

Here are some good essay topics for the most common types of essays:

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Essays on cause and effect explain how one thing influences another. The cause and effect method of covering a topic is very common and is used in both high school and college essays. This type of essay structure allows students to explain how subjects are related. This type of essay is also known as a “reason and result” essay. Consider the following cause and effect essay topics:How optimism influences your immunity

  • Using a bicycle instead of a car improves your health and lowers your environmental impact
  • Does social media improve people’s communication skills?
  • Are people who went to college more successful?
  • Long-distance relationships and distrust
  • Kids’ obesity prevention with exercise
  • Drugs and alcohol consumption are the main causes of homelessness
  • Global warming and species extinction
  • Panic attacks and their causes
  • Bulimia and its consequences
  • Portion control and healthy weight loss
  • Communication is the key to a healthy marriage
  • Electronic devices and their influence on child development
  • Peer interaction in school leads to improved social skills
  • GMOs and its influence on humans’ genes
  • Organic produce consumption reduces health risks
  • Cultural differences cause immigration transition problems
  • Freedom of speech can be abused
  • Cheating in school has long-term life effects on one’s personality
  • Consumerism pollutes the planet

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays usually present arguments both for or against a certain issue. Depending on the author’s goals and personal opinions, arguments can be balanced on both sides of the problem, or they can mostly support one of the sides. Some great essay topics are written below:

  • Should all women have access to birth control and family planning?
  • Does our tax system benefit everyone fairly?
  • Is vaping as harmful as smoking cigarettes?
  • Does consumerism pose a big issue for the world?
  • Does social media violate our privacy?
  • Is vaccination for everyone?
  • Do food companies control our diets?
  • Does our educational system suit our society?
  • What languages should be official in the United States and why?
  • Is capital punishment ever justified?
  • Should abortion be banned?
  • Do people abuse their right to carry guns?
  • Does police brutality have a racial aspect?
  • Should recycling be compulsory?
  • Is competition really beneficial?
  • Do careers in blogging have a future?
  • Will people ever be able to live without the Internet?
  • Should everyone engage in volunteering and charity?
  • Does the press violate the privacy of famous people?
  • Should testing on animals be legal?

Narrative Essay Topics

Imagine yourself as a real writer while writing a narrative essay. You get to talk about your experiences and tell a memorable, interesting, sad, or funny story. Details are important in a narrative essay because one of the goals is to paint a picture for the reader with your own words. It is preferable to choose a story that you remember vividly and can recall even the smallest details about. Here are some excellent essay topic suggestions:

  •  Tell us about your favorite childhood memory.
  •  Most recent travel experience
  • The death of a close friend or relative who had a significant impact on you.
  •  The death of a pet that has had an impact on your life
  •  Who is your best friend, and how did the two of you meet?
  •  This is your first flight.
  •  Your very first book that you ever read
  •  What is your worst memory?
  •  What is your biggest fear?
  •  Your family’s traditions
  •  A story about a memorable summer camp This is your first time driving.
  •  Describe the most humiliating experience you’ve ever had.
  •  How do you relax on the weekends?
  •  What are your favorite aspects of school?
  •  The funniest story about you and your sibling
  •  The last time you were in an accident
  •  Someone who inspires you
  •  Describe how you overcame any fears you had.
  •  What is the one thing you most regret?

Research Essay Topics

A research essay examines a topic using the works of scholars and scientists. You usually get to express your own opinion on a problem after explaining what others have to say about it. You can also agree or disagree with the opinions of the scholars. Here are a few ideas for research papers:Animal rights and how they are violated in modern society

  •  What are the legal drinking ages in different countries?
  •  What does it mean to be patriotic in different cultures?
  •  Workplace sexual harassment
  • Doctor negligence and its consequences
  • Hate crimes and what should be done to combat them
  •  The advantages and disadvantages of online retail
  •  How intelligence tests divide society
  •  Plagiarism and academic integrity
  •  Alternative energy sources
  •  Ocean pollution and prevention methods
  •  Pesticides and how they affect us
  •  Is population control a solution to global warming?
  • Endangered species and their conservation
  • Divorce rates among young couples
  •  The role of family values in a person’s life
  •  Alternative medicine vs. traditional medicine
  •  The importance of sleep in living a healthy life
  •  Stem cell research
  • Body image for teenagers

Informative Essay Topics

Informative essays are similar to research essays in that they present facts and educate readers on a specific topic. You don’t get to say what you think here; instead, you discuss your topic and inform your reader about it. Here are some ideas for good essay topics:History of slavery in the United States

  •  The civil rights movement
  •  The origins and long-term effects of stress
  •  Why do we procrastinate and how can we avoid it?
  • Racism in the United States
  •  Obesity in children
  •  Cybercrime and how to avoid becoming a victim
  •  The Solar System and its Subsystems
  •  The Milky Way and where to look for it in the night sky
  •  How recycling can help save the environment
  •  Hitler’s military strategies
  •  The causes of the Vietnam War
  •  The United States’ judicial system
  •  What is ADHD and how does it affect people’s lives?
  • The Aftermath of WWII
  • Is a college degree required for success?
  • Child maltreatment and its impact on character development
  • The role of expressionism in art history
  •         Prison overcrowding

Expository Essay Topics

The goal of an expository essay is to conduct an analysis of a specific issue based on facts and research. You must explain how things are happening and describe the process or the cause and effect relationship in this section. The main distinction between expository essays and other types is that the point you are attempting to argue is the result of a process of analysis rather than being based solely on your research.Why graduating from high school is important

  •  What most teenagers are concerned about
  •   How to open a credit card and what to look out for
  •  The benefits and drawbacks of student loan
  •  The United States’ higher education systemWhy moving is stressful
  •  The benefits and drawbacks of student loan
  •  The United States’ higher education system
  • How to identify a group leader
  •  Why are most parents overprotective and strict
  •  The psychological causes of smoking
  •  How alcohol affects one’s ability to operate machinery
  •  The reasons why teenagers join gangs and the dangers they face
  •  The difficulties of becoming pregnant at the age of 16
  •  Why is it important to be compassionate to others?
  •  How to overcome a fear of public speaking?
  •  How physical activity improves overall health and well-being
  •  The significance of sex protection
  • The ramifications of drug use
  •             How class absences can jeopardize your college career

Definition Essay Topics

A definition essay’s purpose is to define a term. These essays, for the most part, deal with abstract concepts. These terms do not have fixed definitions and can vary depending on culture or personality. Here are some ideas for definition essays:How do you define success?

  •  What exactly does love mean to you?
  •  The significance of kindness
  •  What is optimism, and how does it benefit one’s life?
  •  Procrastination and its ramifications
  •  Describe Buddhism and its place in the world’s religious systems.
  • What does happiness mean to you?
  •  Define friendship in your life
  •  The benefits and drawbacks of perfectionism
  •  Explain the institution of marriage;
  •  Define terrorism and its causes;
  •  What exactly is peer pressure, and how does it affect teenagers?
  •  Define surrealism in cultural terms.
  •  What does power entail for you?
  •  Define willpower and how to use it on a daily basis.
  •  What exactly is global warming, and what is causing it?
  •  Cloning and its effects on the human race
  •  Define creativity and its importance in life;
  •  Explain generosity and how it benefits people; and
  •  Explain why hatred is not the answer.

Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essays are similar to narrative essays in that they pay more attention to detail but have less action. Descriptive essays must convey a sense of feeling, atmosphere, or location. All of the topics for a descriptive essay are based on your personal experiences and memories.The most recent nightmare you had

  •  What was your strangest travel experience?
  •  Describe a museum that has become a favorite of yours.
  •  The most joyous day of your life
  •  Describe your favorite literary figure.
  •  The person who motivates you
  •  What is your earliest memory?
  •  Discuss and describe one of your friends.
  •  The most breathtaking view you’ve ever seen
  •  Describe a place that only exists in your imagination.
  •  Discuss your favorite sport and describe your experience attending a live game.Describe yourself to someone who has never met you
  •  Share your favorite memory
  •  Describe your most memorable school day
  •  Your favorite birthday
  •  Describe your feelings the first time you fell in love.
  •  Tell me about the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been in.
  •  Tell me about the best city you’ve ever visited.
  • Describe your childhood home;
  • Discuss a special object to you.

Process Essay Topics

Process essays must explain how something is done to the reader(s). It is necessary to describe the subject first, followed by a step-by-step explanation of how the process works. The steps can be precise and progressive. On the contrary, it can simply be an explanation for a series of actions that do not necessarily occur in sequence.

  • How to drive a car
  • How to learn to swim
  • How to make your own movie
  •  Discover How to Cook Delectable Healthy Meals
  • How to be an A student
  • How to pass your SATs
  • How to deal with procrastination
  • How to be successful in a job search
  • How to write your own book
  • How to overcome being shy
  • How to make new friends
  •  How to tell if you’ve met your alternate self
  • How to save money
  • How to get rid of a bad habit
  • How to exercise regularly
  • How to start your own business
  • How to choose a used car
  • How to make new friends
  • How to learn to say “no” to people
  • How to let go of unnecessary things

Personal Essay Topics

Personal essays are autobiographical stories written in a friendly, intimate tone. The tone of such an essay is typically conversational and reflects the writer’s personality. It should also look into the emotions you’ve felt as a result of specific events that have happened to you.

  • Your motivation for success
  • A special person in your life
  •  What has been your biggest disappointment?
  • The happiest moment of your life
  • A time you were betrayed
  • Someone who annoys you
  • A time when you lost someone
  • How you overcame your worst fear
  • A moment you were very brave
  • A time when you felt very alone
  • A place that is special to your heart
  • Your favorite time of the year
  • Your bucket list of wishes
  • The time you lost a tournament
  • An inspirational person you have met
  • The biggest act of kindness you have done
  • A moment when you learned a life lesson
  • A time you got hurt by someone you love
  • A place you would like to visit
  • A time when you made the wrong choice

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Although persuasive and argumentative essays may sound the same, there is one significant difference: the type of reasoning used to defend one’s point of view distinguishes persuasive essays from argumentative ones. While argumentative essays use logic and statistics to make their points, persuasive writing relies on emotions and morality to persuade readers. Both of these writing styles could cover the same ground. The distinction is due to the methodology used to make their point.

  •  Why is it wrong to hunt wild animals?
  •  Why is it a good idea to microchip your pet?
  •  Is animal cloning ethical?
  • Standardized tests are not appropriate for everyone.
  •  School breaks should be extended;
  •  Why is physical education required in each grade level
  • Vaccines cause autism;
  •  Humans are to blame for global warming.
  •  How can we prevent species extinction?
  •  Physical activity is required for everyone.
  • Calorie restriction is the healthiest way to lose weight.
  •  Children should limit their time spent with electronics.
  •  Growing up in a single-parent home has long-term implications.
  •  How the tax system favors the already wealthy
  •  Listening to music reduces homework productivity.
  •  Free wifi is required in all public places.
  •  When should adoption be prohibited?
  • Euthanasia should be made legal.
  •  Human trafficking must be severely prosecuted.
  • Prostitution must be abolished.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essays demonstrate your ability to identify similarities and differences between two or more topics or points of view. This type of essay is relatively simple and enjoyable to write because you get to express your own ideas rather than simply writing facts. You can draw parallels and analyze the relationships between objects while explaining your unique point of view to the reader.

  • • The effects of coffee vs. tea on cognitive ability while studying
  • Capitalism vs. Communism
  •  The Civil War in the United States’ North and South
  •  The anatomical differences between humans and monkeys
  • Freelancing vs. working in an office
  • What is better: a movie or a book?
  •  The similarities and differences between Greek and Roman mythology
  •  The educational systems in the United States and the United Kingdom
  •  Online shopping vs. in-store shopping
  • Smaller class sizes vs. bigger class sizes
  • Living with parents vs. living on campus
  • Electronic book readers vs. physical books
  • Online dating vs. real-life encounters
  •  Differences and similarities between British and American English
  • People’s physical versus moral needs
  • Lord of the Rings vs. Game of Thrones
  • Horror films vs. comedies
  • Carnivorism vs. veganism
  •  Biking to school versus driving to school
  • Japanese culture vs. Korean culture

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Some subjects are more contentious than others. The likelihood is that you will not be able to persuade your reader to take your side – this is why these topics are contentious. However, it is your responsibility to construct your argument in such a way that you have a chance to persuade your reader to change their mind.

  • Should abortion be legal in every state?
  •  Should gun control be tightened?
  •  Should smoking be prohibited?
  •  Should the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes be legalized?
  •  Should people have sex before getting married?Should marriages be arranged?
  •  Should LGBTQ+ people have the same rights as heterosexual people?
  • Is it permissible for professional athletes to take steroids?
  •  Should children be subjected to physical punishment?
  • Is it immoral to show sex scenes on television?
  •  Should school cheating be tolerated?
  •  Should teenagers be able to use contraception?
  • Can religion be used to justify terrorism?
  •  Is it true that bullying makes people stronger?
  •  Should small children be allowed to use smartphones and tablets?
  •  Is the voting age of 18 appropriate?
  •  Are intercultural marriages permissible?
  •  Is prostitution illegal?
  •  Should smoking be permitted in public places?
  •  Should everyone pay the same amount of taxes?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Do you want to spice things up a little? What about a humorous argumentative essay topic? Humor is an excellent tool for piqueing the interest of your reader(s). It acts as a good hook to pique your reader’s interest and keep him or her reading.

  •  How would the world change if animals ruled it?
  •  What if teachers and students switched roles?
  • How will our lives change once we have flying cars?
  •  School dropouts are the most successful;
  •  Why should you drink before an exam;
  • What if we saw the world through the eyes of dogs
  •  The secrets to Starbucks’ delectable taste
  •  How disobeying your parents can lead to success
  •  Why is it important to pass your driving test?
  •  The best students are the ones who never show up to class.
  •  The best guests are those who arrive already full.
  •  Why I enjoy receiving spam emails
  • Why burning down your school is not an option
  •  Clowns aren’t as frightening as you think
  •  Why your laundry won’t do itself
  • Why you should wear a mask even once COVID-19 is over
  •  What is the worst film ever made?
  •  How your gaming skills can help you get a job
  •  Why I despise country music