Sleep is For the Weak: How to Need Less Sleep and Feel Good

Sleep is For the Weak: How to Need Less Sleep and Feel Good

how to need less sleep and feel good

Many people would like to have more time for things they have planned and thus, wish to find out how to need less sleep. However, when the night falls, everyone goes to bed. Sleeping is an essential part of every person’s life. Still, not all people realize that the process of sleeping can be quite flexible. Many people simply do not understand how to sleep correctly. Our article will help you understand

how to manage your time properly and sleep less

without feeling tired all the time.

• Create your own sleep schedule

Sleeping at different time puts your body under great pressure. The body does not understand whether it needs to be active or passive. As a result, you may feel tired. There is only one recommendation for people who want to know how to fix sleep schedule and it is to go to sleep at the same time. If you train your body and mind to sleep according to the set schedule, your biological clock will cause you no problems at all. It is clear that not all people can allow going to bed at the same time regularly. There is an alternative for that too. Ask yourself “What time should I wake up to have enough time for my daily routine?” and make it your wake-up time. Such method is beneficial from both physical and psychological perspectives. First, you will not feel tired after waking up, as your body will “know” that it is time to be active. Second, you will not feel stressed due to being late because you woke up too late. Remember, sleeping too much is much worse than sleeping too little.

• No alcohol, drugs or caffeine before going to bed!

It is a well-known fact that taking alcohol, smoking or drinking coffee before bedtime makes it difficult to fall asleep. Very often, they cause sleepiness, while reducing the quality of sleep at the same time. In other words, the energy your body uses to recover strength during sleep will be used to sober you up. As a result, your energy will be wasted and you will not get enough rest. Reduced consumption of these substances will give you more energy and will make you feel better during whole day. Nevertheless, if you had some coffee, alcohol or smoked a cigarette before going to bed, do not go to sleep at once. Wait a little and drink enough water to hydrate yourself.

• Pay attention to lighting

Human body works in such a way that it reacts to the lighting in its own specific way. When it is dark, the body prepares itself to rest, when there is enough light, it feels active and ready to work. As a result, it is recommended to use lighting to your advantage. Turn off all your devices before going to bed and make your room as dark as possible to prepare your organism to have some rest. Moreover, it is more useful to use light instead of sound to wake up. Get yourself a lamp with a timer, which will switch on when it is time to get up.

• Avoid stress before going to bed

Lack of sleep causes problems to a human body and that is why it is important to stick to sleep patterns. However, they can be easily violated by stressful situations, which will never make you feel well rested in the morning. In order to leave the stresses of the day behind you should engage yourself in some relaxing activity before bedtime. Reading an interesting book, meditation or just listening to a relaxing music will help you let all your problems go.

• Do not overeat before bedtime

Sleepless night? One of the reasons for it is too much eating before going to bed. Just like in case of alcohol, caffeine or cigarettes, food makes your body work at time when it should rest. It is better to wake up hungry than go to bed full.

• Find alternative sleep cycles

Some people may wonder why they feel so tired after sleeping 11 hours! The deal here is that it does not actually matter how long you sleep. The thing that matters is the phase of the sleep cycle you wake up on. Some of you may know about such things as deep and light sleep. Many people do not take it seriously but it actually words. Waking up in the middle of deep sleep will make you groggy, while getting up during light sleep will make you feel refreshed. If you do not feel well after waking up in the morning, you should try to change your sleep cycle. Average length of a sleep cycle is 90 minutes. Consequently, try to calculate how many 90 minutes cycles you can have during the night and wake up at a time when it ends. Believe us; you will feel the difference!

• Take a nap!

Different types of sleep disorders can influence your overall state of health. If you find it difficult to sleep at night due to stress or some other reasons, nap is the way out! Naps have been proven to have a positive influence on the body. Can you answer the question: How much sleep do you need? – Not always. However, your organism can! If it feels that it receives not enough sleep, your body can ask for it even during the day. Do not resist. Have a power nap, which should last 20 minutes in average. It is not much time but it will definitely make you feel better!

Try to follow the tips given above to make your sleep healthier and improve your overall performance.