Racial Profiling Essay: Argumentative & Persuasive Writing Tips

Racial profiling is not uncommon. It’s

incredibly offensive and unfair behavior that causes most of the protests in support of people of color

. It occurs when people are suspected of committing a crime based on their skin color or ethnicity.

Racial profiling is incredibly offensive and unfair behavior that causes most of the protests in support of people of color.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware that racial profiling is an everyday phenomenon that harms both the victims and society. Therefore, it’s crucial that we highlight this issue in as many ways as possible. One of the options is expressing your opinion through writing. Racial profiling essay can be inspiring and persuasive. All the power is in your hands, so let’s figure out how to use it! Keep reading this guide made by

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🤔 What Is a Racial Profiling Essay about?

There is more than one objective for writing a racial profiling essay. First of all, it can be as simple as expressing your feelings about it. For example, you might consider pointing out how unfair and unjustified those actions are. Moreover, if you’re a law student, you should definitely back up those conclusions with the extractions from the Constitution.

You can then focus on describing the impact it has on society, which makes a fantastic cause and effect essay. There are so many more topic ideas, but if you’re feeling stuck, go ahead to the article’s next sections!

Argumentative Racial Profiling Essay

To write a successful argumentative racial profiling essay, you need to focus on investigating the topic to express your perspective later. Every statement you include in the main body of the writing should be supported by evidence. The essential part of such an essay is a clear thesis statement!

Persuasive Racial Profiling Essay

Unlike the type discussed above, a


racial profiling essay should aim to convince your readers that your point of view is the only correct one. Instead of just presenting your point of view, you need to gather the most convincing facts that can influence your audience. It requires expertise in the topic of racial profiling.

Racial Profiling Essay Topics

Looking for a racial profiling

essay topic

? Find a short and sweet topic collection below.

  1. The impact of racial profiling on the US society

    . For this essay, you would need to study how citizens react to racial profiling. You might also include some statistics from the previous years.

  2. Present your point of view on the issue of racial profiling.

    If you ever faced it yourself, your reflective essay would be even more powerful! Include as much evidence as you can.

  3. Racial profiling: are African Americans overreacting?

    Someone feels like people might be taking this issue too personally. Therefore, you should provide strong arguments to point out how discriminating those actions are.

  4. Accepting racial profiling as a common practice.

    Express your opinion on this topic. Do you think police should be legally allowed to practice racial profiling? Why would it be a violation of rights?

  5. Racial profiling from a psychological perspective.

    Try to analyze this occurrence as if you were a professional psychologist. What do you think makes law enforcement act this way?

📑 Racial Profiling Essay Outline

Whichever type of racial profiling essay you choose to work on, the basic writing strategy remains the same. After you pick up the suitable title and finish your research, it’s time to reorganize the main ideas. The best way to do it is to create a racial profiling

essay outline

that serves as a foundation for your future essay.

There are three elements that any essay must have:

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

Don’t forget that the main body should have at least three paragraphs in which you present your arguments supported by evidence.

At this stage, it’s also important that you think about composing a

thesis statement

. It goes as the last sentence of the introduction and becomes the focal point of your whole writing. The thesis statement includes your opinion and a short description of your arguments.

In conclusion, you paraphrase your thesis and add some information about the most important findings. This way, your essay would be both informative and persuasive.

👌 Racial Profiling Essay: Writing Tips

Let us remind you of some basic rules you should stick to while writing:

  • Introduce your position on the problem and, at least, three major points in the thesis statement of your racial profiling essay.
  • Gather enough facts and pieces of evidence to support your points.
  • Do not forget to study the arguments of the opposing side.

Before you get down to writing your essay on racial profiling, try to answer the following questions:

  • When did racial profiling start?
  • Why does it happen?
  • What consequences does it lead to?

Try to find some statistical data to include in your essay on racial profiling. Be careful with sources and information. The point is that racial profiling is unconstitutional, which is why you will not find official data, something like police reports, etc. Thus, use only credible online and printed sources when writing your papers on racial profiling.

There is also a way to show your creativity in the essay on racial profiling. You may play the devil advocate’s role and support it in the paper on racial profiling. We are sure this unusual approach will impress your teacher!

So, good luck with your papers on racial profiling! Do not hesitate to visit our blog if you have trouble with

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or any other written assignment.

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