PSAT Practice Tests: Free Questions and Full-Length Tests


Why spend money on PSAT practice tests when you can get them for free online? I’ve compiled all of the best PSAT practice tests and sample questions available online to make your search as simple as possible.

Continue reading for 10 official PSAT practice test PDFs, plus 10 bonus SAT practice tests, are available for download. Because the College Board has only released two official practice tests for the current PSAT version, I’ll also explain how you can modify older practice tests to effectively prepare for the test.

Let’s get started with the first official PSAT practice test PDF for you to download right away.

Practice Tests for the PSAT


Despite the fact that the PSAT changed in the fall of 2015, there aren’t a lot of updated PSAT practice materials available. Currently, the College Board provides two sample PSAT NMSQT practice tests with answer keys. So far, the following are the best resources for PSAT practice questions:

Official PSAT Practice Test 1—Score Your Test-Answer Explanations

Official PSAT Practice Test 2—Score Your Test—Answer Explanations

Ivy Global, a test prep company, has also made their version of a PSAT practice test PDF available on their website. Keep in mind that these are not College Board-approved questions. Although they are similar to PSAT questions and provide useful practice, they are not an exact representation of what you will face on test day.

As time passes, more and more practice materials tailored to the current version of the PSAT will be made available. For the time being, you can effectively prepare using a combination of the above resources, older PSAT practice tests, and official SAT practice questions.

But, before we get into these other test-prep materials, let’s talk about how you can use these two newer PSAT practice tests to study for the exam.

How to Use Updated PSAT Practice Tests for PSAT Prep

As previously stated, the College Board’s official practice tests are the most accurate representation of what you’ll see on the PSAT. Before taking them, you should familiarize yourself with the PSAT’s content and format so you know what skills to focus on and develop.

When taking the practice tests, make sure to simulate testing conditions by timing yourself and familiarizing yourself with the test format and instructions. As with the SAT, there is no penalty for incorrect answers, so give your best guess on every question.

Because there are currently only two official PSAT practice tests available, I would recommend deferring them until you have completed some preliminary preparation. Then you can assess how effective your studying was, analyze your results to gain a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and adjust your focus as needed.


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Practice Tests for the Old (Pre-2015) PSAT


We’ve compiled a list of eight PSAT practice test PDFs with answer keys that you can download and print. There are four official College Board exams and four unofficial tests.

They are graded out of 240 (with the Critical Reading, Math, and Writing sections each worth 80 points) and a quarter point is deducted for each incorrect answer. While scoring these old practice tests, keep this new system in mind.

Official PSAT Practice Test 1

Official PSAT Practice Test 2

Official PSAT Practice Test 3

Official PSAT Practice Test 4

Unofficial PSAT Practice Test 1

Unofficial PSAT Practice Test 2

Unofficial PSAT Practice Test 3

Unofficial PSAT Practice Test 4

As previously stated, the PSAT no longer deducts a quarter point for incorrect answers; instead, it uses rights-only scoring, which means you get one point for each correct answer and no points for incorrect or skipped answers.

The current PSAT scores Math on a scale of 160 to 760, as well as Reading and Writing on the same scale (160 to 760). As a result, your composite PSAT score will be between 320 and 1520.

You’ll also receive individual test scores ranging from 8 to 38 in Math, Reading, Writing, and Language (these are then converted into the scaled scores above from 160 to 760).

What else can you do to make your practice testing relevant for the current PSAT, besides using a different scoring system on the old PSAT practice tests?

How to Use Old PSAT Practice Tests for PSAT Prep

To adjust your study, you must become acquainted with the changes in question types and skills on the current PSAT. For example, changes to the PSAT in 2015 replaced sentence completion questions with passage-based vocabulary questions, which ask you to define more common words with multiple meanings.

In addition, the PSAT expects you to be able to find evidence for your answers in a passage, graph, or chart. These questions will require you to interpret details, main points, or data in the context of a passage or other provided information. As a result, you should focus on passage-based Reading questions and Math questions that require you to interpret data from charts and graphs.

In general, the Reading and Math questions on previous PSAT practice tests are still very helpful in preparing for the current PSAT.

However, keep in mind that the old PSAT was two hours and ten minutes long, whereas the current PSAT is two hours and 45 minutes long. You could add an extra section or two to your practice test to practice pacing yourself over this longer period of time.

All of these changes in content, skills, and scoring are consistent with those made to the SAT in 2016. We’ve compiled a list of 10 SAT practice tests for you to use as you prepare! You can also find free SAT practice questions online.




Practice Tests and Sample Questions for the SAT


There aren’t a lot of practice materials available for the current version of the SAT, which was first administered in the spring of 2016. However, we’ve compiled a list of ten official SAT practice tests (complete with answer keys) that you can download and take. (Please keep in mind that the PSAT and SAT no longer include an essay, so you can skip that section.)

SAT Practice Test 1:
Questions|Answers|Answer Explanations|Essay

SAT Practice Test 2:
Questions|Answers|Answer Explanations|Essay

SAT Practice Test 3:
Questions|Answers|Answer Explanations|Essay

SAT Practice Test 4:
Question|Answers|Answer Explanations|Essay

SAT Practice Test 5:
Questions|Answers|Answer Explanations|Essay

SAT Practice Test 6:
Questions|Answers|Answer Explanations|Essay

SAT Practice Test 7:
Questions|Answers|Answer Explanations|Essay

SAT Practice Test 8:
Questions|Answers|Answer Explanations|Essay

SAT Practice Test 9:
Questions|Answers|Answer Explanations|Essay

SAT Practice Test 10:
Questions|Answers|Answer ExplanationsEssay

In addition to these practice tests, the College Board website has some free sample questions. These sample questions are for the PSAT as well as the SAT. This demonstrates how similar the two exams have become. Whatever you study for the PSAT will be extremely beneficial when it comes time to take the SAT.

Finally, you can create an account with Khan Academy to access high-quality SAT practice questions. This website collaborates with the College Board to create official SAT practice questions.

Given the similarities between the PSAT and SAT, are there any adjustments you should make when using SAT practice questions to prepare for the PSAT?

How to Use SAT Practice Tests and Questions for PSAT Prep

The SAT and PSAT have nearly identical questions. The questions on the SAT Math may be a little more advanced in terms of algebra and functions, but otherwise they are very similar.

The SAT is a little longer, lasting three hours. Furthermore, while the two tests are similar in terms of content and scoring, the SAT is slightly more difficult than the PSAT. As previously stated, the PSAT is graded on a scale of 320-1520, with a range of 160-760 for Math and a range of 160-760 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, or EBRW.

In contrast, the SAT is graded on a scale of 400-1600. The Math score range is 200-800, and the EBRW score range is also 200-800. Your PSAT scores are supposed to predict your SAT scores; however, the scoring scale does not go as high to account for the PSAT being a slightly easier test. While a high PSAT score predicts a high SAT score, it does not always correspond with a perfect 1600.

I recommend timing yourself and simulating real-world test conditions, as I did with the PSAT practice tests. After that, spend some time analyzing your mistakes and determining your strengths and weaknesses. Because the PSAT and SAT are so similar, you can use one as a diagnostic pre-test and the other as a post-test to determine where you’re starting out and how far you’ve come after a lot of studying.

With all of these new and old practice materials, you should have plenty of resources to help you achieve a high PSAT score. Let’s go over the steps you should take to prepare for the PSAT quickly.


Best Ways to Prep for the PSAT

The two official PSAT practice tests released by the College Board and listed at the beginning of this guide are the best source for PSAT practice questions. When it comes to sample questions, official test questions are the gold standard because they are the most accurate representation of what will be on the actual exam.

Because the PSAT is so similar to the SAT, SAT practice tests and free online questions can be very useful preparation tools. These questions will assist you in preparing for both the PSAT and the SAT.

Finally, you can still use older PSAT practice tests effectively if you are familiar with the changes to the exam and concentrate your efforts on the relevant content and skills. This understanding will also help you avoid wasting time on material and information that is no longer relevant, such as Sentence Completion questions.

You can still use the abundance of practice material available to prepare for the PSAT as long as you take the time to understand the exam and adapt your test prep accordingly. And, as an added bonus, all of this preparation will come in handy when it comes time to take the SAT!

What’s Next?

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