Pros and Cons of Tattoos

By insertion of any type of pigments, inks, and dyes, any type of design can be created whether someone’s name or some other design, this type of body modification is known as tattoos. Tattoos can either be permanent or temporary on someone’s skin. Tattoos are done manually on our body, its mean is that tattoo artists would puncture your skin and inject the ink by hand.

It is happening a custom for thousands of years that human beings marked their skin by applying many types of pigments and inks. For a variety of reasons, tattoos are used to do in many cultures. Sometimes tattoos show membership in a group. It is a practice done by both men and women from East to West. Tattoos have no age limit and the attraction is obvious in it. It is a very powerful statement to decorate someone’s body with permanent art. It cannot easily change or remove.

We do have not any proper proof about the beginning of tattoos. A very known theme that can also emerge from the study is the social definition of the art of skin in general. There are more chances of tattooing of sorts, where many people present in close proximity. There are most commonly two directions of everything, good or bad. Tattoos surely have some pros and cons in the modern world.

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Pros of Tattoos

1) A Tattoo is a Type of Self- Expression

To show your individuality, tattoos are an awesome way without saying anything. As an artistic extension of own self, tattoos are something for the wearer to hold it on and work. The tattoo can contain a lot of meanings that can also show the thinking of the wearer.

2) A Tattoo is Your Own Work of Custom Art

Your tattoos can be the story of your life, nonetheless of separate definitions behind them.  A picture can show a lot of words. The tattoo type also reflects your style and shows your personality, it could help you to look more unique. To carry your own custom and personal style of art, tattoos are seriously a physical way that you get for the rest of your whole life.

3) You Meet Fantastic People through your Tattoos

Some people may be impressed by your tattoos and may have a mind to share their own tattoos with you. Two persons having tattoos will like to talk to each other about this common topic, this could help you to start a conversation very easily. Because it is an interesting and common topic for both of you.

4) Tattoos Can Stay with you Forever

You have a chance to wear a meaningful and great piece of artwork for the rest of your whole life if you get tattoos for the correct reasons and by genuine artists and give them the care that they need.

5) The Pros of Aging with Tattoos

Your tattoos can look fresh or amazing if you show proper care about your tattoos and improved them with new tattoo inks. It is recently discovered that tattoos can make you look badass with age. Because your body shape and size change with time so tattoos changes with your looks.  But it is a wrong belief that tattoos look worst just because of body changes. You should not think that your tattoos will look worst as you get older and make you less attractive from the comparison of before.

6) Tattoos can Open a door to a Whole New Society

When mainstream society does not support, the community behind the scenes of tattoos supports one another. When you fail to get a job on wall street, the communities of tattoos have still some good opportunities for you to explore.

Cons of Tattoos

1) A Tattoo May limit Your Path of Career

As tattoos are becoming part of our life day by day, but there are still some fields that would not accept you with tattoos. Unfortunately, opportunities areas like a person with a white-collar office job will not like to hire a person in his office who has tattoos on his face, no matter how much qualified he is.

2) Getting a Tattoo can Prove Risky Business

There are soo many reasons that we increase the love for getting artwork done by genuine artists or not choose a cheap way. A certified artist may prove more costly than your friend made a tattoo on you in the kitchen. You will feel satisfied that your tattoo is done in a hygienic fashion and follow all safety standards having no bacteria or no infection. A genuine artist will also help to show you the quality of artwork by its applications and designs.

Pros and Cons of Tattoos

3) Health Risks

Piercing of tattoos can risk many health issues such as :

  • Allergic reactions
  • Any type of infection such as hepatitis
  • A type of scars that develop during healing named as keloids.

4) A Tattoo can Put Your Body on Display for the Rest of the World

Picking apart about every tattoo you have proves very annoying. When you decide to get tattoos, you should be mentally prepared for regular bombarding of people that will ask different questions about them.

5) The Cons of Aging with Tattoos

It has no doubt that our body gets wrinkled with our age, that’s means that tattoos will also do the same. But the tattoos that were done over 50 ago were made with not the same pigments which would result in bleeding, tattoos fading or tattoos may turn blue. This will let you listen to comments that your tattoos look bad with age.

Pros and Cons of Tattoos

6) Allergies

The most common disadvantage of tattoos is the allergy caused by them. You can be susceptible to rashes if your skin is sensitive and you get the permanent tattoo inked on your body. You should not think about a permanent tattoo if you have sensitive skin.

Some common signs of allergic reactions after tattoos are:

  • Redness of skin
  • Flaking
  • Inflammation
  • Bumps on skin
  • Skin may look scaly
  • Nodules appears of red and purple colour around tattoos

In short, you should think a lot before getting a tattoo. If you have sensitive skin then you must not get it. It is a very risky practice. So think properly before taking this step.