Pros and Cons of Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is an over-the-counter smoking cessation aid. It is used to control nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with quitting smoke. It is available under the following different brand names such as Nicorette gum. It contains dosages of 2mg and 4mg.

It works by replacing some of the nicotine your body used to get from tobacco and using nicotine gum can reduce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, cravings, and irritation making it easier to stick to your goal and help you quit for good.

What is Meant by Nicotine Gum?

Nicotine gum is also formulated as Nicorette and it is specially formulated so that nicotine is gradually absorbed in your body as you use it and giving up smoking.

When you stop smoking, you will typically experience some side effects including concentrating and weight gain and nicotine affects the body by replacing some of the nicotine found in cigarettes.

The Function of Nicotine Gum

It also reduces unpleasant side effects and helps you stay strong when cravings strike and the effect aims to gradually reduce your dependence on nicotine.

Chewing gum can reduce your nicotine dependency and help you quit smoking when appropriately used.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the most cited pros and cons of nicotine gum.

Pros of Nicotine Gum

First of all, let’s have a look at the pros of nicotine gum and these are as follows:

1) 2 Times the Chances and Gum in Hand Icon

Nicotine gum cans double your chances of success when used as directed and it is most effective. It is used alongside a behavioral support program so that you are supported physically and emotionally throughout your quit journey.

You can use nicotine gum whenever you want to and it is a portable method of nicotine replacement. You can chew on some nicotine gum instead and for example, at trigger moments when you would typically reach for a cigarette such as when driving or a night out with friends.

2) Nicotine Gum Icon and Timer Icon

You can easily control your nicotine intake and providing a steady dose of nicotine all day to help manage your cravings a keep up you’re quit and enjoy your relief gum. It also provides you in keeping your mouth busy and rather than smoking a cigarette.


Pack of Nicotine Gum

Icons are the option to keep strong or frequent cravings under control by chewing an extra piece of gum within the hour.

4) Helps in Quitting Smoking

The success rate will be double when you use nicotine gum directly and it is most functional. It helps you provide more physical and mental support during your hard time quitting.

5) Portable Remedy and the Stimulation of Mental Activities

Nicotine gum is so impactful that you can bring it along whenever and wherever you need it and for instance, you are driving and craving a cigarette, you can unpack nicotine gum to chew on instead.

When nicotine substance from the gum is absorbed into your brain that is much lower than the substance from cigarettes and is beneficial.  It plays an important role as a brain booster that can help restrict Parkinsonism symptoms and might even avoid the lack of awareness in Alzheimer’s patients.

6) Nicotine Gum Helps in Weight Loss

Chewing nicotine gum helps you to keep your mouth cool. Instead of craving any cigarette or food, you crave nicotine gum.

A recent study from Louisiana State University reveals that chewing gum was effective in reducing your appetite and cut off your daily intake of about 40 calories. Thus, if you cut down 40 calories from your diet then there will be a remarkable difference in your lifestyle.

It also helps to take some quick exercises and you will effortlessly cut 100 calories each day and it leads to losing 10 pounds a year.

7) Helps to Control Cigarette Cravings

A fixed dosage of nicotine a day helps you manage your nicotine absorption. It prevents your addiction. An extra piece of nicotine gum in an hour can keep you under control if the cravings occur so desperately and frequently.

Other advantages of nicotine gum include:

-It is a time-saving method and also convenient

-There also exists a wide range of flavors for those who dislike the nicotine original.

-The nicotine gum does not spread any disease that is linked to smoking.

Cons of Nicotine Gum

Now it’s time to switch towards the cons of nicotine gum and these are as follows:


Individual Addiction

It helps quit individuals from smoking. On the other hand, it often gradually switches to being addicted to the gum itself and many people complained that after they used nicotine gum regularly is recommended periods. They have become dependent on it instead.

2) Becomes Reasons for Hair Loss

This change is about to give anxiety to the ladies who are getting involved in nicotine gum and about is an effective method for quitting smoking. It is also noticed that according to a 31-year-old model in a TV interview, her hair fall increased 10 times after she starting taking nicotine gum to quit smoking.

When nicotine gum is usually used for a long time, it is not harmless and it is best to decrease the quantity of gum consumption after you start to feel the gum works.

3) Lower the Sugar Level

You have better chances of causing diabetes being a smoker and this is because nicotine somewhat impacts the amount of insulin released from your body. Because they don’t respond to insulin-like usual and this probably harms the cells.

Henceforth the smoker leads to diabetes and nicotine gums help to remedy this situation but too much usage may cause opposite effects.


Increased Heart Rate

Nicotine no matter in what form when absorbing the brain and body then forces adrenaline to release and this promotes the heartbeat. Since blood vessels are constricted then blood pressure level increases and as a result, if usage of gum is continuous, it turns out to have negative effects like cigarettes do.

Other cons of nicotine gum are:

  • This taste can be unenjoyable and the product is possibly expensive.
  • Some people feel uncomfortable chewing gum in public places and this method does not suit anyone who is having dental work.

Listed above are the pros and cons of nicotine gum.