Pros and Cons of NCSA

NCSA stands for next college student-athlete is the most successful and largest college athletic recruiting network. It is also observed that NCSA leverages proprietary technology and data with personal expertise. It also involves personal relationships, connecting hundreds of thousands of college-bound student-athletes to more than 35, 000 coaches nationwide across 34 sports.

Why Choose NCSA?

It is about bringing process, technology, and passion to recruiting. NCSA becomes one of the first companies to challenge the status quo. It also brings digital technology to the acquainted paper-based recruiting world and innovation doesn’t stop there.

NCSA was the first one to offer online highlight video access to college coaches just before the creation of YouTube. Data and new technology also helped to create a recruit match system that helps athletes determine their best college options.

Strength of NCSA

One of NCSA’s strengths has been its strong relationship with the college coach community and its level of trust has been built over time maintained with performance. What drives success for NCSA and its clients is the passionate team of former college coaches and athletes who use their first-hand knowledge. It also has the expertise to help athletes at every step in the recruiting process. More than 200,000 different NCSA clients have reported their commitment to a college team since 2000.

NCSA is Increasing in Size Every Day

NCSA is growing every day and we are looking for individuals to grow with us and currently, we have more than 7500 teammates working both in our quarters at 1333N.

We also have individuals who work from home and opportunities for growth and advancement are always available. Make your mark at NCSA and positively impact the lives of high school athletes and do you have an all-out work ethic and passion for sports.

In this article, we are going to discuss the most cited pros and cons of joining NCSA.

Pros of Joining NCSA

First of all, let’s have a look at some pros of NCSA. These are as follows:

Provides Discipline to Students

This goes with the crazy balancing act that student-athletes have. They are managing a workout and practice schedule to fit in with necessary classes. It also comes with tutoring and any other social aspect of their life is not faint for the heart. It takes commitment and the ability to recognize what is important and learning discipline prepares athletes for the future of career and family life.

Child Care and Parental Leave Benefits

It involves family medical leave and a flexible work schedule. NCSA also offers generous parental leave. It means that it offers up to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave and 2 weeks of paid paternity leave for new parents.

Culture Benefits

It consists of volunteers in the local community, friends outside of work, an open-door policy, an open office floor plan, and partners with a nonprofit. NCSA also offers a remote work program and eats lunch together.

Health Insurance and Wellness Benefits

It involves an NCSA dental plan which covers 100 percent of the preventative care including X-Rays.

Insurance benefits and vision benefits

You can earn up to $200 in gift cards from participating in the health incentive program. It also offers onsite eye exams. NCSA also gives you $65 per month to put towards your wellness.

Pet Insurance and Flexible Spending Amount

NCSA partners with national wide pet insurance. It also offers you up to 30 percent savings on pet insurance for your pet.

Flexible spending amounts help employees cover out-of-pocket, medical, dependent care, and transit parking expenses with pre-tax contributions.

Perks and Discounts

It gives you a discount on a casual dress, commuter benefits, company outings, fitness subsidies, recreational clubs, happy hours, some meals provided, and parking.

Stock and Recruitment Option Benefits

NCSA’s recruitment plan offers a broad selection of stocks, bonds, and international index funds to choose from. Moreover, it also provides a performance bonus and the NCSA 401k recruitment plan matches up-to-the 50 percent of an employee’s contribution up to 6 percent.

Diversity Benefits

It consists of dedicated diversity/ inclusion staff, diverse employee resource groups, and hiring practices that promote diversity.

Time off and Vacation Benefits

It also provides generous PTO, paid volunteer time, paid holidays, and paid sick days. In personal development benefits, it involves job training and conferences.


College athletes tend to be higher GPAs than according to research done by US secretary of Education Arne Ducan. NCSA is making requirements for being a college athlete much more rigorous when it comes to maintaining an education. Being an NCSA college athlete also requires much more focus that goes beyond the classroom.

It also goes beyond the college campus and having a higher GPA means that getting into better schools, potentially have better career choices. It also leads to much better networking.

Cons of NCSA

Now it’s time to switch towards the cons of NCSA.

1) One of the biggest cons of being an NCSA college athlete is that many athletes would agree and are not being able to go out as your friends who don’t participate in sports.

However, many athletes participate in sports because they prefer not to go out and most teams have specific rules before watching games, matches specifying that athletes can’t drink for a certain period before their competition.

This can be frustrating if it means missing fun events that most of your friends can attend and it is always a bummer to see you’re all friends having fun but you can also make this time a great opportunity to bond with your team.

2) Because of practices and games that take place six days a week being on a sports team comes with an extremely busy schedule. It is also uncommon for games and practices to take up a few hours of your day and some people have to visit the trainer and others like to work out or lift before practice and being busy is tough.

3) Away competition usually means fairly long bus rides and they are long, boring to be honest. It is also pretty difficult to get a good nap on the bus and although it can be a good time to get some extra work done and they are always longer than you might expect to be.

Listed above are the pros and cons of NCSA.