Pros and Cons of Donald Trump

We can be very short and his administration has few pros but many cons and they just witnessed it when it came to lying, they are top-notch. Moreover, his misleading trademark becomes his dishonesty and unreliability, and a master con artist he convinced psychiatrists that he is crazy and intellectual that he is stupid while he is simply evil.

Donald Trump as US President

There has not been a US president with such a rich legacy and all misleading aside the best thing that he did was to give a gigantic tax break to the super-rich. Moreover, Donald trump enlarged the deficit for ten years to come forever showing that the Republicans are not for deficit control, and for this greed alone, the Republic party threw all up integrity, civility, and all principles.

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Statement of Donald Trump

Thus when he said to the Neo Nazi proud boys to stand down and stand by, they heard say: I need you son and shockingly yesterday he did it again and then released a statement that in light of reports of demonstration, I urge that there will be no violence. He also added to his statement saying that there must be no lawbreaking and no vandalism of any kind.

This is not for what I stand for and it is not what America stands for and I call on Americans to help ease tensions. The calm tempers and thank you only a word artist can value the ambiguity. He left it unclear if he rejects all violence or rejects this declaration against the violence and when he reads a highly scripted speech from a teleprompter and is busy being presidential. But later he was forced to read that he does not think like that and it’s part of the unending double talk act.

He does one thing and then says the opposite thing but then the damage is done already of which he undoes nothing and his second presidential declaration against the violence. He also aired during the vote to impeach him, looked less a hostage tap than the first one.

Why Choose Donald Trump?

On the other hand, it is still an uncomfortable trump reading from a teleprompter and when saying I cannot emphasize enough that I am against the violence he skipped enough. Donald Trump also does not step back from his claim that his election victory was stolen and that with weakness nothing will be accomplished.

While they were violating the capital and people inside when he didn’t disavow his we love you and we are very special which he said to the mob. After all the offenses attributed to the mob that he stormed the capital were federal crimes and Donald Trump can pardon them for.

But it mostly feels like he will pardon Giuliani and like big ones and leave the smaller folks to fend for themselves and hallmark of this presidency and Donald Trump has more tools than sweet-talking people he violated.

Thus for many people in the US and around the globe, he pretends to be angry with Giuliani not just to pay him. Trump compares to Biden as falling into a field of cactuses and getting a fabulous massage.

It’s rather to stop a sizable number of emboldened new Nazis and white supremacists for Biden to heal the rift in the nation would not be a problem and don’t ask what you can do for your country and what country can do for you.

A Brief History of Donald Trump

The United States of America will have elections to elect their next president and Donald Trump is the 45


president of the United States has been in power since January 20


, 2017. He also succeeded Barak Obama and is from the republic political party and trump has a strong sense of business and has been specialized in economics. He has been a businessman and television before diving into politics.

Pros of Donald Trump

In this article, first of all, we are going to have a look at the pros of Donald trump and these are as follows:

1) Donald Trump has a powerful and confident personality which is a plus point for the field of politics.

2) Instead of joining nepotism he chooses to be the main power himself and promotes his strengthens for a particular group or getting into lobbies.

3) Tax cuts are involved for individuals and companies helped in economic growth

4) Moreover under the presidency of Donald Trump the unemployment rate was low until the outbreak of covid 19.

Cons of Donald Trump

Now let’s switch towards the cons of Donald trump and these are as follows:

1)As of August 2020, there are about 60 laccases and 82000 covid deaths in the country, and trump is failed in controlling the outbreak of COVID-19 in the USA.

2) White supremacy and racism have increased in the term of Donald Trump.

3) Donald Trump is against the liberal immigration policies and this is affecting the employment of immigrants and different IT companies in the country.

4) He also initiated the US-China trade war which affected many businesses, also the global economy, and farmers in the USA faced losses because china imposed restrictions on its import from the USA.

5) Donald Trump withdrew the USA from Paris agreement on Climate change mitigation and this agreement is very important to work on environmental protection and withdrawal of the USA is a regressive step.

6) the USA was considered as a global leader by many and but many people are in the favor of the opinion that in terms of Donald Trump, the USA is losing its position as a global leader.

7) The US national debt has increased by about approximately 6.6 trillion under the presidency of Donald Trump and his self-promotion and launching himself as a brand game has been played strongly more than significant goals as a president.

8) The boosting of public spending and cutting down on the taxes may be alarming as the rate of inflation will increase and this will also impact financial traders.

9) Trump has been also through a lot of bankruptcy and he openly tries to bend the laws to his favor by saving himself from the government. They also play an important role in banks to burden him anymore.

Listed above are the pros and cons of Donald Trump.