Pros and Cons of Building a wall on the Border

The media has kept the national coverage of border wall deceptively superficial and think about the border wall in limited terms and we can see only limited benefits. Some intentionally blind themselves to the benefits to downplay the need for border structure and while the wall is a clear determinant to illegal immigration.

How Building a Border Wall is Helpful

Moreover, the towering border wall will scale President Trump’s proposal, and spanning the entire southern border is completely undertaking. The cost will be immense not just for construction and maintenance but on the other hand large impact of the business transaction costs around the border and benefits outweighs the cost.

The projects look too effective and expensive because of the left’s two-dimensional caricature. Media and democrats cite huge cost estimates and the problem is that their costs are not conceptualized with positive externalities and they mischaracterize the wall purpose by joking about ladders. In this article, we are going to have a look at the pros and cons of building a wall on the border.

Pros of Building a Wall on the Border

First of all, let’s have a look at the pros of building a wall on the border and these are as follows:

1) Building Border Wall Save Lives

The detection rate for illegal crossings will be below with no border infrastructure and on the other hand, a wall would be a strong deterrent because many will not be able to get through it. If they overcome the wall, it would give border personnel time to locate the violators.

A border wall minimizes the pull effect of illegal immigration by creating an effective deterrent. Most importantly, a border wall can save lives and those genuinely fleeing violence and oppression may have a valid claim for asylum and even legitimate asylum seekers who illegally cross the border.

A border wall helps to protect people from prosecution and separation while funneling them to ports of entry and the US embassy in their home countries. A border wall also works with our laws to promote safety for those who asylum while maintaining order.

2) Border Wall Helps to Protect Private Property

Not every aspect of the border wall has to do with immigration and by immigration and to some extent covering smuggling; media misses one of the most important aspects of the wall. Many of the communities are ravaged by theft and burglary and in some locations, the individuals have no plans to immigrate or even struggle with things into the country. Texas sheriffs have also been reported home burglaries by criminals heading back south. One Mexican state is subject to strict travel warnings due to criminal activity and violence. Two Mexican border cities were ranked as more dangerous states for criminal activities in the world. It is very logical to construct a barrier between dangerous places and safe ones and a border wall will reduce the spillover of violence, drugs, and burglary that plague so many along the border.

3) Border Wall Reduces Illegal Immigration, Smuggling, and Trafficking

Of course many will be undeterred by a border wall and attempt the journey anyway and when they arrive they have to face the 30-foot barrier. On the other hand, if we were concerned with individual illegal aliens and this serves as a narrative that is motivated by xenophobia and racism, and there exist two clear benefits of building a wall on the border.

First of all, slowing down violators allows border patrol time to arrive at the scene and it increases the chance of apprehension. While if they manage to get past the border, violators will have fewer supplies and they will also be on foot giving border patrol the advantage in speed and timing.

Second, the environment is spared by preventing vehicles from driving over the border and the southern border is vulnerable. A border wall saves lives by reducing weaponry, drugs, and human trafficking while protecting the environment from harmful effects.

4) Homeland Security that Comes up with Building Wall on the Border

The creation of the wall is expected to decrease the amount of risk being imposed on the US and also and double protective wall coupled with high-tech security devices and cameras making crossing into the United States. Moreover, it is also illegally bonded via land barriers both more difficult and expensive.

Cons of Building a Wall on the Border

Let’s now switch towards the cons of building a wall on the border and these are as follows:

1) High Cost Required for Building Border Wall

The amount of money required for a border wall is largely unknown and predictions have been made regarding this that it ranges from somewhat $2 billion to $30 billion. But it has also been noticed that no one knows how much it costs to cover the entire 1900 miles between the US border and Mexico.

As a part of this President, trump made a Champaign that Mexico will pay for the extensive wall and the Mexican government refused to pay and left it over to the American government to pay for the border wall. Moreover, President Trump was asking for $7 billion to cover 650 miles of fencing, and after negotiations government lowered his number to five billion for the first section of the wall.

Without a firm number and high price tag for the cost of the wall, many people are skeptical and some of them are even questioning if its effectiveness would be worth its hefty price.

Pros and cons of building a wall on the border

2) Economy of US After Illegal Immigrants

While first-generation immigrants cost the government more money than native had born Americans, the second generation. Native Americans are also among the strongest fiscal and economic contributors in the USA. The economic policy also estimates that illegal immigrants pay somehow $11.6 billion in taxes annually.

They are also less likely to take benefits than native-born Americans and final wage rises across the nation and only fewer Americans are seen doing physical labor jobs as compared to illegal immigrants.

Listed above are the pros and cons of building a wall on the border which one should keep in mind.