Paraphrasing Dos & Donts: is using paraphrasing tool cheating

If well done, paraphrasing is a great method to plagiarize content and legally use it wisely without being caught. However, there are important paraphrasing dos and don’ts that one should adhere to. One of the don’ts is using rewriting tools. Most people use them, but the question is whether using a paraphrasing tool is considered cheating.

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Basically, paraphrasing is putting information into your own words without changing the original meaning. Looking at the unfamiliar words used by the writer and checking your paraphrase comparing it with the original text ensures that you have done it correctly.

Before paraphrasing, it is important to read and know the main idea or details of a sentence, paragraph, or topic. Paraphrasing makes you understand a certain topic deeply and shows critical thinking.

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The Dos and Don’ts of paraphrasing

These paraphrasing dos and don’ts guide you on how to paraphrase well and avoid plagiarism and chances of cheating. However, one of the don’ts is to avoid paraphrasing tools because they are unprofessional and considered cheating.

To effectively paraphrase you can follow the following simple steps to the later. It is these steps that will determine the effectiveness of your paraphrased work. And avoid misrepresentations so as to keep the facts real.

Paraphrasing Dos – Proven Tips and Tricks

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You can start your sentences at different points
compared to the source. Make sure that you mention the different key pieces of
information in a different order. This will help reduce the resemblance of your
content with the original.

Using as many synonyms as possible. Words that have
the same meaning help a lot when you need to paraphrase content and make it
look unique.

When having trouble thinking of synonyms that you can
use without actually changing the meaning, you can use tools specialized for
that. Though acceptable, it should not be overused. This may likely distort the

Tips how to paraphrase well

Breaking information into separate sentences.

Playing with the number of sentences to make your text look different is allowed.

One should have in mind that the word count of a paraphrased work should not be of much difference from the word count of the original content.

Changing the sentence structure. This can be done effectively by changing an active voice to a passive voice and versa. This is by changing sentences led by subjects to become sentences led by objects.

It is important to cite and reference your work to
avoid plagiarism. Using quotation marks is also important in words that are
said in the book to also help avoid plagiarism.

When you complete writing your version of the work it
is important to proofread and edit your work. Check whether you have not made
grammatical errors and whether you have cited and referenced correctly.

The 4 R’s of paraphrasing

The four R’s of paraphrasing include Reword, Rearrange, Realize and Recheck. Rewording deals with identifying words that can be made replaced by synonyms.

Rearranging deals with identifying words, phrases, and sentences that you can move around without changing the meaning of a text. Realize deals with identifying words and phrases that can’t be changed.

These include names, dates, and titles which if slightly changed can alter the meaning of a text. Recheck deals with accessing whether you included all important information in your work and whether it makes sense.

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Steps How to paraphrase effectively

Paraphrasing is one of the essay hacks that we recommended in our

guide on how to cheat on essays

and score. In fact, if effectively done, paraphrasing creates an original paper. Follow the following steps;

  • First, you have to read the content you want to paraphrase and understand it fully. Know what it is all about and everything it talks about.
  • Secondly, note the key points. These are the points that if you will omit them from your work, then the meaning will be lost completely.
  • Thirdly after completing the first and the second steps, you must be able to write your version of the text without looking at the original one.
  • Lastly, compare and contrast your work with the original work. This will help you identify phrases that are still similar and change them. This helps you to

    paraphrase well

    so as to avoid any detection of plagiarism.

Paraphrasing Don’ts – What to Avoid

Paraphrasing is a skill that needs to be learned. It
is important to note things that you should not do when paraphrasing.

1. Do not ignore the author

First, you should avoid failing to acknowledge through in-text citations, the source of ideas and information that you have used in your content. It is important to note that common knowledge does not need to be cited.

This is because this type of information is widely known and found in many different sources. It is not worth the risk when you don’t know the popularity of some information, therefore, you should cite it to avoid risking plagiarising.

2. Use Quotation marks for Quotes

Failing to include quotation marks in terms and phrases that were said by a different author. You cannot quote a text without using quotation marks. Readers will easily identify such texts as plagiarised texts

3. Paraphrase sentences, not words

Avoid changing and playing around with a few words of an
author’s original work for use in your paper. This will be likely detected as

You should combine changing of sentence structures, using synonyms, and citing your work to have high chance of escaping plagiarism. One should also take note of the use of keywords from the author’s work.

4. Avoid Rearranging words

Rearranging and replacing keywords will not help you escape plagiarism. Most plagiarism checking tools and careful readers easily detect these tricks.

Using the same sentence structures as the original version is the easiest way to risking your work for plagiarism. This is because there is not much that changes in your work compared to the original.

5. Avoid paraphrasing papers from public databases

It is usually risky when paraphrasing from public databases. Most of these sources are licensed. They can only be closely paraphrased if the sources are properly attributed. The attribution can be in-text attribution or general attribution.

6. Avoid paraphrasing tools

The use of paraphrasing tools should be avoided and should not substitute one’s paraphrasing. They are mostly inaccurate, flawed, and time-wasting.

Most readers are likely to detect plagiarism from most work done by them because using a paraphrasing tool is basically cheating. Read on to know if the use of paraphrasing tools is considered cheating or not.

How to Paraphrase quickly

The easiest way to paraphrase quickly is to read first, understand, and then writing. Paraphrasing quickly can be done by reading and understanding the passage. This will make it easier to interpret the work into your own words.

You can then change the words without changing the meaning and create your syntax. Lastly, change the structure of the paragraphs add citations and references.

Another way to paraphrase quickly is by using paraphrasing tools. This becomes an option when you are in a hurry and with a budget. However, before submitting the work on the tool read it and understand it. But be careful because using a paraphrasing tool is considered cheating.

After receiving the output from the tool read through it again and access making corrections where you feel you can do better. This will save time and make the content more original.

Why is paraphrasing difficult

Paraphrasing has never been easy. if you need a paper done and you have no time to paraphrase, just buy a paper online. It is safe to buy essays if you get them from a credible website like ours. Paraphrasing is a hard task and needs patience and resilience so as to do the right thing. Basically, paraphrasing is hard because it requires:

  • Reading the whole content regardless of the size
  • Mastering the main points of the content.
  • You must have good language command and grammar.
  • One must show know many synonyms and antonyms and their meaning too.
  • You should write your version of the content.
  • One must compare what you have written to the original to determine whether there are any identifiable similarities. Confirm if correct quotations and citations are used too.
  • Your paraphrased content must not contrast the meaning of the original content.

How to Paraphrase without Plagiarizing

When paraphrasing is not done the right way it is easy
to identify it as cheating. When one presents a paraphrased work without
actually acknowledging the original owner of the work, it can be said that one has

Referencing needs to be correct and following the right procedure. Some of the referencing methods that can be used include APA, MLA, and the Chicago method. These make your paper acknowledge the work of the original writer and prevent plagiarism.

How paraphrasing avoids becoming plagiarism

Citing using footnotes to avoid plagiarism includes
adding a superscript number at the end of a sentence that includes information
from the source.

This number should correspond to a footnote where you include the name of the author, the title of their work, the date of publications, and all other information that may be relevant.

What you include here depends on the type of citation style you are using. Citing styles include Chicago A, OSCOLA, ACS, Turabian, AMA, NLM, and many others

For your content not to be termed as a copy from other people’s work, in-text citations are important. It should be done correctly to avoid plagiarism.

An in-text citation can be used not only when paraphrasing but also when referring to, quoting, or summarizing another source. There must be a corresponding entry in your reference list for every in-text citation in your paper.

In-text citation in APA uses the author’s name, year of publication, page numbers, and paragraph numbers where pages are absent when citing. Examples include: (David, 2010), (David, 2010, p. 36, and or (David, 1020, para. 8).

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Advantages and benefits of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing tools have the following advantages:

  • You can easily paraphrase yourself. Also, the tools are always available. You can use them anytime you want.
  • Most of the paraphrasing tools are free and cheap to use.
  • Guarantees you plagiarism free work. These tools face a lot of criticism but it is fair to say that most of them provide you with original content. The content is plagiarism free with no trace of copied work.
  • It is not restricted to certain types of papers. It is suitable for use in professional, academic and personal papers.
  • Other than paraphrasing these tolls correct grammatical errors, spelling errors and punctuation errors to add more quality to your work.
  • These tools also eliminate unnecessary words and sentences in your content. Even long sentences that may have distorted meanings are cut short to meaningful sentences.

Is using a paraphrasing tool cheating?

Ideally, using paraphrasing tools is considered cheating because the content is not original and the tools do not give credit to the real author. However, when well cited and referenced, paraphrasing is not plagiarism.

On the other hand, paraphrasing a small piece of information and citing the author cannot be regarded as cheating. In such circumstances where one doesn’t understand the language used to write an essay well and is needed to paraphrase, these tools come to the rescue.

Paraphrasing tools are software that can be used to re-write articles and essays without plagiarizing. some of these tools generate 100% original unique content. The whole exercise can be referred to as essay spinning. These tools make paraphrasing easier when one is needed to paraphrase large amounts of work.

Imagine having to paraphrase a whole book or novel.

It is not impossible but will take much of your time.

It is, therefore, an option to use paraphrasing tools to make the work easier.

When in places where you can’t easily access any
writing material, paraphrasing tools give you a better option. They can be used
anywhere anytime.

Paraphrasing tools reduce the effort that you will be
required to put in place when manually paraphrasing. This makes you concentrate
and focus your mind on writing specific high-quality content that is needed.

Paraphrasing is not easy mostly for beginners who do not know much about it. Using paraphrasing tools may, therefore, guide them on how it is done effectively. This, therefore, cannot be regarded as immoral.

FAQs on Paraphrasing

Can plagiarism software detect paraphrasing?

Turnitin can detect and compare submitted papers with; every page accessible on the internet, its database of already submitted student papers, and commercial pages from books and journals and newspapers.

If you manage to escape all these then none of your work will ever be flagged as plagiarised by the Turnitin originality reports. Paraphrasing is a good way to beat plagiarism scanners. Algorithms that are employed by Turnitin for example do not detect paraphrasing.

They mostly detect similar sentence structures grammatical patterns and phrases. If content from paraphrasing tools will not be similar to any content in the Turnitin database, then it is unlikely to be flagged as plagiarized.

Are paraphrasing tools legit?

Paraphrasing tools can be legit basing on how you choose to use them. Certain ways make paraphrasing tools legit. When you have little or no time to paraphrase a given work, paraphrasing tools offer the best of help.

It can also offer the best of help when you barely understand the language used. However, using paraphrasing tools just for the sake of it encourage laziness in writers. It is advisable to paraphrase on your own rather than using paraphrasing tools.

This helps you paraphrase better, understand paraphrasing more, and save time. It is important to note that most paraphrasing tools’ output may be incorrect and careful readers can identify plagiarism.

Why do we have to Paraphrase

Writing content in your own words without reference to the original is important because: It reduces instances of plagiarism. Even the work that is being cited is absorbed by the writer Paraphrased work is hardly identified as plagiarism even when plagiarism checking software is used.

In addition, it promotes credibility. When the writers are citing or quoting any work, they must acknowledge the writers of the original content writers. This helps avoid any copyright infringement. Paraphrasing keeps away writers from copying and pasting content.

This cleans up the written content. Help writers retain the flow of content even though they differentiate their writing style from the original style.

What is the Best Website for paraphrasing?

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What is the best paraphrasing tool?

There is really no tool that can be said to be the best paraphrasing tool. It processes language naturally and uses advanced artificial intelligence. A good tool has to apply every method of paraphrasing, as below;

It is fast

. In roughly 20 seconds it can paraphrase 500 words.

It has more than

six editor layouts



text editor

is powerful which you can use to add synonyms.

It is


because it uses AI.

It has a three-day

free trial


It is usable on

any device

that can access the internet.

Customer care

service is fast and helpful.

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