Overcoming the feeling and fear of writing essays

Do you get excited about writing an essay, or do you get depressed and spend a lot of time worrying about it? This could be anxiety, and you need to overcome your fear of writing an essay.

Many students experience this fear as a result of having little or no positive writing experience. I, too, had negative feelings about it until I realized how important writing is.

Most students regard essay writing as difficult, challenging, and complicated. It is critical to recognize that writing can be used to inform, explain, and educate. Some people hire essay writing services like ours to relieve the burden, but others prefer to do their homework on their own. This guide is for those who want to overcome their fear and get to work.

What is the term for the fear of writing essays?

When faced with a writing assignment, almost all writers experience the same anxieties. Even scholars with a more positive attitude toward writing and a lot more writing experience can be stunned by a fear of writing at times.

At times, the fear of writing anxiety can be so intense that it interferes with our productivity. Scriptophobia is the fear of writing in public, whereas Graphophobia is the fear of handwriting.

The most significant anxiety that many writers experience is the fear of judgment. Many students are afraid of the embarrassment that comes with poor grades, tutors’ judgment, and being labeled as stupid.

How can I overcome my fear of writing an essay?

The first step toward overcoming writing fears is to acknowledge that they exist and that you are experiencing them. It is critical to recognize that such fears are a natural part of the writing process and profession.

That acknowledgement may be enough for some people to overcome and manage their fear of writing. Others have difficulties writing essays that they do not address.

One of the best techniques to overcome the fear of writing essays is to write on a regular basis and develop an interest in the subject. Successful writers have a genuine interest in their subject matter, which aids in the development of positive writing experiences.

Successful writers concentrate on their areas of interest. They do not write for their professors, colleagues, or a journal. So, to overcome your fear of writing, take an interest in your subject, make sure you write, and keep writing despite your doubts.

  1. Fear of the Process; we may be afraid of sitting down and beginning the difficult task of writing.
  2. The fear of success; we frequently attach great standards of relief, happiness, and success to an assignment and may fear completing it for fear that these positive feelings will not materialize when the project is completed.

How to write a good essay despite your fear

Understanding the essay question is the most important step in writing a research paper or essay. Check to see if you understand what the essay prompt is asking. The essay prompt will assist you in determining the necessary research sources.

Make a thesis statement; after you’ve developed your preliminary arguments and responses and done some preliminary research, you should write a thesis statement. It must be concise and advance an argument that is relevant to the essay prompt.

Create an outline; it provides an overall structure to the essay and aids in the organization of ideas. An overview assists you in organizing your piece, ensuring that it is comprehensive and convincing to your reader.

Make a rough draft of your argument and collect supporting evidence. Cite all of your sources correctly because improper citation is plagiarism. Make a final draft of your essay and polish it by checking for spelling and grammar errors.

Proofread the paper to complete the assignment. Reread the task to ensure that all of the details are correct and that all of the requirements have been met.

Describe my college essay writing experience and how I overcame my fear

My college writing experience allows me to grow as a person while also sharpening my skills in my field of interest.

The Writing Center has trained me many writing rules and tips that I was previously unaware of and would not have learned if it had not been a part of my writing experience.

I was able to advance my academic and life skills as a result of this experience. It also made me realize that, despite what I thought, I still have a lot to learn and that I should be open to new experiences.

It allows me to continue improving my skills even as I advance in my career and gives me more confidence in my field.

As a result, this beneficial writing experience has aided me in my search for a successful career. As a result of my writing experience in college, I will have many more opportunities to learn ideas to enhance myself and my profession, for which I am grateful.

Benefits of writing to a student’s life

Writing helps you improve your communication skills. It increases clarity, sharpens your focus, and aids in self-awareness.

Writing will also help you improve your speech and vocabulary, both of which are important in public speaking. These are the characteristics that are essential for success in life, including business, career, personal, and family success.

Furthermore, writing allows you to socialize by expressing yourself to others. You use words to entertain, socialize, and express your personal or professional viewpoint to a wide or specific audience.

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How do you usually feel when you have to write an essay?

Some people actually enjoy writing; it comes naturally to them, whereas the majority of us must learn and practice the skill. To enjoy writing your essays, you must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Negative feelings

Most writers have negative feelings when they think about writing. People become depressed, stressed, or believe they can’t do it, among other things. For these reasons, you may find yourself procrastinating when it comes to writing.

You may have ideas but struggle to put them on paper because you believe that when people read my work, they will see how stupid you are.


You may also experience doubts and the feeling that everyone else knows what to do, but you are the only one who doesn’t.

If you are experiencing these kinds of negative thoughts and feelings, know that you are not alone or the only one.

Almost all writers, even those with extensive experience, have nagging doubts when they write.

We all have an inner critic who casts doubt on our work and instills fear in us.

When you have this kind of experience, the best thing to do is figure out what your biggest writing fear is. This will allow you to work more effectively toward a solution.

You could try asking yourself when you have had positive writing experiences. Then, determine what lessons you can glean from your experiences. That way, you’ll be able to easily overcome your fear of writing an essay.

A topical gasp

When you are aware of the topic, you will enjoy writing very much. So it’s critical to spend some time learning about the topic you’re writing about; otherwise, you won’t be motivated to write about it.

Writing will become enjoyable because completing the assignment will give you a sense of success.

What feelings do you experience before and after writing your essay?

What feelings do you experience when you are given a writing assignment? If you’re like most students, you’re filled with dread, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and concern about the outcome.

Every time the assignment becomes difficult, you are overcome with fear and wonder how you will complete it. Quite frequently, writers experience writer’s block and become paralyzed, unable to even begin working on the essay.

And how do you feel after finishing an essay? Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? You get a sense of relief and accomplishment. If you hire an essay writer to do your paper or essay for you, you will get the same relief without the pain.

Even as you wait to hear what your lecturers or readers think, you are aware that you have made an important contribution to the world.


Get rid of your anxiety. Simply overcome your fear of completing an essay, and you’ll be well on your way to earning As. Writing provides more benefits than any other type of learning activity. Be brave and become a good writer in order to express yourself and overcome your fears. Writing is also one of the most important skills for getting a job.

As a result, it is critical to learn writing skills and gain positive experience with it because it is one of the most important skills you will need. If you are still doubtful of yourself, hire an essay writer from us and you will get an A easily.