Out Now: The PrepScholar Guide to ACT Science Book

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Do you struggle with ACT Science? You’re not alone!

Science is often the ACT section students feel least comfortable with

because it’s so different from the science exams you take in school. Despite this, there are very few books specifically dedicated to ACT Science. At PrepScholar, we decided to use our expert ACT knowledge to fix that.

The PrepScholar Guide to ACT Science


the book for students wanting to understand and ace ACT Science

. It gives an in-depth analysis of the Science section and explains why students find it so tricky. It also analyzes every single type of passage and question you’ll see on ACT Science so that nothing will be a surprise on test day. By the end of the book, you’ll know all the tricks exam makers use to try to make students select the wrong answer, and you’ll be able to see through every one of them.

This book will also walk you through

the fastest and most effective way to study for the Science section

. Instead of trying to cram all the science information you learned in school, we give you a short list of every science fact you could be tested on in ACT Science. They contain the only science facts you need to know, so you can put your textbooks down and focus on studying smarter, not harder. We also explain multiple ways to read and attack Science passages so you can choose the strategy that gets you your highest score. Finally, all of these insights include high-quality sample problems and explanations throughout the book so you can understand how to use these skills on real ACT Science questions.

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