Full Refund Surety

The majority of academic writing companies DO NOT PROVIDE A SPECIFIC MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

They frequently do not follow through on their promise to refund your money if you are dissatisfied with your order.

We want you to FEEL SAFE when placing your order with gradeoffice.com!

Our Money Back Guarantee entitles you to a refund at any point during the course of your order if something goes wrong.

This covers any potential issues and protects your interests.

Our company has a high rate of customer satisfaction, and while refund requests are uncommon, this is partly due to our crystal-clear Money Back Guarantee, which processes all refund requests within 4-6 business days.

If you cancel your order before we assign a writer to it, you will receive a full refund.

If a writer has already been assigned to your order, as indicated by the order status bar at the top of your order page, the amount of the refund is determined by your deadline.

You are entitled to a 70% refund if less than half of the period has passed, and up to 50% thereafter.

If you have not downloaded the paper and the circumstances surrounding the order cancellation were uncontrollable, a partial refund of up to 30% may still be considered.

If you believe you have been charged twice and have received two receipts from the payment processing system (that is, PayPal.com), please contact us immediately.

Send both receipts to our email address and the additional payment will be refunded in full as soon as possible.

If you accidentally complete payment for two identical orders, please contact us immediately to resolve the situation before we process both orders.

It is your responsibility to cancel any orders you do not require prior to our assigning a writer to them; otherwise, they are considered regular orders and the standard refund procedures apply (see *I want to cancel my order*).

We always make an effort to assign the most qualified writer to work on your paper; however, on rare occasions, the writer may not be available.

If this occurs, we will issue you a full refund.

If you request that a different writer complete the revision of the completed paper and no suitable writer is found, our Dispute Resolution Specialists will review your claim and issue an appropriate refund after you request it.

If lateness occurs as a result of your late uploading of additional materials, you are not eligible for a lateness refund.

Please ensure that all necessary paper information and additional materials are included when placing the order.

If the first draft of a paper is delivered after the original deadline for delivery due to unforeseen circumstances, you may request a recalculation of the order price based on the revised deadline for delivery.

For instance, an 8-hour delivery paper that is completed an hour late now falls under the 24-hour delivery category and should be less expensive.

The price difference is refunded.

If we are late with a long-term order (11-14 days or longer), we will refund you 7 percent.

If the first draft of a paper is submitted late and is not approved by you, you are entitled to a full refund because you may no longer require the paper.

All requests for lateness refunds should be made in a note on your personal order page within 14 days of the paper’s delivery.

Refunds for late submissions and price adjustments do not apply to revisions, as revision deadlines are set separately.

To avoid confusion, please ensure that you select the appropriate deadline when placing an order.

Your final submission deadline should correspond to the date on which your paper is due and should be at least 30% greater than your first draft deadline, to allow for any necessary revisions to your order.

When you select a deadline, the system automatically calculates the time frame and displays an estimate of your final submission deadline for your convenience.

If the deadline for your final submission does not exceed the deadline for your first draft by at least 30%, you should select another time frame from the ones we offer.



Please keep in mind that you have fourteen days to approve your order (or order a part for orders with Progressive Delivery feature).

The time required for approval is automatically calculated from the time the most recent version is uploaded to your personal order page.

If you do not request a revision or approve your order (or order component) within 14 days, the system automatically approves the paper.

You have 14 days from the time the order is approved (by you or the system) to request a refund.

After that, no refunds will be granted.

The Ordering Process

Fill Order Form
Issue instructions for your paper in the order form. Include a discount if you have one. Your account will be created automatically.
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Make Your Payment
Your payment is processed by a secure system. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Amex, PayPal, Discover, American Express, Maestro.
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The Writing Process
Communicate with your writer. Track your order with our customer support team. Upload all the necessary files for the writer to use.
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Download Your Paper
Check your paper in the preview mode. If it meets your requirements, download it. If any changes are needed, request a revision to be done.
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