Juicing Pros and Cons

How many serves of vegetables do you eat in a day and if we were honest then many of us don’t get even close to recommended five to nine servings of vegetables each day. It is a serious question that between work and family responsibilities who find to time to keep track of many vegetables we are eating in a day. Here is less shop, prepare, cook and eat them. Now, this is where juicing comes in.

Juicing in Popularity

Juicing has exploded in popularity in the last few years and everyone from celebs to health gurus has seemed to jump on the juicing bandwagon and its attributes to everything from losing weight to boost their energy. The idea of juicing is quite appealing and you get all minerals and vitamins but in a concentrated, quick and easy amount. To make sure that you meet your meetings, there is no more meticulous counting or tracking.

People are curious if it is as good as it sounds and wondering about the pros and cons of juicing.

Pros of Juicing

First of all, let’s have a look at the pros of juicing and these are as follows.

1) Increase Your Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Juicing might be a good solution for you to get more fruits and vegetable intake, especially if you are the kind of person who can’t stand the sight of broccoli and thought of wolfing down a big salad sounds nauseating.

If you are constantly crunched on time and struggling to even sit down for a full meal, it’s a good way to make sure that you are getting enough fruits and veggies. So make juices to boost your intake of fruits and vegetables you are not getting enough of is a definite positive juicing and you can just juice about anything.

To get the widest array of vitamins and minerals in your diet, you should try to pick a variety of colors.

2) Highly Concentrated

It provides loads of minerals and vitamins in super concentrated form is one of the serious benefits of juicing. But also who want to avoid being deficient in important micronutrients and this is a big bonus for picky eaters who might not want to be gnawing on veggies and fruits all day.

3) Promotes Absorption

Starting your morning with a serving of green juice is pumping like your body with an excessive dose of nutrients. It is easily absorbed, delivers a quick burst of nutrition all day, and is highly concentrated.

The effect of juicing on absorption is a definite pro and the truth is that most of us have digestive difficulties especially when it comes to food that is harder to break down such as vegetables. Our body has difficulty with effectively digesting and absorbing nutrients and it makes it harder to get the nutrients we need for

the body. Moreover, our body depends on to survive and all stemming from deficiencies of nutrients.

It breaks down foods and vegetables into form and it is also super easy for bodies to digest and this where juicing shines. It means that we can get the maximum amount of nutrients possible in a highly digestible form.

4) Brings About Potential Weight Loss

Using juice in your diet may help to lose weight. Moreover relying on the fruits and vegetables that you are consuming, juices may be lower in calories than the normal snacks that you take every morning, evening, and afternoon.

This also means that are fewer calories deficient and it is a great recipe for losing pounds of weight and we recommend eating a healthy diet throughout the day. It is also a great supplement for fruits and vegetables you may be missing.

5) Increased Energy

We used to start routines such as wake up, get ready, grab a cup of coffee on the way out the door and begin our day. Have you ever noticed yourself relying on caffeine a little much day and maybe you are not a morning person or lose your steam around 2 pm? It is an amazing way to experience increased energy without reliance on caffeinated drinks and ingesting foods that have vitamin B is one of the main reasons it increases our energy levels.

Thus juicing is a fast, healthy, and easy way to get this vitamin B in your system and includes leafy green, some beets, ginger, some citrus fruits, and more.

6) Protect the Body against Diseases

Drinking fruits and vegetable juice can increase the intake of your vitamins. It will also increase the minerals and vitamins in your body and these are vital in protection against diseases such as high blood sugar, issues with the digestive system, immune system high blood pressure and heart disease, etc.

Intake of green juice can help decrease toxins in your body and photochemical in juice can dissolve free radicals in the body. It might not decrease your health care bills and also help you protect yourself from many harmful diseases. Juicing is a great option when you don’t consume fruits and vegetables.

Cons of juicing

Now let’s have look at the cons of juicing. These are as follows:

1) Losing Out on Fiber

The fiber effect is one of the big things to consider when you start juicing. Fruits and vegetables which are filled with fiber go through our digestive tract slowly and keep us feeling fuller for a long time.

Fiber also contributes to health benefits such as lowering the risk of chronic disease and controlling your weight.  It also brings about the release of glucose, slowing the release of glucose to prevent sudden spikes. It also drops in our blood sugar levels. One of the biggest cons of using fiber is throwing away all of the fiber and you are not getting any health benefits that come with juicing.

2) Juicing Needs All of The Preparation and Clean Up

Drinking a glass of juice daily is an easy task but to make juice is not. It can take some extra time even with a top-notch juicer and between rinsing your procedure, juicing, and cleaning up. So the simplest solution is to go for pre-made juices from juice bars and some of the juices are quite expensive.

3) Highly Concentrated

Highly concentrated intake of vitamins and minerals is both pro and cons and the problem is that fruits contain an extra amount of sugar.


Listed below are the pros and cons of juicing.