I Cant Write Essays: Tips to overcome struggle writing essays

Picture this; you want to write an essay, you switch your computer, and hold your pen and paper. But wait a minute, you freeze in your tracks, you don’t know how and where to begin. Does this sound like you? If so, say ‘I can’t write my essay’, then you are struggling writing essays and you need to solve the situation fast.

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Here are a number of tips and guides on how to overcome the common difficulties and struggles that students have when writing essays. You will learn how to write essays like a pro and sometimes force yourself into it.

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Problems why you Can’t Write your Essay

If you are really struggling to write an essay, chances are that you are not having a problem with all aspects of essay writing but just a few of them. You cannot have issues with all the areas.

Most probably, you are struggling with either the structuring or the idea parts of the academic writing process. Below are some of the areas that students struggle with.

Fear of Failing the Essay

and failure are twins, missing that mark in your essay should not depress you,
and cause psychological tension. All you have to do is to relax, concentrate,
and put pen to paper and focus on your writing.

Poor Punctuation of the Essay

your essay with unnecessary commas, and full stops in a sentence, and other
grammatical errors, makes your article look unorganized. Many students
compromise the content and quality of their essays by making this mistake.

Being Unaware of your Targeted Audience

writing your essay, focus on your target audience. Missing to understand your
audience will give you more problems than you can imagine. You will not be able
to achieve the quality you intend while writing your essay.

Unorganized Essay structure

Essay writing follows a specific structure, ranging from sentence structure, introduction, the body of the essay, and the conclusion. Do you want your audience to read and understand your essay? Then follow the laid down structure when writing. You can check our guide on

how to write good paragraphs

and learn how to organize points for short essays.

Problems students
have with writing their essays

known the problems faced by students when writing the essay, then, why is it so
hard for one to write an essay?

1. Many
students fail to read widely

Reading opens your mind, and a lot of information is gathered on a variety of topics when it comes to essay writing. It is no surprise that Stephen King was quoted saying that,

“You have to read widely, constantly refining your own work as you do so. It’s hard for me to believe that people who read very little should presume to write and expect people to like what they have written, but I know it’s true.”

Stephen King

It’s the only way one can be able to sharpen the writing skills intended.

2. Lack of focus

As much as you have read widely,
and you want to show your professionalism when it comes to writing, you cannot
write everything that comes into your mind. Focusing on the essay assigned is
your ultimate goal.

3. Lack of Concentration when writing the essay

Many students are struggling writing essays because they handle several issues while writing. Being busy on the phone, listening to music, attending to a friend, and other distractions make writing difficult.

here’s something exciting. Did you know you can force yourself to write an essay?
Allow me to share with you these tips.

How to Write an Essay like a Pro

Well, I’ll walk you through the whole process. Remember, each essay has its purpose, but they have a standard structure.

How to write an essay like a pro

1. Decide on Your Essay Topic

What do you intend to write? How well do you understand your topic? Can you write without getting stuck? Therefore, choose an item that you can quickly and comfortably handle.

2. Write Down Your Thesis

Communicate to your readers what you intend to put forward, your points, and what you plan to argue about in your essay.

3. Outline Your Essay

Always ensure you have an outline of your ideas. Put everything on paper, even if it means having diagrams to help you write efficiently, then do so. An overview of your work will help you remember everything when you get down to writing.

4. Have Your Essay Structure

mentioned earlier, essays have a standard structure, but it is crucial to put
your structure down so that it becomes easier to follow while writing. Usually,
the structure of your essay should entail the following:

  1. An introduction, which makes
    your readers more encouraged and interested in reading your essay.
  • The body of an essay; the shape
    of your piece should have main points and sub-points. This helps your readers
    follow a specific flow while reading your essay.
  • Essay conclusion; always keep
    your readers glued to your essay by summing up all the points in your end. Give
    your essay a perfect closure.

What to do when Struggling to Write an Essay

known all the above information and you still find yourself struggling? Here is
what you should do:

  • Always read and read a lot. You won’t improve unless you are reading what others have written. Don’t forget; best writers are good readers.
  • Share your work with other writers who have gone through the same. They will be able to correct your work and also offer encouragement
  • Practice a lot. You have heard people say, practice makes perfect, and yes, this the ideal time to apply that. Write as many essays as you can.

How to force yourself
to write an essay

  1. Keep a tight time table and schedule your writing time and ensure you stick to it.
  2. Have a place set aside for writing. Establish your work station or even an office where you can concentrate on your essay.
  3. Shut out the world from your working environment. If it means not having your phone around your place of work or even not having the internet, then so be it.
  4. Limit your movement during writing. In most cases, when you fear you are struggling writing essays, make sure that you remain seated and write.

How do you begin writing an essay?

an essay shouldn’t be a daunting task; you can always start by:

  • Having a perfect introduction that captures readers’ attention. It builds the reader’s trust in your work, which translates into quality.
  • That first paragraph that welcomes your reader is all you have to give a sneak preview of your essay.
  • Draft a strong thesis statement. Communicate openly about what you are putting forward in your essay. Your thesis statement is your selling point, and it should convince your readers of what you are writing.
  • Never undermine the power of those catchy strong opening statements and sentences. These statements build the reader’s confidence in your work and you. Use these sentences as a hook that holds your readers to your work.
  • Know about your topic of choice. How do you prove that you know about the topic? Support your work by quoting the points of references and supporting your ideas.

Tips if you don’t know how to Write an Essay

  1. Decide on your essay topic. It’s a huddle that many faces when writing the essay, making an informed judgment on the item you are comfortable with, propels you quickly when you start writing.
  2. Have a proper understanding of your topic. Do proper research and try to know everything on the item you want to write on.
  3. Proper knowledge will enable you to have authority and enjoy your work.
Tips how to make your essay writing exercise easy and fast

Parts of an Essay and their meaning?

  • Have an outline of your essay. As mentioned earlier, an essay follows a specific structure. Therefore, putting down the framework basing on the fabric will make your work easier. Put the following structure in mind:
  • Have an introduction paragraph. Invite your readers with a persuasive introduction that will automatically keep them glued to your work.
  • Have the body of your essay. Your essay body should have the information on the topic, research about the problem, and also give statistics, if any.
  • Have a conclusion on your subject. Like the introduction, the end provides a summary of your essay and must be given a perfect touch as the introduction.
  • Write a thesis statement. Tell your readers why you are writing your essay. Stating your topic and proving your argument is what you include in your thesis. For instance, when writing an essay on

    animal testing thesis

    , you will need to take a stand on the ethics of animal testing.
  • Get down to work and start writing. Remember to follow the outline structure that you have drafted.

Where to get help Writing an Essay

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