How to Write References and Cite Sources in a Research Paper

It is crucial to be aware of important things about formatting when performing your paperwork such as a research paper or an essay. Analysis work should contain from eight to ten pages. The selected format of references in a research paper determines how to order them in one’s paperwork.

What Should Referencing Do in a Research Paper?

It is necessary to explain where one’s sources come from. Referencing serves as signs pointing to any kind of information you use. When it comes to citing – it is a means to show the readers that some information from your paperwork comes not from you.

The end has the same look in all formats, except the issue date. When citing in a research paper, remember the following standards:

  1. The cover page and the reference page are not counted;
  2. In total you will have ten or twelve pages;
  3. Cite eight different sources as a minimum. They should be dated from 2002 or later;
  4. Include articles of which five are scholarly reviewed;
  5. As footnotes are forbidden you need to apply APA citing to cite sources ;
  6. Remember to reread the work before handing it in to check it for errors. Headings are to be used according to the requirements.

Write research paper references alphabetically, starting with the author’s last name and after by the article, website or organization name. Each line including lines within a single reference must be indented. Here are some examples:

  1. Australia. Attorney-Generals Department. Digital Agenda Review, 4 Vols. Canberra: Attorney- General’s Department, 2003.
  2. Satalkar, B. (2010, July 15). Water aerobics. Retrieved from URL

To know more details about formatting for various types of sources – review the

APA Writing Style Guide


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References and the Citation Format for a Research Paper

To understand how to cite in a research paper, learn about different styles which were created for this purpose. For example, MLA style for writing, which was founded by the Modern Language Association is applied in liberal sciences for formatting documents and source citing. The format is used in Canada, the USA and other countries where students write paperwork in English. Here are some characteristics of MLA:

  1. Citations are clear and short;
  2. Use a  parenthetical citation while making references to another author’s paper,
  3. Do not apply an indent from the left margin for each new line, the following lines are to be four-seven spaces from margin;
  4. List all in an alphabetic arrangement. Divide them by the authors’ last names or by source name;
  5. Capitalize the words excluding articles, prepositions, and conjunctions when you write the name of sources.

To make the research paper citation list and bibliography faster, take advantage of an

MLA Citation Generator

. There are numerous free MLA citation and references for research papers and bibliography generators. While using them, you should follow such steps:

  1. Choose the source – newspapers, magazines, scholarly articles, books, website or movie.
  2. Include the name of the writer, year, title, location, publisher, the edition and type of recording;
  3. Once you added the necessary data, just click the button “generate citation” and obtain it in the perfect shape.

If you do not know when to use in-text citations, apply APA Style. It refers to the rules established by the American Psychological Association to document references and make their understanding easier.  An in-text citation should be included when you paraphrase or summarize a source.

For example: “If one establishes a regular routine, such as exercise, it can help sufferers recover from a disease.” (American Psychological Association [APA], n.d.) To make your work easier, use an

citation generator APA

. It will handle any task creating citations or full references in accordance with the rules such as:

  1. The correct introduction of  the writer’s name;
  2. Citing the writer’s name in the text or in the parenthetical citation which follows the cited passage;
  3. Writing the publication date after the name of the cited authority;

If it is required to cite from a website, just apply MLA format as it does not need the URL/Link. Nonetheless, sometimes the instructors ask for it.  Bear in mind the footnote style of in-text citations. Examples of full citing: “Spain.” Travel.State. Foreign Affairs, U.S. Department of State, 11 Oct. 2013. Web. 5 April 2013.

No matter what kind of assignment you write – an essay, a thesis, or research papers, the style matters a lot. There are multiple ways in which you are able to reference the source, however, the most popular are APA and MLA formats with their variations. Choose the one you need and apply it to the paperwork. Also, remember internal citation. Mixing the formats could make text unclear to the reader.

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