How to Write a Strong Informative Essay Outline [Template Included]

A solid structure is the beginning of every well-written academic paper. Developing that structure starts with an informative essay outline. Once the outline has been created, the paper nearly constructs itself. By placing focus on a strong informative essay outline rather than rushing through it, the writer can cultivate an essay worth reading.

Simply put, an informative essay is exactly as it sounds: an essay that informs. The topic can be anything and the purpose is to instruct the audience on something that was unknown to them prior. Writing an informative essay means filling it with facts – there is no room for opinionated statements or personal reflections.

What is an Informative Outline and Why is it Important?

The generation of an informative essay outline is imperative to paper writing because of the basic structure it provides. The outline should contain specific details regarding the essay layout and which facts belong where. Using an informative outline is a key aspect of writing a good paper.

How Should an Informative Essay Outline be Written?

All informative essay layouts should contain the same components and are placed in the same order. These components include the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Understanding what information belongs in each category allows writers the opportunity to quickly write an

outline for a five paragraph essay

. Even when the essay extends beyond 5 paragraphs, the same idea applies.


The struggle with knowing how to start an essay of this kind starts with a lack of knowledge on the contents of the introductory paragraph. There are three aspects to an introduction that should always be included in informative writing. The first of these aspects is the hook, which is designed solely to grab the attention of the reader. Next, the introduction of the main points should make a brief appearance. The last part of the introductory paragraph should be the informative essay thesis statement: the basis of thought for the entire essay.

Body Paragraphs

The body of an informative paper is typically split up into three parts per section. Each section will explain a main point – a definition, a fact, or a theory. Beneath each main point, the body of an informative essay will explain any supporting evidence. Finally, a thorough analysis of the evidence in question will wrap up each section.


The conclusion is one of the most important parts of an essay because it’s used to rehash what was just absorbed. In addition to reminding readers of the main points, the conclusion should also restate the thesis. By including both aspects in this final paragraph, an informative paper can be closed without question.

What is a Good Informative Essay Outline Template?

Consider the below template an example for an informative essay on stress relief.

  1. Introduction: Stress Relief

    1. Hook: Relieving stress does not have to be a challenge for those with anxiety.
    2. Main Points: Potential forms of help include exercise, exposure to outdoors, and acupuncture.
    3. Thesis statement: The most effective tools against stress are physical activity, sunlight and fresh air, and alternative medicine.
  2. Body Section 1: Exercise as a form of stress relief

    1. Evidence: Scientific reasoning
    2. Analysis: Analyze studies
  3. Body Section 2: Exposure to outdoors as a form of stress relief

    1. Evidence: Scientific reasoning
    2. Analysis: Analyze studies
  4. Body Section 3: Alternative medicines

    1. Evidence: Acupuncture and science
    2. Analysis: Analyze results
  5. Conclusion: Wrap Up

    1. Restate thesis statement in a different way: Great ways to find stress relief are physical activity, getting outside, and trying alternative medicines.
    2. Briefly explain why the thesis is true

While the above example is a condensed version, a good outline includes as much detail as possible.

What is the Best Way to Write a Good Informative Essay?

The best of informative writings follows a handful of steps. These

informative essay steps

include developing a good topic and doing the appropriate research, then selecting the sources that are most reliable and relevant. Upon completing the research portion, drafting the outline begins. After the outline has been finished, it can be used as an easy to follow guide for writing a good paper.

How Should a Writer Follow the Informative Essay Format and Style

The best format and style for an essay of this type is often APA, MLA, or Chicago. In many cases, the assigning professor or teacher will specify which should be used. Other times, it depends on what category the topic falls under. A business essay topic will most likely use APA, but MLA is also accepted. However, a liberal arts topic would typically use MLA over APA or Chicago.

How is an Interesting Topic Chosen?

In choosing an informative essay topic, it is important to start by picking something that interests the writer. If the topic is not one that the writer cares about, it is unlikely that the reader will care either. Having said that, the topic should be one that interests the intended audience. When those two items have been checked off the list, the writer can determine if the topic has enough material for a paper.

If the topic is too broad, however, the paper can easily morph into a book. That would make the topic too broad. The perfect topic meets between too much information and not enough.

To wrap up, there are a few aspects to information-based writings that should be remembered. Using an outline is the key to drafting a great piece. A good informative paper will be properly structured with an introduction, body, and conclusion. If an interesting topic was chosen, the article will likely keep the attention of the reader and teach important knowledge.