How To Work On Your Expository Essay

May 2, 2019

in cinematography frequently use the term “exposition”. They call it a special
technique used by filmmakers as an insertion of important background
information within the plot of their movie. But what an expository essay
actually and how can you write a successful one? Find it out below!

How To Work On Your Expository Essay

Everything About An Expository Essay

The term “exposition” means explanation, description, informing. An expository essay, in turn, represents an academic assignment, that is supposed to have a clear structure and investigating a certain thought or idea. This type of essay should contain looking at some facts, elaborating on an idea, rendering the concept with the help of simple words.

At the end of your semester, you surely will face an expository essay, while it’s one of the most favorite ones among professors, allowing them to check your knowledge. Any student has to deal with a large number of essays when being in college. It is not so difficult, however, it requires some skills, and you might need some quality help like our service.

As a rule, an expository essay has 5 paragraphs,
including a thesis, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You should support
each of your arguments in body paragraphs. Students usually write this type of
essay in their exams and just in classes.

Expository Writing Types

We can define five types of expository essays,

  • Descriptive Essay. The author describes
    something, for example, a place, person, situation, etc. This type of essays
    gives you lots of freedom and you should keep catching the attention of the
  • Comparison Essay. Here you should provide a
    critical analysis of any two subjects, find and explain similar and/or
    different aspects.
  • Process Essay. Here you will have to educate
    the reader on how to do something or how something works.
  • Problem/Solution Essay. Here you briefly provide an
    issue and content on the solutions.
  • Cause and Effect Essay. It tells a reader how and
    various things happen, for what reasons, and what are the consequences of it.

The Objective of an Expository Essay

Now you have an idea of what an expository essay is,
but what’s the aim of writing it? Such an essay is often an introduction to
expository writing, as well as one of the four rhetorical modes. It can be used
in the following disciplines:

  • Business. All the business letters, press releases,
    and reports are exposition.
  • Journalism. Any news is about expository writing, and
    almost every article is about explaining informing or describing.
  • Academic/Scientific writing. Cause and effect essays,
    compare and contrast, definition and classification ones, term papers, and
    scientific journals are the exposition essay elements.

Any instruction or a text
in an encyclopedia is also exposition. Even the article you are reading now is
expository writing! In fact, it is everywhere.

How to Find a Good Topic for Your Expository Essay

When thinking of your expository essay topic, you
should search for something you are able to explain. You can choose anything,
from instruction on daily rituals to ideas on how to live on Venus.

It is not difficult to find a good expository
essay topic at all. Your profession will assign it to you, as a rule. But if
not, you should think of something incredible.

Some Good Ideas

You should clearly know what you search for. But if you can’t come up with your topic, check some of our expository essay topics below, we will be happy if one of them inspires you:

  1. Describe any phobia.
  2. Explain why pop music is so popular.
  3. Explain the principle of Wi-Fi.
  4. How does the brain work?
  5. How does gravity work?
  6. How are movies created?
  7. Describe your home village (town) history.
  8. Give a historical backstory of a certain profession.
  9. The causes of depression in your country.
  10. What does it mean living in poverty?

When picking up
a topic, you should choose something you are really interested in, while if
your essay in dull, it won’t be interesting to anyone. You should sound vivid
and passionate.

How to Write Expository Essay

Doing it is not
really difficult. At first, you should create a plan. All your ideas and
information have to be organized in the proper format, including classic 5
paragraphs: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It’s crucial to have
an outline, while in case you lose your thought, you can always refer to your


Below, you will find a sample outline we suggest you to look at. Follow it as an example.

Topic: How to create an outline for my essay.

  • Introduction: What You are going to say.

An introduction
to your expository essay is the same as an intro to any essay, so you have to
start with capturing the reader’s attention. At the very beginning, your task
is to get the attention of your reader and give him your topic overview. So,
you must say what you are going to say. The end of your topic contains a thesis

  • Body: Say it.

In these
paragraphs you provide all the information, explain your topic or idea in all
the details. You should also provide reliable references to maintain your
position. The professor wants you to write your in-class expository essay fast
and use the references right from your head. But if the assignment is your home
task, you should follow the MLA format and conventional sources.

You should study hard for your exam, while professors
always know whether you work on the source material or not. Picking the
references is not a big deal if you have prepared well, you just have to browse
the class material you’ve browsed already.

  • Conclusion: Say again what you said.

The conclusion
of your expository work should contain all the main ideas of your essay and
complete it. It means that you have to just mention what you mentioned already
in the body paragraphs. It is your last opportunity to impress your readers and
provide them information to think of.

This is the structure of an expository essay. Learn it
and don’t hesitate to use it!

Expository Essay Proofreading

Simply writing an expository essay is not enough; we
would say it’s just the beginning. Now, it’s necessary to proofread it to make
every point of it perfect. Keep in mind that your professor will deduct points
for the lack of shifts between paragraphs and unnecessary text. So, proofread
it carefully to make sure you have done everything properly.

  • The Thesis Statement is almost at the end of your
    introduction. It includes the topic and your reasons for writing this paper.
  • The Evidence is clearly explained and shows how it maintains
    the thesis. Each of the body paragraphs should feature a topic sentence and facts
    for supporting it.
  • All facts you present are taken from a reliable source
    and are related to the discussion.
  • Make sure that your essay doesn’t contain any grammar,
    spelling, or punctuation mistakes, which will distract the reader from the plot.
  • Each of the parts is performed in the MLA format.

Some Tips on Essay Writing From Our Experts

The article is about the process of writing an
expository essay, including some types of it. Keep in mind that each paragraph
of your essay must have its particular thought, what allows avoiding
repetitions in it and making it clear. Also, every paragraph has to be
logically connected to the thesis and your arguments.

As a newbie, you might add information that is not
related to the main position of your essay, and that’s a common mistake. An outline
with a clear structure would help in this case. This way, each paragraph will
be linked to your thesis.

Also, try to be creative! Academic writing doesn’t
mean boring, you have to leave your readers deeply impressed!

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Examples of Essay

It will be more useful for you to look at an excellent expository essay. You can read the examples and find ideas for your work, or you can easily entrust it to professionals. We offer quality writing from scratch even within an urgent deadline.

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