How to Register for SAT Subject Tests: Step-by-Step Guide


You might be

required or strongly encouraged to take SAT Subject Tests

if you’re applying to highly selective colleges. Thankfully,

registering for SAT Subject Tests is just as easy as registering for the regular SAT.

It might take a bit more planning to verify that the test you want is being offered on a certain test date, but otherwise the process is similar.

In this article,

I’ll go through, step by step, how to register for Subject Tests

so you don’t run into any confusion along the way.

UPDATE: SAT Subject Tests No Longer Offered

In January 2021, the College Board announced that, effective immediately,

no further SAT Subject Tests will be offered in the United States. SAT Subject Tests ended internationally in June 2021.

It is now no longer possible to take SAT Subject Tests.

Many students were understandably confused about why this announcement happened midyear and what this means for college applications going forward.

Read more about the details of what the end of SAT Subject Tests means for you and your college apps here


How to Register for SAT Subject Tests, Step by Step

I’ve described each step of the SAT Subject Test registration process below, with screenshots to help you follow along.

Step 1: Check Test Dates

First, go to

the official College Board website

and check to see which SAT Subject Tests are offered on which dates.

Once you know the date you want to sign up for,

click the blue “Register” link in the column for your desired test date:


You’ll need to

log into your existing College Board account or create a new one if you don’t have one yet

(you probably do if you took the regular SAT already).

Once you sign in, y

ou’ll be taken to your homepage. Click the yellow “Register for the SAT” button to get to the

SAT Registration page



Step 2: Enter Your Personal Information

Click the “Continue” button in the bottom-right corner of the page.

You’ll be taken to a screen that asks you to

fill out some personal information

if you haven’t done so during a previous test registration.

This is very important, so make sure everything is accurate!

The demographics section is not as critical; it’s just there for the College Board to use in statistical calculations.

It might take a few minutes to fill out, but don’t worry too much about it:


Step 3: Create Your Student Profile

Continue to the next module: Create Student Profile. Again,

you can skip this step and move on to the next one if you’ve already filled out your profile from a previous registration.

Creating a profile can take a lot of time, but it’s

mostly optional.

If you fill it out, the College Board will share your information with colleges that will send you mail to try and entice you to apply. Y

ou can go ahead and

click the “Update Later” button at the bottom of the screen once you put in your GPA in the “GPA/Rank” section,

which is the only required information:


Step 4: Select Your Subject Test

Now you’ve reached the “Select Test & Center” module, where you must agree to the terms and conditions and can then choose the test center where you plan to take your Subject Test.

In the “Choose Your Test & Date” section,

select SAT Subject Tests, and then go to the tab for your chosen test date and

select up to three Subject Tests



This is also the screen where you’ll need to

indicate whether you have been approved for test accommodations or a fee waiver:


Step 5: Pick a Test Center

On the next page, you will be asked to

choose a test center.

The zip code that you entered in the Personal Information section should already be there, so you’ll see test centers that are close to your hometown.

Keep in mind that

not all test centers will be listed as options since some will not offer SAT Subject Tests.

This means you might not be able to take your Subject Tests in the same location where you took the regular SAT.

Click “Select” next to the test center you want to use:


Now, the screen will look like this:


Step 6: Upload a Photo

Continue to the next screen where you will be asked to

upload a photo of yourself for authentication purposes.

This photo will be part of your admission ticket.

These are the examples given by the College Board for acceptable photos:


Basically, just

use a clear photo that fully shows your face, isn’t too close up, and doesn’t include any other people.

You can crop your photo after you upload it if necessary.

Step 7: Check Out

Proceed to the checkout step. C

ontinue past the screen that gives you options to buy lots of prep books if you’re not interested.

Review all your personal information and the tests you want to take before clicking “Make Payment.”


You will be asked to confirm your information one last time before you get to the payment screen.

You can pay through PayPal or directly with a credit card depending on what’s easier for you:


That’s pretty much all there is to it.

Registering for SAT Subject Tests is

very similar to registering for the regular SAT, and it shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes at most if you skip filling out the information for your student profile (or have already filled it out).

Important Registration Tips for SAT Subject Tests

Although the SAT Subject Test registration process is pretty straightforward, there are some tips you should keep in mind so that you end up with the best testing experience.

First off,

make sure you choose the best location. This might not always be your high school!

Here’s a guide for

how to pick the best test center for your needs


You should also

register well before the test’s deadline so that you don’t have to pay any late fees.


are the

upcoming test dates and registration deadlines


Subject Tests are offered on all of these dates except for the one in March.

Check this link

to verify that the exam you want to take will be offered on the date of your choosing.

Be sure to apply for a fee waiver before you register if you think you might qualify.

Read our guide for

more information on

how to get a fee waiver for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests


You can get two fee waivers for SAT Subject Test registration.


waiver will cover your registration for one full test day,

so it can pay for one, two, or three subject tests if you take them all at once.


The early bird catches the Subject Test worm. Or something like that. I just really enjoy this chubby bird.

What’s Next?

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