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Getting good grades isn’t always easy, even on subjects we have a good grasp of. Often the difference between an A and a B isn’t based on your knowledge, but being able to follow instructions and put a little extra effort into your work. So what can you do to show you’ve put your very best effort into an assignment? A cover page for an essay! Some assignments such as research papers may require a cover whereas others do not. So if you’d like to learn the ropes on putting together a great title page to give a good impression of your work, we have the answers. Read on to see the ins and outs of how to format a cover sheet.

What Does a Paper Cover Page Look Like?

In grade school, this task was quite simple. Just put your name and date at the top and voila! You’re done. University, on the other hand, the

how to format an essay

and the

grammar rules for students

involves many steps that may be new to you. This is why many students often ask themselves how to create a cover page. Here is a rundown of how to do a title page in the popular citation styles you’ll likely encounter.

  • MLA style cover page

The MLA style does not require a specific cover and therefore the guidelines for the cover page format are relegated to your teacher’s preferences and the standard MLA text formatting. But general best practices place

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about a third of the way down, centered and they can contain italics and bold lettering if needed. Do remember to include the required MLA heading in the top left corner. Indicate your name, course, teacher, and the date. Be sure to remember about double spacing and to retain 1” margins on all sides. Here is an example of a title page for reference:

John Henry

Dr. M. Livingston

HIST 220

Feb, 2, 2019

Fall of the Roman Empire

The beginning of your history essay about the ending of the Roman Empire.

  • APA style cover page format

This style is quite popular and has some tedious elements to it. Many business students opt to

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so they don’t have to deal with all the caveats of this citation style. A unique feature of the APA is the running head. This is a specific header which details a short title as well as the paper’s name and is included on every page of the paper, including the cover. The Running head will identify the page number flush on the right and to the left start with the words

Running Head:

followed by the actual title.

It’s advisable to have a title less than 12 words and it should be centered on the sheet. After the first line type your first name, middle initial and last name but do not use any particular designations such as PhD. After your name state the location of where you conducted your research, i.e. your university. Here is a cover page sample in APA.

Running Head: Example APA Style Formatting                                     1

Example APA Style Formatting for Students

John A. Henry

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Chicago style cover page format

With the Chicago title page format, the title should be about a third down the sheet and any subheadings should first have a colon next to the main heading and the subtitle below. Then skip several spaces and type your name near the bottom followed by your instructor’s name and the course.

  • Turabian title page format

Here we use the same rules as the Chicago cover sheet format. While the style does have differences the cover has identical requirements. Also be sure that your font is the same as the one you use in the text of your paper. You’ll also want to make sure

essay titles

use the appropriate upper case for key words and lower case for prepositions and articles unless they start the paper’s name.

  • ASA style cover page

The Asa cover page format is derived from APA and also features a running head. Here your header should not exceed 60 characters. Another difference is ASA requires a total word count, including footnotes and references, indicated on the cover sheet. You’ll also include your name and course. Another consideration is when your studies take you to many places which is often the case when

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. If you conduct your research at multiple institutions, list them all vertically under your name and course name. All other aspects are similiar to the APA format.

Formatting your work to meet your college’s standards is important but can be a difficult task. This is particularly of concern to undergrad students who often take courses in multiple disciplines at once. Don’t let formatting guidelines get in the way of your education. Follow these tips to design the perfect cover sheet and if you need help we are always here to serve you.