How Long to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay: Tips to get an A at it

While there are many types of essays, the most common type of short essay is a 2-page essay. Also referred to as 3-point essays, many people wonder how long it would take to write the 5-paragraph essays, their common name.

In this article, we answer that question in detail. We also consult our expert essay writers with a view of understanding their perspective on the factors that contribute to the time taken to write such an essay. Their input is valuable and it is summarized in answering the questions below.

How Long it Takes to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay?

However, the answer to this question is dictated by several factors. The first and most important factor is the essay’s nature. The essay’s nature is based on the requirements. There are different types of essays and the instructions given by your teacher or lecturer depend on the type of essay you will write.

It should ideally take 2 to 3 hours to write a 5-paragraph essay depending on your typing speed and the mastery of the subject you are writing on. While you can use as short as 1 hour to write such a short essay on your favorite topic, it can take up to 3 hours if the subject is technical, requires extensive research or does not interest you.

All factors held constant, it should take 2 hours to write a 5-paragraph essay. However, some of you may be wondering why it should take 2 hours while there are factors that can make the process longer.

Well, do not worry because we shall explore the different strategies that can help you write a 5-paragraph essay within 1 hour regardless of the prevailing factors.

The first strategy is to switch off all the distractive devices or gadgets. This is a common-sense strategy because you cannot concentrate on writing if your favorite gadgets like video game consoles are switched on.

Tips to write your 2-paragraph essay Fast

1. Avoid Distractions

To avoid further distractions, you can also shut your room’s windows and doors to avoid outside noises.

While some of you like doing your homework while listening to your favorite music, it is best to switch off the music if you want to complete a 5-paragraph essay within 1 hour.

2. Find Relevant content

The second strategy that can help you write a 5-paragraph essay within 1 hour is to find relevant information for the content.

It is important to find a few credible sources to support your arguments within the essay. While this article is centered on how to write the essay within an hour, we understand that you may require several hours to complete a 5-paragraph.

However, if you have taken time before writing the essay to find information, then it will take you 1 hour to write the essay. Such information and sources can be found in Google Scholar and other top university websites.

3. Conduct Background Research first

The third strategy is to conduct brief background research. This should be part of finding information about the topic and the sources you will use in your essay.

You can use hints given by your instructor concerning the topic to help you narrow down the scope of your research and information search to find the most relevant content that will help you come up with a 5-paragraph essay. Take notes.

4. Create an Outline

The next step is to create an outline for your 5-paragraph essay. An outline will help you organize your thoughts into paragraphs for faster writing.

Such an outline will begin with an introduction that contains the general information concerning the essay’s topic and the thesis statement.

The three body paragraphs follow next. Those paragraphs tackle individual claims, arguments, or ideas that prove your thesis statement.

For each claim within a single paragraph, it is best to provide 2 to 3 pieces of evidence to support the claim. The final paragraph should be the conclusion.

Here, you will provide the problems faced while tackling the topic, restate the thesis, and finally give implications of the issues raised within your essay.

5. Write the essay at once

When you are done coming up with an outline, begin writing, and do not stop until you complete it. You will find the writing process easier since you have already structured your ideas through the outline.

Work on the essay’s details from the introduction, body paragraphs, and finally to the conclusion. Write them at once to ensure consistency and avoid undue procrastination.

Make sure to cite the outside sources within the paragraphs and on the last page depending on the required format. Take the last few minutes of the hour to revise your essay and correct any errors.

Factors determining the time to write a 5-paragraph paper

As we have noted above, we gathered input from a number of our top essay writers on this issue. we have summarized a few of the many factors that determine the time taken to write a 5-paragraph essay.

What you should note here is that a 5-paragraph essay is not similar to a 5-paragraph paper.

While the five-paragraph essay has five paragraphs, a five-page essay will have several more paragraphs depending on the length of your paragraphs.

Ideally, a page with standard font size and spacing has two to three paragraphs. This means that a 5-paragraph paper will have a maximum of 2 pages in length.

If you have conducted prior research before commencing the writing process, it will take you about 3-4 hours to write a 5-paragraph paper.

However, if you haven’t done prior research, it will take you longer since you will require more credible sources to support your arguments.

Again, you will do more research and find more information because you will have to produce more evidence to support your claims within each paragraph.

If this is the case, what factors determine the time taken to write a 5-paragraph paper?

1. The technicality of the topic

The first factor determining the time taken to write a 5-paragraph paper is the topic. As we all realize by now, different topics require different levels of writing and research.

The more complex a topic is; the more research it will require. A 5-paragraph research paper with a complex topic will require more time to conduct research and therefore take longer to write, cite all the sources, and revise.

Simple topics such as personal reflection papers will take a considerably shorter amount of time.

Papers can be reflective, personal narratives, narratives based on the learning experiences, research-based, and so on.

Ideally, the papers that usually take longer to write are research-based because of the time taken to find relevant material for your sources, organizing ideas, writing, referencing, and final formatting and proofreading.

The papers that take the shortest amount of time to write are usually reflective and personal narrative papers.

This is because you will not be required to find relevant material for your sources or conduct research.

Such essays will be based on your thoughts and the only thing you will do is to type in or write the content, thus taking a shorter time.

2. Your Writing Skills

The second factor determining the time taken to write a 5-paragraph paper is your writing skills. This encompasses how fast you can type words using your computer, your knowledge in writing using the given format such as MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago, and your ability to process the instructions appropriately to respond accordingly and precisely.

Once you have done prior research and created an outline, the faster you are at typing, the faster you will complete the 5-paragraph paper because it will take lesser time to complete the task.

In most cases, especially in today’s curriculum, students are required to submit their papers as typed. Therefore, those who type faster will complete the task within a shorter amount of time, and vice versa.

3. Your interest in the subject and other factors

Other factors that determine the time taken to complete such a task may include your interest on the subject and writing in general, taking breaks while writing the 5-paragraph paper.

Also, having other commitments that take up the writing time (in cases where the paper is administered as homework instead of timed classroom activity).

Tips how to write a 5-paragraph essay

To give you a better understanding on the tips of writing a 5-paragraph essay or paper, we will breakdown the process into three major steps:

Tips to write your Essay

1. Prewriting

2. Writing

3. Post writing

1. Tips for the Pre-Writing Stage

During the prewriting stage, you are supposed to brainstorm about the topic. This is a very important step because it will help align your thoughts.

Your mind will also be fixated on the task at hand. The next tip within this stage is to create an outline.

As we have noted, outlines are very important especially when you want to complete your task faster. On top of that, you will create a well-organized paper. Finally, research the topic to find reliable and relevant sources.

2. Tips for the Writing Stage

Once you are done with the prewriting stage, you can start writing. Come up with a catchy, yet relevant topic per the instructions. Since the title should be relevant to the essay, it should be a summary of your thesis.

The next tip is to write an introduction. In a 5-paragraph paper or essay, an introduction should be a single paragraph containing a brief introduction of the issues to be tackled and the thesis statement.

The body paragraphs should contain individual claims that support the thesis statement. Those claims should be supported by credible evidence.

Finally, write a conclusion that summarizes your findings, restates your thesis statement, and provides the implications of your findings.

3. Tips for the Post-Writing Stage

In the next stage of post writing, you should proofread your paper or essay to correct any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors.

Once done, format your paper following the requirements or style given by your instructor. Remember, the formatting of a paper depends on its length and instructions. A

3-page paper

is different from a 10-page or a thesis.