How Long should a Research Paper be: from Intro to conclusion

You might be wondering, “How long should my research paper be?” You are not, however, alone. Many students frequently inquire about the ideal term paper length. This challenge is aggravated when your instructor does not provide you with a page limit or word count.

Research papers are difficult to write because they are academic writings based on your original research on a specific topic. This is why using our paper writing service can help you get that A.

To be complete, your paper should include your analysis and interpretation of the findings, regardless of the method you use. When all of these factors are taken into account, students frequently wonder how long their research papers should be. Let’s take a closer look at this

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How much time should each section of a research paper take?

The ideal length for a research paper is around 5 pages for short papers and 10 pages for long papers. The length of your term paper, however, is given by your instructor and the instructions he provides. A variety of factors, including the scope and depth of your subject, influence this.

Factors that influence the length of a paper

The question of how long a research paper should be can be difficult to answer because it is dependent on a number of variables. The most important factors that influence the length of your term paper are as follows:


  1. The topic of your research
  2. The number of subtopics that emerge from the subject,
  3. The number of subtopics and their complexity,
  4. The significance of your findings
  5. The breadth and depth of your discussions and conclusions.

With all of those variables held constant, it is possible to estimate the length of a less complex research paper if it is divided into sections such as the outline, introduction, individual paragraphs, conclusion, and reference page.

These are the fundamental elements of a typical research paper. Let’s see how long each section should be.

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What should a term paper outline look like?

An outline is an essential component of your research paper. It establishes the framework for your paper. It divides your term paper’s content into sections.

The outline, on the other hand, does not include specifics about your paper. It only highlights the topics that will be covered and the issues that will be addressed within those topics.


The following elements should be included in an outline format:

  • An Introduction
  • The issue that is being adressed
  • A literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results and analysis
  • Conclusion and recommendation

Under each of the five sections that serve as guidelines for your research paper, there are brief full-sentence descriptions. As a result, the outline should not be longer than 2 pages for short research papers and 4 to 5 pages for longer papers with 15 to 20 pages.

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The Ideal Length of a Research Paper Introduction

As previously stated, the length of your term paper is determined by the topic and its contents. This is true for the introduction. Your introduction should not be more than half a page long for a typical 5-page research paper.

However, if you’re writing a lengthy essay of 15 pages or more, the introduction could be a page or several paragraphs long. Because most research papers assigned to undergraduate college students are not lengthy, the introduction should not be more than a page long.

Recommended length of Individual paragraphs in research paper

Although there are no hard and fast rules for determining the length of individual paragraphs in a paper, the most common length is between 90 and 130 words. Any paragraph shorter than 90 words is considered insufficient to sustain an argument, while any paragraph longer than 130 words is regarded over-argued.

It is also worth noting that its length is determined by the length of the paper. When the paper is brief, the paragraphs should be brief as well.

The paragraphs should be longer if the research paper is lengthy. A paragraph, on the other hand, should contain more than four sentences. Some topics, such as childhood obesity, may necessitate longer paragraphs in order to incorporate data and statistics into your paper.

Because each paragraph should concentrate on a single idea, the length of the paragraph should be determined by the supporting text.

If your idea necessitates a great deal of support in the form of illustrations, examples, statistics, paraphrases, quotes, definitions, causes, and effects, the paragraph will be longer.

If the idea presented by the individual paragraph is straightforward and does not necessitate a large amount of supporting evidence, the paragraph will be shorter.

The paragraphs supplement the outline’s content. The outline contains topics, subtopics, and guidelines, whereas the paragraphs contain content and additional explanations.

What is the ideal length for a conclusion?

A conclusion is an essential part of your research paper. This is due to the fact that you, as the author of your paper, are bringing everything you have discussed in your paper to a close. The length of your conclusion is essentially based on the length of your paper.

The conclusion is longer if the paper is longer, and shorter if the paper is shorter. A conclusion should not be less than three sentences long. Writing all of these components of your paper will take a few hours.

Despite this, an actual conclusion should have the following characteristics.

Features of a good term paper conclusion

  1. Reiteration of your research topic
  2. Reaffirm your thesis. This statement should not be the same as the one you wrote in the introduction.
  3. Give a synopsis of your main points. Don’t add any new information.
  4. You can also add up the points to explain the significance of your points more thoroughly.
  5. Include a call to action if it is relevant or appropriate to your paper.
  6. Answer the “so what?” question. This necessitates that you explain the context of your paper and why it is important to the readers.

As a result, it is clear that the conclusion is critical in your research paper. You may not include everything listed above, but it is critical to restate the topic, thesis, and main points in your paper. Check out our research paper writing guide to learn more about how to write these sections.

What is the ideal length for the Reference Page?

The length of your reference page is entirely determined by the number of sources you used in your paper. Your paper could be lengthy with only a few sources, whereas other papers could be shorter with more sources.

A good term paper should include a reference page that lists all of the sources you used. The length of the reference page is not fixed as long as you list the sources in the correct referencing format, such as APA or MLA.

What is the ideal length for a high school term paper?

Most high school teachers need their students to submit 3- to 5-page research papers. These are the typical research papers assigned throughout the semester. However, final research papers, such as those in English 102, are between 5 and 7 pages long.

How long should a graduate paper be?

Even though the length of a graduate paper is determined by its topic, such papers are significantly longer. This is due to the fact that they cover complex topics that necessitate detailed explanations, citations, examples, and so on. They can range from 7 to 15 pages in length. They can also outnumber the count.

What should the length of a middle school term paper be?

Middle school students’ research papers are significantly shorter than those assigned to students in college or graduate school. The normal papers written during the semester are 1 to 2 pages long, while the final papers are 2 to 4 pages long.

What should the length of a research paper’s literature review be?

The length of a literature review is determined by the purpose of the term paper and the audience. The literature review in most college research papers should not be longer than two pages. It can be between 2 and 3 pages for longer papers of more than 10 pages.

How to Write a Term Paper Quickly

To begin writing a research paper quickly, choose a topic. Following that, you will conduct research on the topic and work on a thesis. Create an outline to help you write the structure of your paper.

Write the paper in accordance with the outline, beginning with an introduction and concluding with a conclusion. Finally, proofread your paper to detect any mistakes. Read our checklist for revising your paper to a final draft.

What are the most common formats for research papers?

You must use a specific formatting style when formatting a research or term paper. MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard are the commonly used research paper formats.

Each format specifies the paper’s style, spacing, in-text citation style, and reference page style. All of this can be done for you if you hire someone to write your homework at a low cost.

How long is the average academic journal article?

When using one-and-a-half line spacing, most academic journal articles are 20 to 25 pages long. If academic journals are double-spaced, they can range from 25 to 30 pages. The word count for the journals generally ranges from 4000 to 7000 words.