How Edward Bellamy Demonstrated Optimism in 1800s

Looking Backward was a book written by Edward Bellamy, a famous and unique author who wrote a book that was clearly futuristic. As an author, journalist, and political activist, he imagined the future and wrote a utopian novel set in the nineteenth century. We’ll look at how Edward Bellamy demonstrated optimism in his 18th-century book.

Looking Backward demonstrated hope and optimism for the future by writing about a better future American economy at a time when the real economy was in trouble.

How Edward Bellamy Displayed Optimism in the Year 1800

Edward Bellamy’s book explains how future Americans will produce goods and services, as well as how they will consume them. He goes on to explain how the industries will be more efficient than they were before.

Before the man in the book, Julian West, fell asleep, waking up in a utopian world, America was plagued by worker strikes, construction delays, and labor conflicts (Bellamy 10). He does, however, describe a better economy in which Julian West wakes up with no labor shortages.

Furthermore, Edward Bellamy demonstrated optimism by contrasting the world at the time, the year 1800, with the future world, the year 2000. This contrast places the future in the best position in the book.

As a result, American society expects the future to be better than the past. Bellamy goes on to describe the particular things that the future society will do better than the current one during the late nineteenth century.


Why did Bellamy’s book Looking Backward have such an impact?

Looking Backward, by Edward Bellamy, was extremely influential in American society because it depicted what the future might look like. The book gained attention because it linked the current situation to the concept of progress, of the human race, and gave people hope for a better America.

Furthermore, the book is so influential because it addressed issues that Americans were dealing with at the time the book was written. He explains that these issues will be resolved at some point.

For example, in the year 1800, he addressed the issue of women not being treated equally in society. He envisions a future society in which women are respected and have equal opportunities with men, as in Dr. Leete’s family (Bellamy 18).

The connection between the Bradbury Building and Bellamy’s Book

I believe the Bradbury building is related to the future buildings described by Bellamy in his book. Bellamy explains that the magnificent buildings he saw on his morning walk in the utopian world will exist in the future (Bellamy 35).

The structure exemplifies the real-world buildings that Bellamy describes as the buildings of the future.

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