Guide On Writing A Psychology Research Paper

What could be more important for psychology students than writing? There are many different academic assignments you will have to write while you are studying when conducting your own academic research. At first, it seems complicated. But anyway it will be useful to learn more about the features of the work that you have to write and get a couple of tips.

Writing a research paper for psychology may be hard for students but if you concentrate and use our guide, you will write a quality paper faster.

7 Step Guide On How To Write A Psychology Research Paper

Research work is devoted to specific studies. The first paragraph is devoted to the discussion of the objectives of the task; the second should present and summarize issues related to the topic under discussion, or arguments in support of a particular opinion. This is not all, it is necessary to critically analyze the information of the whole text in this part and offer your own conclusion. It’s also important to choose the right citation format such as APA or whichever the teacher requires. Many students just can’t start writing because they think it’s too hard for them and even ask for an

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. We completely understand that. If you prefer to write it by yourself and don’t want to get stuck, use our 7 step guide on how to write a research psychology paper.

Step 1: Choose the topic.

When you are engaged in writing a paper in psychology, often the greatest difficulty is choosing the topic,  evaluate your capabilities and determine whether you have a specific task or you can choose a topic on your own. Decide which topic is most interesting to you and then check if you can find enough material, and sources to research. Be careful when choosing a narrow topic, if it is too specific you will have difficulty finding reference material. If you choose an inappropriate topic, it would be better to change it and start over.

Step 2: Find the needed information.

Searching for material on the selected topic can be one of the most time-consuming steps. Check the most typical sources first, books, journal articles, and online resources, but don’t forget about the credibility of the information. Note that it is also important to choose the right research methods. Try to balance historic data with the data of modern research to identify any problems from different perspectives.

Step 3: Create your thesis statement.

This is the most important step. You must not forget about the thesis which will take a central place in the task and will state the topic and help tell more completely about the work done and express your attitude toward the topic.

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Psychology is a broad subject with many sub-classes. The human mind is infinitely interesting and to write a psychology research paper requires dedication. We provide tips on how to write a psychology research paper for your benefit.

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Step 4: Get brilliant results by writing a psychology research paper outline

It may also seem like a difficult task to create an outline for future work, which usually comes after you have read the material and made a sufficient number of notes. Simplify this task by sorting out your analytical notes on questions or topics. This will give you the opportunity to structure the information and decide what will be the plan of your written work. Don’t forget that your research paper contains 3 parts: an intro


on and a hypothe

sis, the body,

and a conclusion. Depending on your academic level, you can be required to include an abstract, a proposal, or a discussion section with your work, so it is important to read your teacher’s guidelines. It is also a good idea to find an example on the internet.

Step 5: Organize your notes

If you already have the necessary information, organizing your notes is one of the most important parts because you have to analyze and synthesize the data. To do it qualitatively use these tips.

  1. Try to include only the information that relates to your topic.
  2. Avoid plagiarism.
  3. Be sure to cite any references.
  4. Use quotes accurately.

Also, to organize your notes better, you can use a hi-lighter or markers with different colors.

Step 6: Draft.

A draft allows you to clearly state on paper your work plan and your thoughts. This will help ensure that writing the task is not put off until the last minute and that you have time to pass it on according to the terms established by the supervisor.

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Step 7: The final editing.

Editing can include both changing ideas and corrections. Having carefully reviewed the work, you can make the arguments more convincing, find the weaknesses of your work, and turn them into strengths.

Ask a classmate or friend to read your work. They may be able to make useful comments or discover missed grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, you can try to reread your work the next day if you have enough time. It is easier to find mistakes with a fresh mind.  If you have something to add even after you completed the work, don’t be afraid to edit your paper one more time. Also, don’t forget about an

annotated bibliography in APA style


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