Good Resume Format without Cliches

Good Resume Format without Cliches

Resume writing tips

If you are willing to obtain a well-paid job, it is high time to

make your resume just perfect

. Since the recruiters waste approximately eight seconds on each resume, you are supposed to get rid of all the clichés to grab their attention. The following tips will definitely help you make the resume maximally original.

Resume Writing Tips

  1. Avoiding clichés

    , including meaningless adjectives, such as

    seasoned manager


    influential leader

    , will make your resume more noteworthy. It is better to describe your experience, specific skills, and achievements. Using graphs and other visual aids attracts more attention than common clichés in writing.
  2. If you want to create a perfect resume,

    do not use

    the word “


    ,” thinking that this adjective fully describes your nature. The recruiters are sick of seeing this adjective in each resume. Therefore, instead of telling other people that you are creative, show that you are original. For instance, you might create a video resume that displays all your strengths.

  3. Avoiding clichés

    also implies cutting out an empty word “


    .” This adjective neither makes any sense nor testifies to your accomplishments. So, point out the projects and campaigns you were involved.
  4. Using “


    ” also belongs to common clichés in writing since it implies that you are in search of the job for a considerable time. You have to realize that being passionate means being really involved into your job and post work-related statuses, instead of the social websites, including Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, take out such romantic adjectives and provide solid examples of your enthusiasm.
  5. If you want a perfect resume,


    such phrases as “

    responsible for

    ” with “

    managed to accomplish

    .” Use other action verbs that prove your initiative and leadership skills.
  6. Keep in mind that self-proclamation and maintaining that you are an expert or a guru will not bring about any benefits. You have to show your qualification by paying attention to your


    in a particular field.
  7. Do not state that you possess amazing communication skills because a hiring manager will evaluate your communicative skills during the interview. So, it is better to cut out redundant words and proofread the final version of the resume.

Consequently, avoiding clichés enlisted above will contribute to a perfect resume and increase chances to obtain a job of your dream.