Good Informative Speech Topics: How to Get Thunders of Applause

Do you know the secret place where people go to get their good informative speech topics? Looking for an interesting topic for speech? Congratulations, because you’ve just found it!

So, if you’re ready to get some really good topics for an informative speech, all you need to do is to take a look below!

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1. 🔎 Informative Speech Topics: Focus on Each Important Aspect

It’s time to get some ideas for an informative speech. Check these secrets:

Secret #1

. There are different types of topics for an informative speech:

(check out

this pdf

on informative speaking)

What to speak about? How to speak about it?









Personal Experiences;









(offer a description of something/someone)


(provide short and concise data)


(mention the reasons of something)Instruct.

(tell what to do in certain cases)

Secret #2

. Ideas for an informative speech must be very fresh, and they can be both





Secret #3

. You have to be enthralled with your informative speaking process completely.

With that in mind, let’s deal with some concrete informative speech topics. Check the hottest tickets of the season –before writing an informative speech outline, learn what informative speeches you can write!

2. ✔️ Check the List of Perfect Ideas!

Take a look at these informative speech ideas made into a speech topics list—these are the best specimens of good speech topics you’ll ever find!

Type Issue

Descriptive Reporting Explanatory Instructive

Temperaments and Their Variations
Presidential Elections and the On-Going Changes
The Phenomenon of Ambidexterity and Its Probable Explanations: Miracle of Nature How to Address Autistic Students: Modern Methods

The Willamette Meteorite: Myths and the Truth The State of Rock Art at Smile Canyon: The Vandalism Threat Halo – Its Origin and Perceptions in Different Cultures The Elements of Modern Cultures and the Means to Understand Them: From Hipsters to Goths

The Beauty of Iguazu Waterfalls Support the Great Wall of China: The Collapsing World Wonder The Theory of Pyramid Creation: From Egyptian Slaves to Aliens Western Cultures Together: Key Elements and Essential Themes of Asian Paintings

The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth the Second Eyjafjallajokull Eruption: Victims, Consequences, Precautions 2012 Arts Festival in London: Impressions, Results, Ideas Summer Olympics in London: What to Expect


Off with the Veil

on the


Process: Learning the Steps, Getting Results
The Discovery of the Earth’s Cryogenic Processes: A Portal to the Ice Age
Cultural Assimilation

: The Process, Causes and Results
The Peculiarities of the

Communication Process

: Read My Lips

The Concept of Sandra Cisneros’ World: Down the Mango Street The Key Principles of 2012 Economics: Concepts and Major Assets The Concepts of

Leadership and Work Organization

: From Theory to Practice
The Concept of Faith:


as a Way to Understand Your Own Self


Bipolar Disorder

: Features, Symptoms, Treatment
Current Condition of the World Heritage Sites and Means to Improve It The





Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Eating Disorders and Mass Media: What Is It Fashionable to Be Like?


Existing Economic Situation

: Comments, Causes and Potential Improvements
Current State of the


and the Concern for Future Changes: Getting Ready

The Concept of Lifelong Learning

: Does Constant Studying Make any Sense?

Bullying at School

: Old


, New Solutions… Same Results

Schrödinger’s Cat: Not Either Dead or Alive but Dead and Alive at the Same Time
A Newly Invented Device

Uses Your Motion Energy to Charge Your Phone
Leviathan: The Giant Sea Monster as a Symbol of Social Contract and State How to Use the Notion of

Blue Ocean in Your Business Strategy

Personal Experiences
The Best Summer Trip: Lost, Broke, and Happy
List of Twelve Steps to Combat Insomnia: What Really Does and What Does Not Work

Why College Life Is Tough: Personal Examples
How to Make

Public Speaking

Fun: Easy Ways for College Students to Overcome Stage Fright

A Unique Breathing Technique: How the Famous Jajouka Flute Works Worshiping Dogs: Evidence from All over the World Festive Demonstration of Cruelty: Why Some Cultures Found Public Executions Entertaining How to Approach an Unfamiliar Culture: 3 Main Points to Pay Attention to

Random Combinations: How to Explore New Realms of Gustation Repelling Food: What Are the Weirdest Things that People Still Eat?

Explained: Why Some People

Stop Eating Animals

School Lunch Tips

: Preparing Healthy and Tasty Snacks for Kids

Special Occasion Photography for the Royals:

Princess Diana’s Wedding Pictures
Themes of Injustice and Social Issues in

Modern Art
Visual Aid for a Thesis: How Painters Express Their Political Positions How to Write a Script: Motivational Techniques and Practical Advice

Complicated Technology Described in Short: How the Large Hadron Collider Works New Education Technologies in Health Care and Nursing: How Learning Effectiveness Can Be Improved Through the Use of Mobile Devices Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Does Not Work: Aspects of Social Media that Are Related to Business Opportunities Technological Problem Solution: Choosing Software that Prompts You to Work Smarter

Sports Shoes Buying and Fitting Processes: How to Make Sure that Running Is Good for Your Health
Writing a Proposal

: Having an Outline, Being in the Right Mood, and Other Things Reported to Be Crucial
Entertainment and Something Else:

Reasons Why People Listen to Music

in Their Everyday Lives
A Health and Fitness Program Preparation Outline: A Template for Composing Your Own Health and Happiness Plan

The Fashion Designer’s Way: The Process of Creating a Fashion Collection from Developing a Concept to A Runway Show Police Officer’s Perceptions of

Police Brutality
Why Pharmacy Staff Should Not Be Consulted as per Your Prescriptions Professional Travelers: How Traveling Can Earn You Money

Cool Science: Physical Experiments You Can Make at Home Current Trends in Psychology: What Are the Newest Biggest Mysteries Psychologists Are Trying to Solve? Why Pharmacy Staff Should Not Be Consulted as per Your Prescriptions The Art of Representativeness and Generalizability: How to Design and Conduct a Sociological Survey

Current Events and Historical Events: How Our World Is Much Like It Was a Hundred Years Ago What People Talk about: The Most Trending News of the Past Week Why Pop Culture Idols Are Newsmakers Balanced, Objective, and Unbiased: How to Make Sure that the Way You Tell News Does Not Affect Your Audience’s Perception

No matter whether you want to be persuasive or come off humorous, whether you are delivering a Powerpoint presentation or just standing there talking to the audience, and no matter how high or low your speaking words per minute rate is—choosing one of the topics above will guarantee you will deliver a persuasive speech!

However, you can also think of something completely extraordinary – say(funny as it may sound), a speech on speeches. Pick any famous personality, watch or read about his/her performance and create a bunch of your own speeches about speeches!

3. 💭 Remember the Essential Elements!

Pensive woman trying remember important thing.

No matter what topics for speech you pick, make sure check that these elements are there in your paper:

  1. Introduction.

    Introduce the issue in an unusual way. Surprise the audience!

    (E.g., “Promoting the concept of lifelong learning is completely useless… mainly because people learn and acquire skills throughout their entire lives.”)
  2. Discussion.

    Provide the key arguments and combine them to produce an engaging discussion;
  3. Your arguments.

    Enumerate your main arguments and state your position;
  4. Conclusion.

    Offer solutions and comment on the possible consequences.

4. ⛔ What Should Always Be Avoided in Informative Speech

Remember the 5 things you

must not

do when creating informative presentation topics:

  • Offer unverified information;
  • Draw unsupported conclusions;
  • Convey ideas based on bias and prejudices.

Follow these tips, and you’ll always come up with incredible topics for a speech – just try it, and you’ll see it yourself!

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