Funny Persuasive Speech Topics: Best Ideas for 2021

Can there possibly be anything fun about academic writing? It seems there is – what are all those fun persuasive speech topics then for, after all?

However, creating a bunch of good topics might seem hard the first time around. No need to worry though – there’s always plenty of topics for a fun persuasive speech on our



Just check the long list below, and you’ll see what an ocean of opportunity topics for persuasive speeches are.

💡 Fun Persuasive Speech Topics: Read the List of Fascinating Ideas

What is a persuasive speech? you might be wondering. Check out this definition: a persuasive speech is a speech on topics that are considered burning ones.

Negative Persuasive Speech Topics Ideas Positive Topics for a Persuasive Speech
Sneezing with Your Eyes Open Is not Dangerous to Your Health What Is Done by Night Appears by Day: Cheating Is Always Revealed;
Walking in the Sleep Is not Okay… Unless You Know Where You’re Walking Parents Should Allow Their Children to Draw on the Walls
The Gender War Cannot Be Stopped… and Must not Be The Ultimate Proof That Ghosts Do not Exist
Why People Must not Drop Their Habits If People Told Only the Truth, the World Would Be a … More Dangerous Place
No More Damsels in Distress: The XXI Century Ruins the Stereotype Students Must Have the Right to Grade Their Teachers
Reasons Why People Should not Fear Darkness People Need Certain Illusions to Live in the Real World
Things That People Should not Take Seriously Having a Twin Is a Good Chance to Have Fun
Black Magic Does not Work: You Will not Jinx It Teen Slang Is Esperanto for Children and Swahili for Adults
Why the Question “What Are You Doing?” Is Completely Pointless Count Dracula Would Be Ashamed of Twilight;
TV Commercials Staircase: Why the Right Answer Never Comes to Your Mind at the Right Time Adults Need to Be Children Sometimes

Healthy Food

Is Almost Never Tasty
All Greatest Discoveries Are Made Completely by Chance
TV Commercials Should Be Considered the Tenth Circle of Hell Why It Is Important to Do Stupid Things… Once in a While
Money Must Be Made not of Paper but of Plastic Teachers and Students Should Switch Places Once a Semester
There Is no Way People See the Same Colors There Should Be Remote Controls for the Left-Handed
Such Movies as “The Room” Must not Exist There Is a Chance to Contact Aliens

Of all the assignments it’s so hard to find topics to, speech writing is the least difficult – and with the tips above, it becomes a one-hit-one-shot thing. When designed for a speech, topics you create will become truly capturing once you follow the tips above.

🙂 When Talking About Another Speech

There comes a time when you have to deliver a speech referring to someone else’s speech. Unlike any other speech, speaking on someone else’s performance demands a specific title structure.

✍️ Speeches About Speeches: Crucial Pieces of Advice

When dealing with a persuasive speech on any other person’s public speech, remember the following format for persuasive topics concerning speeches on speeches:

Barack Obama: The Health Argument. Individual Insurance Is Constitutional

A perfect example of topics of speech creation, this is the model to follow for your own speeches of this type. Open your wings, and you’ll see you can fly really high!

👌 Recommendations for Great Papers

When creating topics for a speech, remember the Dos and Don’ts of a successful persuasive topic:

  • Summarize the speech you are referring to, before proving your point;
  • Quote the speech you are talking about to make your own speech sound impressive;
  • Do not use irony on the opponent – use it only for the opponent’s ideas;
  • Find entertaining and fun elements to make your speech amusing.

If you follow these instructions precisely, you’ll get a bunch of perfect topics on speech writing. So what are you waiting for? Try your new skills and create a speech topic that’s going to rock!

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