Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Cost of Education in America

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Cost of Education in America

Cost of Education in America

There’s no place like the USA to prove that education is no longer a privilege of a few but a public domain. However, many students-to-be feel discouraged to apply to the USA colleges when they see the price of American education. If you share these thoughts, then this article has found its target reader.

How Much does It Really Cost to Study in the USA?

The overall price of a bachelor’s degree may appear daunting. However, you’ll see that the process of enrolling consists of many stages, some of which allow cost reduction. So, that’s what you should know:

Tuition fees

The average cost of education in America varies from 15,000 to 20,000 dollars. Moreover, American colleges charge the application fee of 60 dollars. However, you can obtain a scholarship for the outstanding academic achievements or sports performance to cover the tuition up to 90%.

Additional expanses

Foreign students should be ready to meet extra requirements. To study in the USA, they need to pass TOEFL to prove their knowledge of English, which is going to cost about 130 dollars. Secondly, there is no way one can seek bachelor’s degree without the USA visa. Its cost varies, but, generally, you can get one approximately for 150 dollars.

Cost of living

It depends on a person, but to cover the basic expanses like accommodation, food, and study materials, one needs about 400 dollars per month. However, if you have good social skills, you can resort to cost reduction, for instance, share a place with a roommate or haggle with a shop assistant for a better price. Needless to say, you must take a part-time job, at least the one on campus.

Sum up all the numbers mentioned above and you’ll get the average cost of education in America. Sure, it may seem like a lot of money, but, in the long run, it is a small price for a bright future you can have with education.