EP 41: How to Integrate the Impact Effort Matrix into Your Study Routine

When you’re in a hurry, everything appears to be urgent. Perhaps you need to turn in a paper, clean your house, and study for an exam on Tuesday. All of these tasks appear to be important and, in some ways, urgent. In situations like this, having a tool like the Impact Effort Matrix to help decide about where your focus should be can be beneficial. Join us for Episode 41 to learn more about how to boost your productivity during crucial times.

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Donna Nesh: [00:00:00] Hello everyone, and welcome back to our channel. I go by the name is Donna Nesh, and I’m here to host the GradeOffice Show, which is hosted by GradeOffce.

Donna Nesh: [00:00:15] University and college courses are difficult. We all know that we begin this semester by filling out our planners, making appointments on our phones, and making the best of the time that we have. However, it is the climax of the semester, and we are typically in a time crunch. Despite our best efforts, there is inadequate time to complete all of the tasks assigned to us. And today we wanted to give you a tool that you can use to control the time crunch in your life.

Donna Nesh: [00:00:55] We’ve all done it: chugging coffee at 12 a.m., pinning yourself up on your desk in class, trying not to fall asleep, and trying to sneak in a quick nap on the couch. Don’t be concerned; you’re not alone. There are times when you simply do not have  adequate time to complete all of the tasks that have been assigned to you. We understand that some of you are in a hurry right now. So we wanted to jump in and give you a software that you can use right away to help you organize your time effectively and set some objectives for this crunch time.

[00:01:29] Now, I’d like to thank YouTuber and all-around awesome guy Thomas Frank for this platform called the Impact effort matrix. This is a tool he created on his own from another person’s matrix to help him complete tasks. If you want to see more of Thomas Frank’s information and some of his amazing content, you can find him on college info geek dot com and on his YouTube channel. He has a wealth of knowledge about how to make the most of your time in university and college and how to be the best student to your expectation.

[00:02:08] Let’s take a look at the impact effort matrix. When you’re in a hurry, everything appears to be urgent. Perhaps you have a paper due the next day. You need to clean your house and study for an exam on Tuesday. In situations like this, having a tool like the impact effort matrix on hand can help you make decisions where your efforts and interest should be focused. Let’s talk about it. Duties in the impact effort matrix are graded based on their overall impact on project success as well as the effort required to complete that task.

[00:02:47] Here is an illustration of that will give you an idea of how the impact effort matrix may fit into your life. Assume you’re working on an essay for your Psychology 101 class, such as a final paper. Your instructor is looking for a research proposal based on possible research that you will conduct.However, you also have the same project this weekend. Your family is celebrating your brother’s birthday, and you’d like to go. You also have an exam on Tuesday that you need to study for. In this case, you choose to use the impact effort matrix to prioritize your time and the various tasks that must be completed. For the research proposal, you must write a 3000 word essay that includes all of the components of a research proposal. You are aware that the research question, along with the literature review and the method section, is an important component. These components of the paper will constitute the majority of the paper. In other words, they will have the greatest influence. Because you know your professor is concentrating on these sections of the paper, you decide to make them priority number one. They will necessitate a significant amount of effort and will have a significant impact. As a result, these will fall into the impact effort matrix’s high effort, high impact quadrant. Second, you’re aware that your professor will be looking for relevant references. You are also aware that if you do not include appropriate references, you may be accused of plagiarism if you do not properly say your references. You’re familiar with APA format and are aware that the references will have a significant impact. In this case, adding appropriate references will have a significant impact with minimal effort. Your instructor has also offered a bonus option of involving an interesting podcast portion of the assignment in which you will use to clarify your research proposal to a colleague. In addition to the grade that you receive on your paper, your professor has offered a 5% bonus. However, you recognize that this would require a significant amount of time and effort to implement and organize. So you’ve decided to skip this one.

[00:05:07] When deciding whether or not to use the impact effort matrix, there are a few factors to take into account. They are as follows: What the project’s basic components are, the project’s grading metrics and which mechanisms count for the highest grade, what percentage of your grade each assignment counts for, how much each component will add value to your knowledge and which will help you do the best on your exam in the future. To appropriately use the impact effort matrix, once you’ve assigned scores to each of the tasks, you must, of course, complete them.

[00:05:41] It is critical to prioritize tasks with the highest impact and effort first. Completing the project in this dimension first is important because you want to place more emphasis on the high impact, high effort tasks first, and then you’ll have energy left over to specialize on smaller tasks. We are all very busy with school, as we all understand. It can take a lot of energy to concentrate on a number of different projects, so we want to ensure that all of our energy is directed toward the efforts that will have the greatest impact.

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