Easy Ways to Complete an Essay

Easy Ways to Complete an Essay

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If your essay is due the next day, but you don’t have anything to hand in, what do you do? Maybe start writing your essay as fast as possible? Maybe there are other options that you should try out before speed writing an essay that may not get you the best grade.

We tried to look at this problem from the perspective of a student who needs to hand in an essay but has nothing written yet. What are the options? Let’s look at some of the easy ways to write an essay.

Ask Your Friend to Help You

If you have a friend that gets high grades for every essay he or she submits, you might ask them to help you with yours. You might work together to make the writing process a little faster to save valuable time, or your friend might write a complete essay for you. In exchange, you can help your friend with other assignments or even pay your friend for work.

Of course, this is not the best option as your friend also has assignments to complete or other things to do. This is not the only option that you have, so consider using the pieces of advice that we listed further.

Use Someone’s Work as an Example

Well, it’s hard to call this option plagiarism. However, it’s not fully your work either. Copying the structure of someone’s essay or taking some parts of it to make some changes and hand it in as yours are different things, right? But students act both ways. This means that some works have more plagiarized content than others, but some of them are simply based on someone’s work.

If you want to save some time because you don’t have enough to write your essay from scratch, you can use the structure of an existing essay to start working your paragraphs out. For example, if you lack ideas or

examples that you need

to use as evidence to support your claims, you can look for them on the internet.

Every essay has

the same structure:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Body paragraphs (the number may vary, for example, three body paragraphs for a standard one-page or five-paragraph essay).
  3. Conclusion.

So, you can see that most essays that share the same topic will probably have the same structure and order. It’s hard to keep your work entirely unique while writing a paper if there are also other works that are based on the same ideas or answer the same essay question.

Eventually, copying the structure won’t be as noticed as taking the full essay as the basis for your work. If you make changes to someone’s essay to make it yours, it’s hard to make enough changes to transform a paper and make it unrecognizable. Plus, that’s plagiarism and will get you in big trouble.

In this situation, introduction and conclusion parts might be the most plagiarized parts as making your unique thesis statement (that is a necessary part of the introduction and a basis for conclusion part) is the hardest step of any essay writing process.

Some of these essays might still not pass the plagiarism check as there will be too many similar parts or phrases. But of course, working with an existing essay is much easier than writing a completely new one, as you might find a lot of useful ideas that haven’t crossed your mind before. It’s impressively time-efficient. Look at some of the extra essay writing tips that we have gathered for you in our article on how you can

write your essay quickly.

Order an Essay

If you really need an essay that you have no time to write, it’s quite possible that the idea of ordering an essay has already crossed your mind. There are many

writing teams online

that receive orders every day and work on many different types of papers, not only on essays.

If you don’t have enough time to write a good essay, you can ask for help from writers who are not just rewriting someone’s papers but actually create them from scratch. This way you don’t have to worry about the plagiarism as your work will be original.

What You Should Pay Attention To

There is no fixed price for an essay.

Every order price is calculated depending on the length of your paper and its difficulty. For example, you might order a one-page essay or a complicated research or analytical essay that might take more than twenty pages to evaluate the topic and the author’s thoughts. That’s why you should pay attention to the price for one page and take this price as a starting point.

You should also pay attention to


that you can find on the pages of the teams that write essays. They can tell you a lot about the writing team and the service that they provide.

How to Order an Essay

If you decided to order an essay, you should place your order first, specifying the details, such as:

  • the number of pages
  • the topic
  • the sources that you might want a writer to use
  • specific examples to mention
  • the deadline

After your payment is approved, an assigned writer will start working on your essay. If you need, for example, to hand in your essay the next morning, you can go to bed without worrying about it. While you are sleeping, an expert will be working on your paper. In the morning, when the essay is ready, you can look it through before downloading and request any changes that you want to be made. You don’t even need to proofread your essay, as a proofreading team has already done it for you. Simply download your paper and print it to take to your classes or send it to your teacher via email. That’s it.

This is probably the fastest way to get your essay done without just copying an existing one that might not pass the plagiarism check.

Rewrite Existing Essay

If you have an excellent essay that you can take as an example, you can try to rewrite it to make a completely new essay with it.

How do rewrite the text? First, you need to break the text that you are going to rewrite into smaller parts that will be easier for you to work with. Secondly, you need to prepare a few facts, examples, or quotes that are not mentioned in the original text to make these two articles less similar. Of course, you will need to conduct research and make sure that the facts or the examples (statistics, quotes, etc.) are suitable and complement the rest of the essay.

Rewrite one by one all the parts of the essay.

To do that you need to read the paper that you are working on first and then write down the information with your own words. Add the examples and facts that you have prepared and check the body of the essay – it should contain the supportive evidence for each of the claims and consist of at least three examples starting with the strongest one.

If you use this method, you will probably be able to write an essay fast, approximately 30 minutes or so. If you don’t have as much time, for example, if you need to have a completed essay in 15 minutes or less, check the following method.

Take Someone’s Essay

This is a risky method. It is the fastest way to get a completed essay but usually

the risk of getting caught on plagiarism is too high.

So, you can try to find an essay written by someone else to make it look like you have written it. All you need to do is to change the title page and make sure the rest of the paper doesn’t have anything that might point to another author.

It’s not the best way to complete your essay as you will hand in the work that doesn’t belong to you without the author’s permission. Of course, if you have any other option or have some time to edit the essay or rewrite it completely, you should do that. This way you will reduce the chances of being caught cheating, which could automatically result in zero credit or getting kicked out.

Wrapping Up

These are the fastest ways of completing your essay that we have gathered for you. Make sure to hand in the most original paper as possible. In this case, the best quality of paper and the highest uniqueness you will get is turning to a

professional writing team

and specifying all of the details about the work that you expect to get.

If you need help, you can

send your request here.