Dealing with Extreme Anxiety in College

Dealing with Extreme Anxiety in College

anxiety in college

Read the story of an anonymous student dealing with anxiety in college

I was that kind of person who was constantly nervous. My brain was always filled with regrets, duties, and a huge list of disappointments. I had to deal with stress and anxiety for as long as I can remember, and whereas high school was not such a great challenge for me, college became an entirely different story. I had no support from my family anymore, felt left on my own, and my totally underdeveloped sense of responsibility became my major weakness.

However, during the past educational year, I had to deal with different situations that earlier would have put me out of temper. As a result, this semester I know how to overcome my anxiety and change my attitude to many things so that now I feel more confident and happy.

First Tip on How to Overcome Anxiety: Accept Everything that You Are Feeling

Often, you do not need serious reasons to feel anxiety or be stressed. Repeating the words, “You are being unreasonable” only worsens the situation. So, whatever you feel is okay. Do not feel ashamed for these feelings.


This is a vital part of getting success in college. Just communicate with your mates. Share with them your feelings and describe what situation you are going through. These people will make every effort to help you find a way to get success in college.

Find Someone Who Can Convince You Everything Is Going to Be OK

As it was mentioned above, it is important to accept all your feelings without feeling shame. This helps control your emotions in some ways. However, it is also vital to have someone: a friend, relative or even a professor, who will objectively let you know when he/she thinks that you are overreacting. It may be hard to hear, but it will assist you to see things in perspective.

The more points you have in your to-do list, the less time you have to worry about trifles. This is one more way to control your emotions. Actually, this is just a short-term solution to a long-term problem, but it can really help in difficult situations.

Therefore, if you feel anxiety, want to overcome negative feelings, and learn how to control your emotions, try using the pieces of advice above. I hope they will help you to become a happier person.