Creative Writing Prompts Are Necessary Tools

April 15, 2020

Why Is It Necessary To Use Creative Writing Prompts

If you write or going to write fiction, you should know what a creative writing prompt is. A creative writing prompt is a phrase, word, object, etc. that is used to overcome a writer’s block. It happens that you may have no fresh ideas or just can’t think of anything. A creative writing prompt provides a certain impulse to a writer’s creativity and imagination to be able to start writing or continue the storyline.

A writing prompt is often a brief description of a fictional event or a scene that stimulates the author’s creativity and helps to enhance your writing.

You can use writing prompts in two cases: when you start writing and can’t think of good ideas and when you stuck in the middle of the story.

If your goal is to write better, you should understand the importance of everyday writing. Practice and develop your writing skills every single day! To boost your creativity and imagination, don’t hesitate to use creative writing prompts. They will be useful in any situation, whether you keep a diary or write a poem. You will get amazing ideas from them.

Creative writing prompts are good not only for fiction writers. Teachers can use them at school as well to teach children how to use their creativity correctly. To be able to share thoughts and ideas is a very important skill that has to be learned as soon as a child learns to speak.

Creative writing prompts are widely used by students. It’s empowering to be able to share something interesting with the reader. To practice writing, using creative writing prompts is beneficial if a student wants to be a writer or a journalist.

Creative writing prompts can also be used during writing courses to allow writers to jumpstart their writing process or to compare differences in styles.

Some authors’ most hated moments are those when they suddenly get stuck ‘in the middle of nowhere.’ That is called ‘writer’s block.’ Some people believe that it only happens with the most prolific and creative writers. Some even believe it some sort of witchcraft or curse. Many people say that there is no such thing as writer’s block. If you write, no matter what, you remember those terrific times when you were sitting in front of the screen and just couldn’t write a word. A minute goes after a minute, but nothing enters your mind.

Strangely enough, it happens haphazardly at irregular intervals. Most of the time, a writer has no problems with writing, but when the writer’s blocks start, they cannot write normally. During such periods, if you feel that your mind ‘has gone blank’ using creative writing may become the only method to wake up your creativity and bring it back to normal. Writing prompts give you new and original ideas that help you to start writing again.

A lot of authors use writing prompts to set their minds free from their writing block. Some writers create their prompts for themselves and to help other writers to stir their creativity.

How-to: Effective Ways to Use Creative Writing Prompts

Don’t feel that you are obliged to follow prompts exactly. It is a great starting point, but to follow it exactly isn’t at all necessary. When you begin to write, allow your thoughts and ideas to flow freely. If the prompt is offered for a particular genre, don’t limit yourself to use it only for that genre. For example, if the prompt is meant for historical novels, try to use it for science fiction. The main purpose of using prompts is to awaken your creative mind, so don’t restrict yourself from using prompts the way you think is appropriate.

When your mind starts generating ideas, write everything that enters your mind. Maybe not everything will make sense, and that is fine. There will be amazing ideas as well if you free your mind and don’t tie it to the prompt strictly.

Don’t think too much of what you write is correct. Your analytical part of the mind shouldn’t interrupt the process of your writing. Later you will edit what you’ve written.

Your writing won’t be superb at first. Several drafts might even seem awful to you. It’s ok if you make grammatical and spelling mistakes when you write your draft. It’s normal if the structure of sentences is rough and needs polishing.

Don’t expect your writing to be free from mistakes when you write your draft. Too much perfectionism won’t allow you to write. Sometimes it may even be the reason for a writer’s block. It’s necessary to correct mistakes, but you will do that later when you write your first draft, concentrate on writing your thoughts and ideas.

After you’ve written your thoughts and ideas during the free writing stage, it’s time to organize your ideas. You might later develop a short passage into another story. You might use several ideas for writing poems.

Underline or circle passages that you especially like. Some passages might not exactly fit into your writing. In this case, you should keep them somewhere for further usage.

When your poem or story is ready, take the time to check and proofread it. Correct all errors you come across, make sure your sentences are in proper order. You may read your story aloud and see if it sounds well or some parts sound strange. If the latter is true, you might need to rewrite such passages.

Make sure to show your work to someone who can give you an expert piece of advice and correct mistakes you have not seen.

To sum it up prompts serve as an impulse for creative processes when an author feels the lack of creative ideas during the writing. If you use them correctly, you will get enough inspiration to create a compelling literary masterpiece.

35 Creative Writing Prompts

  1. Write about your preferred drink.
  2. Write about the mystery that you had known when it was too late to undertake anything.
  3. Write about an insult that can make a person want to revenge.
  4. Reveal the mystery of an old mirror.
  5. Describe strange neighbors.
  6. Write about a mysterious stranger who takes a walk in the forest secretly.
  7. Describe a strange letter that the main character received.
  8. Write about a wonderful morning.
  9. Write how a pet helped to save the life of his master.
  10. Write about an unexpected telephone call that woke you up at nighttime.
  11. Describe something that bothers you right now.
  12. Write about your most happy moments.
  13. Write a story about two enemies who have become best friends.
  14. Write how two long-time friends grew to be worst enemies.
  15. Write about a miraculous find that connects several strangers.
  16. Describe wonderful music that woke up sleeping beauty and allowed her to get up from the coffin.
  17. Write the story of love that overcomes time and distance.
  18. Describe how a wonderful day influenced the mood of your character.
  19. Write a story about a conflict that was caused by misunderstanding and led to catastrophic consequences.
  20. Write how a simple act of kindness changed a person’s life.
  21. Write about the depressive mood of your character.
  22. Write a story about a miraculous escape from a witch.
  23. Describe your best day at school.
  24. Write how the character grew stronger because of obstacles.
  25. Write about the illness that made the person wicked.
  26. Write a story about unconditional love that brought a lot of happy occasions for many people.
  27. Describe what memories you would like to keep forever.
  28. Write how a decent person grew bitter because of an evil plot of his enemies.
  29. Write a story about how a person keeps being good despite hardships.
  30. Describe the meeting of two classmates, one of whom became influential and is ready to help to solve any problem.
  31. Write a story about how two sisters couldn’t find common ground.
  32. Write how a new movie that helped your character to resolve his dilemma.
  33. Write a condolence letter to all persons who lost their relatives because of coronavirus.
  34. Write about the unexpected telephone call that changed your character’s life.
  35. Write why your main character deserves to be respected.

To summarize it, if you are a beginning author, you are recommended to use creative writing prompts to stimulate your creativity and overcome writer’s block that periodically happens. There are a lot of websites on the internet offering both free and paid writing prompts; there are applications you can use that contain prompts. This creativity tool is highly recommended, and it can help you in your writing process. Hopefully, this article provides you with an idea of how to use creative writing prompts for your success.