Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For Students

Picking out essay topics is probably one of the hardest things about writing an essay, regardless of what sort it is. Particularly, when picking out compare and contrast essay topics, you have to choose ones which involve two ideas, concepts or stances. In addition, these two aspects need to have both similarities and differences that make for an interesting debate.

Hence, before you go about

compare and contrast essay introduction

(or a position paper, as these are known in some contexts), you should definitely invest time in choosing a great topic. You should also think about your position when it comes to the two concepts you’re writing about. Planning is an absolute must. Begin with an

outline for compare and contrast essay

so that you know how to segregate your content into the appropriate sections and how to make everything flow very smoothly.

If you’ve never attempted to write a piece of this sort, then don’t worry. You could always

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What Can I Compare And Contrast?

If you’re wondering how you would go about finding ideas and right

comparison transition words

, you’ve come to the right place. While most students wait until inspiration comes to them, we recommend you go searching for it.

Brainstorming is something that works quite often. So either grab a pen and a pad of paper or pull out a word document on your laptop and get ready to start jotting down topics that come to you. However, before you start, make sure you set some limits for yourself:

  • Write down only topics with two ideas or concepts involved.
  • The ideas or concepts should not be polar opposites and nor should they be identical.
  • Stick to fields or subjects that you know.
  • Set a time limit for the session.

This way, by the time you’re ready to start shortlisting, you’ll only have relevant and appropriate compare and contrast ideas to choose from.

Another way to come up with great ideas is to think about the requirements of the essay. Think about what your high school teacher or college lecturer expects from you. Have they specified a certain niche from which you have to choose your topic? For instance, an English Literature teacher/lecturer may ask you to stick to the realm of Shakespeare’s plays or a microbiology professor may ask that you stick to a certain class of pathogens.

Furthermore, you should also think about the required word count when choosing a topic. The higher the count, the harder it will be because you’ll need to pick a topic that has a broad amount of elements that you can elaborate on.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College

If you’re in college, you will most likely have to write a lot of these sorts of essays, especially if you’re enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts program. However, don’t let that thought intimidate you because we’re here to help. Here is a list of topics that you can use if you are in college, separated by a field:

Health and Medicine

  • Should Vaccinations be made mandatory?

  • The differences and similarities between osteopathic and allopathic medicine

  • Psychiatrist and Psychologists – are they the same?


  • The pros and cons of having robot workers.

  • Will the advancement of Artificial Intelligence be beneficial or disastrous to humans

  • The two sides of technology: advancement and over-dependency


  • Compare and contrast the styles of Mozart and Beethoven

  • Western vs. Eastern music

  • Is learning music theory an essential skill?

English Literature

  • Compare the themes present in Othello and Macbeth

  • Which was the greatest era for literature?

  • Modern poetry vs. Medieval poetry


  • Utilitarianism vs. Kantianism

  • Deontology vs. teleology

  • The relationship between religion and morality

Interesting Compare And Contrast Topics

If your field of study wasn’t mentioned above or you are not in college, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of interesting topics from a wide variety of subjects for you to choose from:

  • The pros and cons of attending college

  • The pros and cons of being a child celebrity

  • Conservatives and Liberals – what do they agree and disagree on?

  • Fascism versus Nazism

  • Monarchy versus elected government

  • Is college education a must for employment

  • First world countries versus third world countries

  • First World War versus Second World War

  • Capitalism versus Communism

  • Robots versus ‘enhanced’ humans

  • Genesis versus the Big Bang Theory

  • Owning a car versus using public transportation

  • Studying art versus studying science

  • Climate Change: real or hoax?

  • Will gun control be effective in the United States?

Funny Compare And Contrast Topics

Here are examples of some topics that have the potential to be humorous:

  • Pepsi versus Coke

  • Which is better: Christmas or Halloween?

  • Being a child versus ‘adulting.’

  • Brunch versus breakfast

  • Having a squad versus having one really close best friend

  • Men versus women

  • Owning a cat versus owning a dog

  • Should you marry your best friend, yes or no?

  • Expensive weddings versus a simple wedding

  • Playing video games versus playing outdoors

  • Extroverts versus introverts

  • Shorts versus pants

  • Hollywood versus Bollywood

  • Summer versus Winter

  • Who would win in an argument: Gordon Ramsey or Simon Cowell?

Easy Compare And Contrast Topics

Here are some topics that are easy to research and write about:

  • Living in poverty versus being rich

  • Being a morning person versus being a night owl

  • Which is better: coffee or tea?

  • Which is more effective: exercise or dieting?

  • Is minimalistic living better?

  • Facebook versus Twitter

  • Group study versus studying alone

  • Is homeschooling better?

  • Living in a city versus living in a suburb

  • Talent versus acquired skill

  • Seeing the doctor versus self-medicating

  • Smart work versus hard work

  • Living in the past versus living in the present

  • Blue collar versus white collar jobs

  • Loneliness versus sadness

Writing Tips For Good Compare And Contrast Essay

Now that you know how to pick a great topic, let’s take a look at these tips for writing the essay:

  • Let the reader know in the introduction what he/she can expect from the essay.
  • Make sure that you have a hook statement in the introduction that attracts the attention of the reader immediately.
  • When it comes to writing body paragraphs, follow this sequence: claim first, supportive evidence second and concluding statement last.
  • When writing the conclusion make sure you summarize the main points discussed in the essay.

By sticking to these tips, we’re confident that you’ll have an easier time writing essays in college. If you need any help, you are most welcome to get in contact with our professional writers.