Cold Water Intake Pros and Cons

Most people prefer to drink cold water to quench their thirst than warm water for various reasons. Coldwater is considered a better option for hydration and thirst than hot or warm water. In this article, we are going to have a look at the pros and cons of cold water intake.

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Pros of Cold Water Intake

Let’s first have a glance at the pros of cold water intake.

Getting more water in our diets can be more complex than simply taking cold water that you have access to. We also need to consider things such as the temperature of what we are drinking and water is beneficial for our bodies regardless of its temperature. It is also important to note that it can have different effects depending on hot or cold water. Here are some advantages of cold water over hot water and you can use this in your daily life.

1) Lower The Temperature of The Overall Body

Drinking water is one of the healthy activities to refresh your body. It helps to cool your body down after an extreme workout or intense day in the sun. In fact, during those times when you need to lower the temperature of your body and failure to do so can result in overexertion and heart stroke putting your overall body at serious risk.

Moreover, lowering your temperature is an effective way to reduce high fever and body better combat diseases.

2) Boost Immune System

Coldwater also supports your immune system by bulking up your red and white blood cells. This helps to maintain a balance between red and white blood cells and allows them to better withstand things like diseases and infections.

Thickening your blood also makes this process easier for the body to carry out nutrients. This creates a solid supply of fuel for you when you are sick. We also understand that cold water helps you to do something productive throughout the day.

3) Raised Energy and Alertness

Nothing is as good as drinking a glass of cool water and keeps you alert throughout the day. The shock of cold water in your system promotes the production of adrenaline and also snaps you out of the drowsy haze in a flesh. Best of all, the alertness you gain from cold water does not lead you to crash as caffeine does.

4) Coldwater Makes You Happy

It also stimulates the orbit frontal cortex of the brain and it is veering a little track off but if ice cream can make you happy then we will wager ice water can too.

5) Burn your Calories

If you take bath in a shower, your body instantly works to get it back to its normal temperature and your metabolism state can increase up to 550 percent of its resting level and you burn calories in the process. Intake of cold water is also thought to have a similar effect so if you don’t want to be under ice water, at least try supping it.

6) Gives Your Skin Glow and Skinny Hair

Hot water strips your skin of essential oils. On the other hand, cold water does the opposite. It also gives you a healthy glow by encouraging blood to rush back to the skin surface. Moreover, there is the unpopular belief it does not makes pores smaller.

It takes a brave soul to wash your hair in cold water. Coldwater gives you a sensible and shiny soul and makes pores smaller and it is set in all genes but two out of three are not bad.

7) Wakes You Up and Eases Pain

And not just in the comedy bucket in the face sort of way and cold water activates cold sensors under one skin. It also increases our heart rate and adds a surge of adrenaline to give you that glow and alive body.

It makes you feel more alive by cleverly distracting your brain from niggling aches. It can last long term too and sportsmen and women sit in ice baths after matches. Coldwater reduces flow to the muscles before taking them out of ice and allows them to fill back with new and less lactic acid-filled blood.

8) Boosts your Sexual Life

Forget all about nonsense stuff and about things hating up, you need to be cooling it down. Intake of cold water is thought to improve levels of sex hormones testosterone and estrogen.

Cons of Cold Water Intake

Now let’s switch towards the cons of cold water intake.

We all know that water is very important for the human body especially taking 8 glasses daily. Most of us drink cold water after returning from work and especially during summer to quench our thirst. It’s time to discuss the harmful effects of drinking cold water.

1) Effects on your Digestion

One of the main reasons for drinking cold water is that it has a serious effect on your digestion. It is observed that chill water as well as some cold beverages contract blood vessels. Moreover, it also restricts digestion and the natural process of absorbing nutrients is hindered when you consume ice water.

Your body focus is diverting from digestion to regulating the body. When you consume anything, your body needs to spend extra energy to regulate the body temperature. Extra energy is necessary for digestion and also absorbs nutrients.

2) Shocks your Body

Drinking water after a workout is strenuous and is strictly avoided. Many people make mistakes of drinking cold water and then they have to bear the consequences. According to gym experts, it is advisable to drink hot water after a workout. If you drink cold water, there is a temperature mismatch that affects your body.

Your body also finds it difficult to drink cold water after work out and drinking cold water after a workout leads to chronic stomach pain.

3) Leads to Dehydration

Instead of working to digest the food and absorb the nutrients to create energy, your body energy needs to regulate your temperature.


Reduced immunity, fat solidification, increases toxins, increases pain, and promotes indigestion are some important cons of taking cold water. Before you drink cold water, must have a look at all pros and cons of taking cold water.