Car Ideas for an Awesome Labor Day

Car Ideas for an Awesome Labor Day

Hey there, amazing Florida! Are you planning for an awesome outing with your friend or probably want to make the Labor Day a perfect occasion for a family reunion? After a little search and information digging, we have found some thrilling ideas to make your event unforgettable. Florida has lots of perfect places for picnics and recreation. Ready to go?

Parks you can find in Florida

Ginnie Springs Outdoors/ FL

Located some two hours away from Jacksonville, Orlando or Tallahassee, and mere 40 minutes away from Gainesville, the park Ginnie Springs Outdoors rests on the bank of Santa Fe River of High Springs. It’s a great place for outdoor camping, picnics, sightseeing or even taking a dip in the alluring water. You can even opt for scuba diving classes to explore the underwater life of the river and its springs.

Crest Lake Park/ Clearwater, FL

This is a dream place for those who love fishing and combine it with a picnic. Or for people who enjoy having kids around. There’s more to it for nature lovers ­ a dog park. So, if you have you furry friend with you, let it be a place where there is enough room, sunshine, and exercise for everybody!

Lettuce Lake Regional Park/ Tampa, FL

What doesn’t this park only have? A variety of choices goes from BBQ grill and picnic shelters to playgrounds, fishing docks, nature, hiking trails, campgrounds, etc. You will always find something to do once you get here. The Labor Day can become a pleasant and rewarding experience after a busy week, so you can just restore your energy in natural surroundings while enjoying recreation activities in the company of your family or friends.

Washington Oaks Gardens/ Palm Coast, FL

Some 425 acres of splendid coastal scenery has managed to remain untouched and resist the toll of rural development. The energizing atmosphere of the oaks trees, a gorgeous shoreline with some fascinating rock outcrops complemented with a garden and a park makes it an ideal destination for a photo shoot, wedding ceremonies or just leisure activities.

Spreading into the Daytona Beach area, the boardwalk in the refreshing shade of the park leads visitors into the world that is home to the birds of prey, armadillos, raccoons, and many others. It is a pristine land spreading across some 52 acres and you can also see the park and its surroundings from a bird’s eye view.