Canadian Identity Essay: 20 Essay Topics and Writing Guide

Canadian identity has become increasingly important to many Canadians over the last fifty years. Canada is a large, diverse country with its own traditions, culture, and history. However, due to a large number of foreigners, including Americans, its culture and people are associated with the United States. The reason is straightforward.

The United States is Canada’s largest and closest neighbor. The main reason for writing an essay on Canadian identity is self-evident. You must demonstrate that Canada differs significantly from the United States and that such a thing as Canadian identity exists.

Your task, however, is not so simple. To write an effective Canadian identity essay, you must be well-versed in a variety of topics. But, before you go any further, don’t forget to bookmark our home page.

Now, let us return to our essay on Canadian identity.



  1. 📜 Learn More About the History of Canada
  2. ❓ What Defines one as a True Canadian?
  3. 💡 Issues to Include in Your Canadian Identity Essay
  4. 📑 21 Essay Topics on Canadian Identity

📜 Learn More About the History of Canada

To begin, it is necessary to understand the fundamental historical facts about Canada:

  1. Investigate the period prior to the arrival of the British and French. Discover more about the identity of First Nations peoples.
  2. The conflict between the First Nations and New France. How did Aboriginals and French settlers get along?
  3. Investigate the Colonial Canada period, when New France became a British possession.
  4. Investigate the period between 1867 and WWI, when British prestige and power were at their pinnacle. During this time, Canada gained independence, albeit with certain constraints.
  5. Look into the interwar period and how it affected Canadians’ sense of nationhood.
  6. Investigate Canada’s post-World War II identity crisis. How did the bipolar world and the dominance of the United States affect Canadians?
  7. Learn more about the 1982 transition from the British North America Act to the Canadian Constitution.

Second, in order to write good essays on Canadian identity, you must be aware of current policy in this area. We strongly advise you to research Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s 2007 proposal as well as his accomplishments:

  1. Canada’s successful recovery from the 2007-2008 financial crisis
  2. Tax cuts, federal spending cuts, and Harper’s own pension
  3. The actual sexual consent age
  4. The launch of the Maternal Health Initiative
  5. Increase the penalties for violent criminals.
  6. Job growth over the last few decades
  7. Canada was named one of the best places in the world to do business.
  8. The EU-Canada Free Trade Agreement resulted in an increase in new job openings.

❓ What Defines one as a True Canadian?

Before you begin writing your national identity essay, you have to consider how Canadians distinguish themselves.

The Pew Research Center conducted a survey titled “What It Takes to Truly Be ‘One of Us'” in 2016. It drew 14,514 participants from 14 countries.

According to the survey results, the ability to speak French or English, as well as share Canadian traditions and customs, are the most important aspects of Canadian identity.

Only 21% of respondents believe that being born in Canada is required to be a Canadian.


At the same time, being a Christian is only important to 15% of those polled. Moreover, nearly half of Canadians polled said that religion has no bearing on their national identity.


💡 Issues to Include in Your Canadian Identity Essay

What are some other issues that should be introduced in Canadian identity essays? What aspects will make your Canadian essay really strong and complete?

  • Essays on Canadian identity should highlight the basic characteristics of the national identity (bicultural nature of the country, historical experience, social structure and policy, geophysical factors and so on).
  • In your essay on Canadian identity, you can make a special emphasis on the period after the World War I. It was the period of Canadian identity crisis.
  • Essays on Canadian identity can take a form of a compare and contrast essay. You will have to define similarities and differences between Canadians and Americans.

Sure, there are still lots of problems to explore in your assignment. But if you’re struggling with topic ideas, we’re here to help you!

📑 21 Essay Topics on Canadian Identity

So, we’ve compiled a list of topic ideas for your essay on Canadian identity. Simply select one of them and begin writing!

  1. The Canadian people. Who exactly are they? Try to learn interesting facts about Canadians.
  2. Canadian literature and its impact on national identity. Investigate how Canadian writers contributed to the formation of national identity.
  3. Traditional Canadian cuisine. Learn more about the cuisine of the area. You could look into how indigenous traditions influenced current food preferences.
  4. Present-day social issues in Canada. Investigate major issues in social life and make recommendations for how to solve them. Give a few examples of Canadian social norms.
  5. I’m proud to be Canadian. What distinguishes Canada? Why are Canadians proud to call themselves citizens of this country? Explain Canada as a country.
  6. Canada’s cultural diversity. How do ethnic groups in Canada shape their culture? Give some examples of multiculturalism.
  7. Hockey culture in Canada. Why do Canadians enjoy this game so much? Investigate the history of hockey in Canada.
  8. United States vs. Canada. What exactly does “meanwhile in Canada” mean? Discover the cultural differences between the United States and Canada.
  9. Notable Canadians who have made a difference. Make a list of Canadian influencers and their contributions to the modern world.
  10. Customs and traditions in Canada If you intend to use this topic, look for interesting facts about Canadian culture. What are some examples of Canadian values?
  11. Canada as a symbol of liberty. How did Canada achieve its independence? What were the requirements for this? Investigate the events that shaped Canada.
  12. Things that are stereotypically Canadian. Make a list of Canadian stereotypes and provide confirmation or refutation for each.
  13. Religion in Canada. What are Canada’s major religions? What impact do they have on its internal policies?
  14. Characteristics of Canadians What distinguishes Canadians from other countries? Consider how you would respond to the question, “What makes you Canadian?” if you were/are Canadian.
  15. Identity of crisis in Canada. Return to history to learn about its premises and outcomes.
  16. The British culture in Canada. For centuries, Canada was under British control. Examine how this fact influenced the formation of modern Canadian culture. You might also be interested in learning more about Canadian cultural symbols.
  17. Immigration laws in Canada. What impact does immigration have on Canadian identity? Investigate immigration trends and prospects.
  18. Canada’s cultural regions number
  19. Learn more about the cultural diversity of the provinces of Canada. What is the source of the cultural differences between provinces?
  20. Canada is the best place to live. This is a good topic for a future argumentative essay. To find supporting evidence, you may need to look through the most recent surveys and rankings.
  21. Music culture in Canada. What sets Canadian music apart from that of other countries? Discover more about well-known Canadian singers and musicians. Who exactly are they?
  22. Aboriginal peoples and their place in Canadian identity. Learn more about indigenous people’s history. Examine the treaty relationships that exist between the First Nations of North America and Europeans. What role did Aboriginal people play in shaping Canadian culture?

So working on your Canadian identity essay will be a lot of fun. Even so, without a lot of background information, it can be difficult. So, get ready for it and start gathering sources for a powerful essay on Canadian identity!

Which city in Canada would you prefer to live in if you could? Tell us in the comments section below, along with a brief explanation of why.


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