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If you haven’t paid for papers, you must be contemplating doing so. For a student, the epitome of academic excellence is top-notch quality papers, an inevitable truth that can’t be avoided. But, it is not every day that learners score high marks, which is why I decided to take my chances with a custom writing company.

My online search for paper writers for hire pulled up bid4papers. You must be wondering how things turned out, especially my experience with the company. Well, look no further – in this review for, I share my story. Take a look at the next sections as I break it down into specifics.

How Much Do They Charge?

You would have guessed right. Every student is mindful about expenses because there is not enough money in their pockets. I did not want to pay a lot of money or get poorly written papers.  While bid4papers is a company that operates on free market policy where clients and writers negotiate prices on equal terms, the fact that it lacks a discount policy is startling.

Students love to negotiate, which is okay, but if they cannot enjoy loyalty bonuses and seasonal discounts on orders, students would opt for options like our site which provides lucrative prices.  The terms of negotiation by this company revolve around the number of pages, deadline, and type of papers and complexity. I found this rather unsatisfactory because if the agency allows for negotiation, parameters for price determination shouldn’t exist.

There is a table indicating that essay write-ups on literature topics start from $35 for two pages for a 7-day deadline. Simply put, you pay an average of $14 per page, which is quite unreasonable given that writing services like our site do not cost more than $10 a page. For a tight deadline, doing a research paper needed in the next 48 hours, you part with up to $300, which in my opinion is very high.

How Would I Rate Quality at Bid4papers?

Well, the fact that students negotiate with writers at bid4papers means I can land the cheapest offer. But, come to think about it, how would that translate to overall quality? It is a question that kept bogging my mind down. So I settled on a higher price bargain in the belief that it is a guarantee for the best.

My paper was of good quality and timely because I didn’t want to bargain bitterly lest I end up with shoddy work. However, when I later compared it with what got with another order from our site, the latter surpassed my expectations.

Are You Safe Paying For An Order At Bid4papers?

Making payments online can be a huge risk, especially when you have to use a channel whose safety is not guaranteed. That aside, students who pay for papers online, including me, always want to remain anonymous. Thus, while I was placing my order, I wanted to be sure that confidentiality matters are taken seriously. I paid securely via Visa, MasterCard, and other modes on the site, however, the fact that bid4papers does not state how safe your identity calls for caution.

Advantages Of The Service

Apart from requesting for a write-up on wide-ranging subjects at bid4papers, there are many other merits of choosing it for your paper writing needs such as the following:

  • The service is legit as there are no reported scam incidences.
  • You choose from a large pool of writers, thus the platform provides an interactive working relationship between a customer and a writer.
  • Negotiations often give way to discounts.
  • There are different payment methods to choose for your convenience.

Disadvantages of

Taking note of my review my experience was not without disappointments which I summarize below:

  • The existence of duplicate companies of bid4papers got me worried about the safety of my identity.
  • The money-back guarantee policy is a bureaucratic process.
  • You get what you pay for, which means low prices are likely going to get you poorly written papers – something that complicates future claims for refunds.
  • Quality bids attract high prices, but not all students can afford it.
  • There is no discount feature on the website.

In a nutshell, Bid4papers will meet your expectations for cheap papers, but cheap papers will likely raise issues with plagiarism, poor grammar, and poor formatting. You need to pay quite the premium to guarantee quality which is a risk in itself. It is why, after my experience with the company, and trying many others, I recommend our site. All information in

our site review

. And be sure, it’s trustworthy and provides quality papers, not to mention their pricing strategy is impressive.