Best Weekend Getaways from NYC

Best Weekend Getaways from NYC

weekend gateways from nyc

While NYC is one of the most wished-for destinations for many people, New Yorkers at times crave to get out of it. It does not mean that they do not love their city – the thing is that everyone should have some rest from his/her place of residence. While making plans for going somewhere, it is important to decide for yourself whether you want some calm and relaxing getaway or, on the other hand, some active one. So, if you need a piece of advice on where you could go at the weekend, our tips are just the thing for you.

The following is the list of the best weekend getaways from NYC:

  1. Cooperstown, NY

Although Cooperstown is famous as a baseball venue, it has far more to offer. It is a perfect place for beer lovers: with its four brewhouses, it attracts really many people to spend weekend there. Make sure you visit Brewery Ommegang, where you can treat yourself with six different sorts of beer for $5.

  1. Phoenicia, NY

This is a perfect place for nature-lovers and everyone fond of art festivals, mountain hikes, and camping. Here you will find numerous outdoor activities as well as places where to go shopping and drink tasty coffee. Besides, the city boasts the largest kaleidoscope in the world.

  1. Gloucester, MA

If you belong to that group of people who do not miss out on a chance to try some delicious things when travelling, Gloucester is a perfect venue for you because it has numerous bars and restaurants. This place is especially recommended for seafood lovers as some restaurants offer daily menus of local seafood.

  1. Bear Mountain, NY

If you are sick and tired of the hustle and noise of the NYC and longing for relaxation, Bear Mountain is your perfect escape from this big city madness. Visit the central park, where you can enjoy your picnic, cycling or hiking. Apart from that, you may also be interested in visiting a zoo, a swimming pool or taking a walk to the mountains.

  1. North Fork, L.I.

This place is located in the countryside, which is actually a farmland, where you can try local beer, wine, as well as enjoy live music and fresh food.

Hopefully, the list of quieter places than the NYC has helped you to make your choice. So, find some nice music you will enjoy during your trip and hit the road!