Best Vacation Spots in the South

Best Vacation Spots in the South

11 Best Vacation Spots in the South

If you’re still looking for some impressive vacation places, head for the South. It does have something unique to offer. Check out our list of beautiful places in the Southern US.

Beautiful Places to Visit in South US

White Sands National Monument, NM

It’s a white desert with dunes made up of gypsum. An interesting thing is that the desert doesn’t heat up in the sun. The sand is cold to the touch even during blistering heat.

Oak Alley Plantation, LA

It’s a sugar cane plantation. It has this long, oak-lined alley that leads to a mansion with its towering pillars. Dating back to the 18


century, the oak trees turned into the mighty guardians of the valley.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, TX

It’s a leading hiking area with pristine nature at every turn. Beware of cacti and succulents with their prickly thorns as they can seriously spoil your outing.

The Swamps – All of Them

A bunch of swamps is one of the symbols of the South. These are rich ecosystems that offer you a relaxing trip in a kayak where you can enjoy wildlife viewing.

The Everglades, FL

If you’re attracted to swaps, the Everglades should be your primary holiday destination. Have a chance to observe

  • alligators lazing around;

  • birds singing their songs;

  • lush prairie of grass.

The French Quarter in New Orleans, LA

It’s the city’s neighborhood with the spirit of old times. You can roam the streets and observe fascinating buildings while listening to the peaceful sounds produced by a brass band.

The UFO Museum, NM

Explore the world of little grey-green men. A number of newspaper clippings, interviews, and eyewitness accounts will make you believe that this world does exist.

The State Capitol, TX

With its unique underground extension, this piece of architecture is a must-see tourist attraction. Besides, it’s the tallest capitol in the USA.

The Louisiana and Mississippi Coastline

LA and Mississippi highways are right alongside the ocean and golden beaches. There are also tiny villages and communities nearby that are made up of brightly painted houses.

Key West, FL

Key West is a town in the Florida Keys, a tropical archipelago. Visit Smathers Beach and sample some local cuisine or wander through the town, admiring conch houses and historic mansions.

Kennedy Space Center, FL

If you’re willing to explore space, get acquainted with the space agency, and see a real shuttle, the Kennedy Space Center should be a number one place in your itinerary.

Set out to explore ten amazing vacation places in the South. Don’t forget to bring a buoyant mood with you!