Best 99 Topic Ideas For Your Analytical Essay

Do you know what an analytical essay is? Many students have no idea what it is even though it is a common task. We are going to give you the answers you have been looking for with some effective tips and good examples of analysis essay topics.

This type of essay requires a student to define a problem, analyze it, make a certain argument related to the topic, and support it with valid evidence. It teaches you vital skills such as how to think critically and conduct an objective analysis.

There are several analytical papers that primarily differ by the object of the analysis – for example, you can be assigned to analyze a phenomenon, movie, book, problem, etc. The structure will be similar, therefore, the only difference is the context you provide.

How To Choose An Effective Topic For An Analysis Essay?

Choosing a good topic is the first thing that comes to mind of a college student who needs to

writing an analytical essay

. An analytical essay topic that is engaging and effective is important.

Whether you have to do an analytical paper or were assigned to write an analysis essay, choosing a good topic is the first thing you should tackle as it directly influences the quality and context of your work. It also affects how well you disclose the topic, and how engaging your paper will be. Therefore, you have to choose analytical essay topics for college carefully.

How to make the right choice? Find some of the tips below:

  1. Define your objectives before you make a choice
  2. Keep the purpose of writing in mind
  3. Within your discipline, choose something you not only know but also are interested in
  4. Analyze the topic you’ve selected before you start writing
  5. Ensure your theme is neither too broad or narrow
  6. Make sure you have enough topic-related material to work with
  7. Ensure your theme is clear
  8. Don’t choose uncommon topics, they often turn out to be too complicated
  9. Don’t reuse a topic unless you can reflect on it from a different position

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Ideas For An Analytical Essay For Every College Student

Are you looking for great ideas? Then check out the list of 99 good

critical analysis essay

topics and analysis essay topics we have prepared for you:

Topics On Society

  1. Inequality: is this an issue we can’t avoid?

  2. The popularity of graffiti and street art and the reasons behind it

  3. Video games for children: the pros and cons

  4. Is any form of addiction a disease or a personal choice?

  5. Does the size of a body affect a person’s quality of life?

  6. Why is doping a big issue in sports?

  7. Single parenting: how it affects the psychological and physical wellbeing of a child in the modern world?

  8. Ways of finding a balance between family life and career in dual-career families

  9. Essay on Buy nothing day: is it still actual in 2019?

  10. Main distinctive features in communication between different genders

  11. What are the cons of changing gender roles?

Good Topics On Personality

  1. Are personality and upbringing related?

  2. What are the reasons for personality disorders?

  3. Peer pressure and its influence on teenagers’ personalities

  4. Different forms of addiction among teens

  5. How does a family model affect a person’s personality?

  6. Gambling addiction: causes and consequences

  7. Reasons why young people show a tendency for substance abuse

  8. Why are some people more or less prone to peer pressure?

  9. What is the role of teachers in the formation of a child’s personality?

Analytical Essay Topics On Education And School

  1. Pros and cons of a school uniform

  2. Bullying in schools

  3. Lack of funding for schools from poor neighborhoods

  4. Importance of sex education

  5. The role of school authorities

  6. Ways of improving the standards of education

  7. Are tests in school important? Why?

  8. For and against college tuition cancellation

  9. Importance of art education

  10. Does higher education guarantee a higher quality of life?

Popular Topics On Literature

  1. Analyze a book’s main character

  2. Evaluate the mood of a story

  3. Make an analysis of a book’s significance and value

  4. Analyze the historical context of a work

  5. Analyze the cultural context of a work

  6. Analyze a book’s main idea

  7. Make an analysis of the key events from a book

  8. Analyze the evidence provided in a book

  9. What message does the author convey in his or her book?

  10. How did the author’s background affect his or her art?

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An analytical essay is based on facts and analysis. Usually, it does not contain opinion, rather the student will write an analysis based on the information they find. You will create an argument and reinforce it with sound reasoning to draw a conclusion. Try some of these analytical essay topics.

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Movies And Entertainment Topic Ideas

  1. Should kids watch TV shows?

  2. The effects of horror movies on child psychology

  3. Examples of helpful movies/TV shows for children

  4. Examples of harmful movies/TV shows for children

  5. Should historical movies be a part of the educational process?

  6. Assess a movie based on a book

  7. Advantages of movies over books

  8. Disadvantages of movies over books

  9. Analyze TV shows based on true events

  10. Analyze movies based on true events

Nature And Animals Essay Topics

  1. Cons of testing on animals

  2. Therapeutic effects of nature

  3. Should testing on animals be prohibited worldwide?

  4. Why are dogs loyal?

  5. Do trees and plants have consciousness?

  6. Reasons why some animals can be trained while others can’t

  7. Reasons why certain microbes are harmful or useful

  8. Reasons why pets are therapeutic for kids

  9. Should small kids live with animals?

  10. Do dogs really hate cats?

10 Essay Topics On Health

  1. Pros of health insurance

  2. Cons of health insurance

  3. Pros and cons of adopting universal price controls on medicine

  4. Influence of music on health

  5. The efficiency of health coverage

  6. Importance of relationships between stakeholders and health practitioners

  7. Pros of buying cheaper generic drugs outside the US

  8. How family stability affects children’s health?

  9. Does music have health benefits?

  10. Does art therapy work?

Equality Topics List

  1. Higher crime level in poor neighborhoods

  2. The relationship between poverty and future income

  3. Pros and cons of district zoning

  4. Does district zoning ensure poor people’s financial security?

  5. Should we free the poor from taxes?

  6. Should we have equal rights for immigrants and citizens?

  7. The influence of poverty on different areas

  8. Ways of fighting inequality

  9. The influence of equality on economics

  10. Should children be taught equality in schools?

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Youth And Teens Essay Topics

  1. Influence of mass media on youth

  2. Influence of social networks on youth

  3. Influence of video games on youth

  4. The role of teachers and parents in youths independence and personality formation

  5. Reasons for cyberbullying

  6. How can we eliminate bullying?

  7. How to deal with rude teens?

  8. The effect of family stability on teens’ ability to cope with problems outside their homes

  9. How parents affect youths behavior?

  10. How to fight addiction issues among youth?

Essay Topics On Crime

  1. Are gangs real?

  2. Ways of tackling gang behavior

  3. Factors that influence increased crime levels in different areas

  4. The effectiveness of harsh penalties against white-collar crime

  5. What causes criminal behavior?

  6. How to lower crime rates?

  7. Biased attitude towards gang members

  8. The role of mass media in crime development

  9. The effect of gangs on modern society

  10. How does family structure influence youth crime?

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