85 Unique Argumentative Essay Topics and How to Choose One


Argumentative essays are used to prove the validity of an argument, thereby converting theory into fact. It is often obvious if the writer has taken the time to develop their argument. To maximize clarity, experienced writers develop their own set of principles. Any argument’s validity is dependent on its source material. Simple problems may necessitate a more straightforward approach. When dealing with contentious issues, it’s best to have a variety of sources to fall back on.

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of academic paper in which you present arguments (claims) on both sides of a particular topic. Both teams could be evenly matched, or one could be dominant. The tone of the paper is determined by the writer’s attitude toward the observed issue.

The primary function of an argumentative paper is to present a case to the readers in a convincing manner in order to persuade them to change their minds if they hold a different opinion than the writer. The goal is to present the entire picture.

According to experts, there are three types of argumentative writing:

  • Toulmin model

This paper will require an introduction that includes a thesis statement, followed by background information supported by evidence gathered from sources. A writer must list the reasons for supporting the central argument as well as the rebuttals.

  • Rogerian model

Unlike the previous model, this one requires weighing both alternatives, listing the pros and cons of each, and providing advice after thorough evaluation.

  • Classical model

The writer must introduce the problem, provide a personal solution, and attempt to persuade the audience that this particular solution is correct.. The idea is to make the readers care about the suggested topic.

How to Pick Out the Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Finding good topics for an argumentative essay isn’t like looking for a needle in a haystack if you follow a few basic guidelines.

Many contentious argumentative essay topics are rife with prejudice. They frequently have an unspoken goal of proving previously assumed facts. It is always critical to understand both sides when writing an essay. Choose a topic about which you are largely uninterested.

The basic guidelines to follow when selecting ideas to discuss in your work are as follows:

  • Think about issues of your interest. Make certain that you are well-versed in the chosen topic. Can you express your thoughts on it?
  • Follow the recent trends. Enter some keywords into Google Trends’ search field to see what issues related to your topic are being actively discussed.
  • Check access to primary & secondary sources. Surf the web to see if you can find enough credible sources for your piece.
  • Avoid themes with a broad/general focus. Because the number of words or pages limits the length of the research paper, choose a topic that is narrow and specific.
  • Stay away from the emotionally-charged subjects. Staying calm and sober with judgments is essential in argumentative writing.
  • Consider the target audience. Consider the people you want to reach. Would they agree with your point of view, or would it spark a debate?
  • Brainstorm the final list of ideas. Discuss the final list of potential topics. Choose the idea that the majority of people will support.
  • Take a risk. Choosing a contentious issue entails some risk, but if a writer can prove a personal point of view, he or she will receive the highest grade!
  • Take your experience into account. How well do you understand the subject? Did you have a relevant story to tell?

Tip from EssayPro Expert: It is recommended that a writer be interested in the subject they cover, but the argument they present should not be one that they accept as true.”

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Every day, there are topics that are discussed and debated. It is not uncommon for the majority of them to be barred from classrooms for being cliche. If you believe you have some new insights on the subject, try to persuade your teacher to let you do it.

  • Should Guns Be Legalized?
  • Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized?
  • Should Abortion Be Legalized?
  • Is Gay Marriage Legal in the United States?
  • Should ‘They’ Reduce the Legal Drinking Age?

Middle School

Teachers engage middle-school students in the debate to expose them to high-school level writing. These middle school argumentative essay topics frequently address the fairness of school rules as well as alternative curricula.

  • Should School Dress Codes Be Enforced?
  • Should Teachers Give Students Less Homework?
  • Is a Music Class Required?
  • Traditional vs. homeschooling.
  • What Is the Importance of Arts Education?

High School

Argumentative essays are most rewarding in high school and teach students to consider all sides of an issue. Here are some examples of high school argumentative essay topics.

  • Should Drug Testing Be Performed on High School Students?
  • Prohibiting the use of offensive language in classical literature in schools.
  • What Is the World’s Greatest Invention?
  • Should Your Clothes Define You?
  • Should Sex Education Be Included in School Curriculums?

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

Did you know that Barack Obama only finished paying off his student loans during his second year in office? The worth of a college education is being called into question now more than ever. Argumentative essay topics for college necessitate a focus on current events.

  • When Do Halloween Costumes Become Excessive?
  • Should Businesses Collect Users’ Personal Information?
  • When Does Comedy Become Excessive or Offensive?
  • What Can the College Admissions Scandal Teach Us About Society?
  • How Close Are We to a ‘Black Mirror’ Situation?
  • In favor of or opposed to allowing students to bring firearms to college.
  • Are Schools Doing Enough to Combat Cyberbullying?
  • Should school newspapers be peer-reviewed before publication?
  • Do Schools Encourage Students’ Creativity?
  • Is it unethical to take Adderall to study?
  • Has the Internet rendered college education obsolete?
  • Is it fair to evaluate a student’s potential based on their SAT score?
  • Are Some Colleges Overvalued Due to Their Historical Importance?
  • Should the cost of college be determined by the degree earned?
  • Should College Admissions Officers Check Applicants’ Social Media Pages?

Argumentative Essay Topics by Category

We’ve selected a few topics from popular fields of study. Feel free to tackle any of the topics on the list, or better yet, use this list as inspiration to find your own topic of interest. If you require additional assistance, we have hundreds of essay writers available to assist you.

Social Media

While some people find social media to be a necessary part of their daily lives, others suffer from procrastination as a direct result. It has undoubtedly influenced critical political decisions and established social media as a significant and relevant field of study.

  • Is Instagram causing people to become more narcissistic?
  • Why Are Female Nipples Banned on Social Media?
  • Is Fake News Risky?
  • Is it necessary for social media to play a role in education?
  • How Should Social Media Platforms Deal With Online Bullying?
  • Is Anonymous Social Media Risky?
  • Is Correct Punctuation Necessary on Social Media?
  • Should Social Media Companies Pay Users for Their Privacy?
  • Should Businesses Fire Customers for Inappropriate Social Media Behavior?
  • Should Facebook Have a ‘Dislike’ Button?

TV, Movies, Video Games

Hollywood generates a lot of content. It’s no surprise that a lot of it isn’t thoroughly tested before being released. As a result, students begin to question the industry’s promotion of harmful stereotypes. There are numerous unique essay topics available here.

  • Is Sexual Harassment Romanticized in Hollywood Films?
  • Does American television reflect the country’s diversity?
  • Should Cybersports Be Classified as Sports?
  • Is it true that violence in video games causes children to be violent?
  • Is the Gaming Industry Sexist?
  • What Characteristics Characterize a Good Children’s Cartoon?
  • Do Hollywood Movies Promote a Specific Set of Values?
  • Can Good Commercials Be Called Works of Art?
  • Why Do There Seem to Be So Few Female Filmmakers?

Music, Literature, Art

Is music now merely a form of entertainment as a result of digitization? There is plenty of room for debate when it comes to music argumentative essay topics. They address issues of authenticity, which can be relevant in the fields of literature and art as well.

  • Is It Good or Bad That Modern Pop Music Is Recyclable?
  • When Does ‘Borrowing’ Become ‘Stealing’ in Music?
  • Should Explicit Language in Classic Literature Be Filtered in the Same Way That Explicit Language in Pop Song Lyrics Is Filtered?
  • Should Banksy Be Considered an Artist?
  • Are Libraries Still Required?
  • Does Rap Qualify as Music?
  • Is Graffiti An Art Form?
  • Is it permissible to display art in public spaces?
  • Should Society Encourage Aspiring Artists?
  • Is Modern Art Eternal?
  • Are Mark Rothko Paintings Expensive?

Health Argumentative Essay Topics

It can feel like a significant accomplishment to refrain from eating sugar or drinking alcohol. Living a healthy lifestyle is something that some people take great pride in. This trend is being capitalized on by online health blogs and web stores, so let’s look at health care argumentative essay topics.

  • Are anti-smoking advertisements effective or too upsetting?
  • Should Universities Punish Students Who Drink?
  • Is 21 a Legal Drinking Age?
  • Should the government conduct a review of nutritional guidelines and menu compositions for school feeding programs?
  • Are models overly thin?
  • Should the government regulate the amount of sugar in sugary products?

Science and Technology

Historically, space exploration has resulted in significant technological advances. Did you know that during the Moon Landing programs, velcro and microwaves were invented? Here are some argumentative essay topics about science and technology that are relevant to everyday life.

  • Is Human Chipping an Irrational Idea?
  • Should We Be Concerned About Climate Change?
  • Should the development of nuclear weapons be prohibited on a global scale?
  • Is It Ethical to Use Science to Slow Aging?
  • When Is It Okay to Use Technology to Manipulate the Human Body?


Animal testing has resulted in numerous advancements in fields such as medicine and cosmetics. However, from a moral standpoint, this method is frequently questioned. Argumentative essays about animals and their rights raise a number of ethical concerns.

  • Ethical Concerns Regarding Genetically Engineered Animals
  • Do Animal Rights Concerns Apply to Insects?
  • Should Animal Zoos Be Improved or Banned?
  • Argue for or against the prohibition of animals in circuses.
  • Is it true that safari parks are superior to zoos?
  • Ethical Issues Concerning the Use of Technology to Change Animals or Bugs


Argumentative writing and public speaking are essential skills to cultivate if you want to maintain equilibrium in this turbulent world. Poverty, democracy, infrastructure, and foreign policy are among the most hotly debated topics in the field. It would be especially pertinent in this day and age to delve into argumentative essay topics on immigration.

  • What Do Nations Owe Their Veterans?
  • What Are Political Leaders’ Moral Obligations?
  • Is it necessary to change the American voting system?
  • Should the Rich Pay More Taxes?
  • Should Prostitution Be Made Legal?
  • What Are Global Leaders’ Responsibilities Regarding the Refugee Crisis?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Because the goal of the exercise is to practice persuasive writing, it is not necessary to write about something enjoyable. However, let’s be honest: some of these topics can be tedious to research. Picking a borderline humorous topic to lighten the mood of your readers or audience is one solution. Here are some amusing argumentative essay topics that will pique your audience’s interest simply through curiosity.

  • The Simpsons’ Representation of a Typical American Family
  • Is the World in Need of Superheroes?
  • Why Are People Obsessed with Videos of Funny Cats?
  • In a fight, who would win: Batman or Iron Man?