7 SAT Essay Examples to Answer Every Prompt

The key to excelling on the SAT essay, as with most essays, is to plan out the examples and evidence you want to use ahead of time. “But hold on!” I can hear you sobbing. “Do you think you’ll be able to do that on the new SAT essay? Isn’t the point of the essay […]

Complete Official SAT Practice Tests- Free Links

The College Board’s official SAT tests are the ultimate gold standard for SAT practice questions. Each official practice test contains questions that were given to actual students during previous SAT administrations. I’ll show you where to obtain all official SAT practice tests online in this article. This comprehensive guide contains more practice tests than any […]

SAT Fees and Registration: Whats the Total Cost of the SAT

Taking the SAT (and even using your SAT scores) is not free, as are many other aspects of the college application process. In this section, I’ll go over every possible SAT registration and score fee. We’ll talk about how to save as much money as possible on the SAT.   The SAT Registration Fees (Updated […]

5 Different Ways to Set Up Solitaire With Cards

One of the most popular games for people of all ages with spare minutes, a computer, or a smartphone is Solitaire. It’s one of the most widely used, one-player card games out there! Nevertheless, long before online versions, solitaire was played with cards, and the game can still be played in this way. But what […]

Printable SAT Practice Tests PDFs: 18 FREE Official Tests

This article will explain where you can find all official, printable SAT practice tests and answer keys. This comprehensive guide provides more SAT practice tests than any other online resource. You’ll also learn key strategies that will help you significantly improve on SAT practice tests that you can print out   UPDATE: The College Board […]

How Many SAT Subject Tests Should I Take

Decisions, decisions! Not only must you decide which Subject Tests to take, but you must also decide how many Subject Tests to take. In this guide, we’ll go over the most important factors to consider when signing up for Subject Tests, so you can feel confident in your decision.   UPDATE: SAT Subject Tests Are […]

SAT 1 vs SAT 2: Whats the Difference

  You may have heard of the SAT II (or SAT 2) and wondered what it was all about. Perhaps a secret, more difficult version of the SAT? The reality is less dramatic: the SAT II is simply a renamed version of the SAT Subject Tests. This guide will explain the current format of the […]

How to Register for SAT Subject Tests: Step-by-Step Guide

You might be required or strongly encouraged to take SAT Subject Tests if you’re applying to highly selective colleges. Thankfully, registering for SAT Subject Tests is just as easy as registering for the regular SAT. It might take a bit more planning to verify that the test you want is being offered on a certain […]

What Colors Make Turquoise How to Create the Perfect Turquoise Color

Turquoise: it’s a color you see brightening up nature, fashion, and interior decorating. But where do you start if you want to create your own turquoise color? What colors make turquoise? With a basic understanding of color theory, you can produce a turquoise color for paintings and projects of your own! This article will answer […]

SAT Subject Test Dates 2015 – 2016: How to Choose

  If you want to apply to a highly selective college, you might have to take two or three SAT Subject Tests. Throughout the year, subject tests are given almost as frequently as the regular SAT. I’ll go over the dates and registration deadlines in this article, as well as provide a list of the […]