200 Informative Speech Topics That Work For Any Class

The world of informative speech topics can be extremely broad, and there are a lot of boxes you have to check. It needs to be interesting, creative, relevant, informative, and objective. That’s even before you get to the technical writing details.

It seems like a lot to think about. The truth is that writing informative speeches can be a tough process. When a lot of your grade is resting on your ability to get this speech done effectively, it’s very easy to lose focus and want to give up entirely. However, if you have the right tools, you can easily write a speech that captivates your audience without caving to that pressure.

In our last blog, we gave you

100 persuasive speech topics

you can use for any argumentative speech. Now, we’re going to raise the bar and give you 200 informative speech topics to use in any class you’re taking.

Narrowing Down a Topic

Realistically, you could write a good informative speech or essay about anything. But finding a really good topic that will captivate an audience and be explanatory enough to get your point across is a tough line to throttle.

Think of it like

writing a research paper

. You have to find a focus. It needs to be something narrow enough that can fit into a coherent speech without limiting your ability to find credible sources and information. This is also important for organization and structure, as you don’t want your speech leading off into different directions that your audience has to try to follow.

According to

Lumen Learning

, here are some things you can think about when you’re trying to work out an angle or a direction for your topic based on the 5 Ws of problem solving:

● Who does your topic or issue affect?

● Why is this topic important? What are the motives behind exploring it?

● What is the most important point or viewpoint?

● Where is the topic located, or which areas of the world does it impact?

● When did/does this topic occur? Is timeline an important factor?

Keep Things Interesting

The tricky part about coming up with good informative speech topics is trying to be creative and interesting while giving your audience an adequate amount of information. It’s very easy for an informative speech to become boring or uninteresting.

It’s all about understanding your audience. Your topic or subject needs to be relevant to the audience you’re speaking to. For example, if you’re teaching a beginner-level class about a new scientific discovery, you need to make sure you avoid too many scientific and technical terms that your audience won’t understand. Using too much jargon or niche-specific language is the easiest and fastest way to lose your audience’s interest, no matter what subject you’re working with.

Sometimes you’ll be given a specific topic, and in that case your creative freedom can be pretty limited. When that happens and you’re working with a topic that’s far from intriguing, the secret is in your writing and communication.

Get Your Facts Right

When you’re giving an informative speech to an audience, you are giving them information and facts about a particular subject and helping to grow their knowledge about that topic. Therefore, it is extremely important that you make sure you’re giving them reliable, correct, and credible information from reputable, trusted sources. Start with a brainstorm and come up with everything you know off the top of your head about your topic. Then, try to fill in the gaps with research.

Stick to academic journal articles, textbooks, reports, studies, and other peer-reviewed sources to make sure you’re forming a distinct and valid viewpoint that won’t misinform anyone. Check for bias in your sources. For example, if you’re writing an informative speech on the impacts of the meat industry on the environment, don’t rely on sources from a vegan blog. Use scientific research studies that provide hard, true facts that aren’t skewed by one bias or viewpoint.

Use the

CARS Checklist

when analyzing the validity and reliability of a source:

● C – Credibility (check the author’s credentials and the sources they use)

● A – Accuracy (look for complete information, extensive facts, make sure there aren’t any gaps)

● R – Reasonableness (look for a fair and balanced argument that isn’t biased by opinion)

● S – Support (check the article’s reviews as well as any public support by other experts in the field)

Our Mega List of 200 Informative Speech Topics

Are you ready for this? We’re about to give you an exhaustive list of 200 informative speech topics, broken down by subject area. These carefully selected topics offer a wide range of angles, viewpoints, and even controversial elements that will give you plenty of opportunities to make a compelling and creative academic speech.

This list is sure to help you brainstorm for your speech and give you some inspiration to work with. If not, you can always take a look at our list of

effective argumentative essay topics

to get even more ideas.

Informative Speech Topics For History and the Humanities

1. Immigration history in America

2. Society and life in the Dark Ages

3. The mystery of Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa painting

4. Burial practices in ancient cultures and societies

5. Sculpture in the Renaissance

6. Fashion in Victorian Britain

7. The assassination of John F. Kennedy

8. Colonization and its impact on the European powers in the Age of Exploration and beyond

9. The Olympics in Ancient Greece

10. Explore the history of tattoos and body art

11. The 1918 Spanish Flu

12. Innovations that came out of the great wars

13. Japanese Kamikaze fighters during World War II

14. Rum running during Prohibition

15. Mahatma Gandhi and Indian apartheid

16. The Salem Witch Trials

17. How escaped slaves communicated along the Underground Railroad

18. The Gold Rush in California and its impact or significance

19. Economic divisions and the Vietnam War

20. The significance of the Stonewall Riots

Interesting Topic Ideas For English and Classic Literature

21. How Shakespeare’s plays helped shape the modern language

22. The history of spirits or the supernatural in classic literature

23. Ernest Hemingway’s narrative on masculinity

24. The practice of banning books and literature from schools

25. Symbolism in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird

26. Depictions of classic literature in modern films

27. Which books that have been published in today’s time would stand as classic literature in the future?

28. The impact of modern technology on literature and publishing

29. How to beat writer’s block

30. Rhetorical analysis of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech

31. Satire in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

32. The concept of madness in William Shakespeare’s tragedies

33. Human nature in Plato’s The Republic

34. Feminist theory and the works of Charlotte Perkins Gilman

35. Rationality in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies

36. Common themes in Gothic literature

37. How to define the canons of classic literature

38. War poetry from any time period

39. Depictions of the apocalypse in literature and fiction

40. Common themes in Victorian literature from the 19th century

Intriguing Topics About Current Affairs, Social Issues, and Human Rights

41. What our society has learned from the COVID-19 pandemic

42. Patterns in America’s fastest growing cities

43. Current social movements such as Black Lives Matter or the Occupy Wall Street movement

44. Explore modern protest culture

45. Idolization of celebrities in modern society

46. Social media influencers and Tik Tok stars and their celebrity status among Generation Z

47. Human trafficking in first world countries

48. The concept of universal human rights

49. “Viral” culture in today’s society

50. Generational divisions and tensions between Baby Boomers, Millennials, or Generation Z

51. The role of the United Nations in the interest of global human rights

52. Women’s rights/freedoms in third world countries

53. The United Nations Human Rights Council and its purpose/function

54. Uses of torture to extract information from high-level criminals or terrorists

55. The influence of cultural traditions on human rights in various countries

56. Benefits of social media for collective action in areas where human rights are being contested

57. The influence of Westernization on human rights in other countries

58. Support and guidance for troubled children in the current foster care system

59. The prevalence of child abuse in modern society

60. Racial prejudice in the workplace

Creative Ideas For Film, Music, and Popular Culture

61. Originality in today’s music, movies, or television shows

62. The role of music in social movements

63. Crime scene television – accuracies and inaccuracies

64. The power of satire in comedy

65. How streaming services have changed the film/television or music industry

66. Focus on a music sub-culture and how it has empowered that group of people

67. Domestic violence in the media

68. Censorship issues in music

69. The importance of teaching music in elementary and high schools

70. Modern horror films and “shock value”

71. Religious symbolism in Star Wars

72. Disney princesses and their impact on young girls in society

73. Sexuality and messaging in film and television

74. The impact of a historical musician or musical group and their impact on today’s music

75. Mythology in popular culture

76. Child stars and the problems they face as they age

77. Superhero culture in society

78. The history of jazz music in New Orleans

79. Which popular culture artifacts will archaeologists be studying in the future to learn about our society?

80. The current status of the idea of the “Blockbuster” movie

Politics, Law, and Business-Related Topics

81. How to build a business from scratch

82. The importance of taking an accounting course or program

83. Negative and positive economic potential from the rise in artificial intelligence

84. The strategy behind a carbon tax and its effectiveness in other countries

85. How insurance companies can deal with the potential risks of self-driving cars

86. The role of human relations in fostering strong workplace relationships and productivity

87. Traffic cameras and their impact on society

88. The opioid crisis in America

89. Private prisons in the United States

90. Issues and concerns with cybersecurity and Internet policing

91. Censorship and the Internet

92. Government intervention in family law affairs

93. The process of making amendments to various laws or Constitutional articles

94. Globalization and the influence of capitalism around the world

95. Solutions and ideas the government can implement to curb the issue of homelessness

96. How to determine which political platforms are most important right now

97. The impact of political scandals on certain politicians

98. Issues with the current electoral system in your country

99. The ideal political system in a utilitarian world

100. Capital punishment and its place in today’s society

Inspiration For Your Science, Healthcare, and Medicine Classes

101. Dehydration and the important role water plays in our everyday lives

102. The dangers of refined sugar

103. How human beings can contribute to “going green”

104. Managing chronic pain in a specific area

105. Hybrid vehicles and their impact on the environment

106. Positive and negative impacts of medicinal marijuana

107. LASIK surgery and its long-term benefits and impacts

108. Why certain animal species become endangered or extinct

109. Habit-based diet management techniques

110. Caffeine and its impact on the human body (good and bad)

111. Break down a trending diet (such as paleo, keto, vegan) and explore its nutritional impact on the human body

112. The commodification of organic agriculture

113. Animal testing in science laboratories

114. Energy preservation techniques that promote sustainable living

115. Protecting the future of the rainforest

116. Homeopathy and its validity in the field of healthcare and science

117. Advantages and impacts of solar or wind technologies for power generation

118. The evolution of species and adaptability during the threat of climate change

119. Prominent advancements in chemistry from the 20th and 21st centuries

120. Carbon dating and the process of DNA analysis

Education, University, and College Subjects

121. Showcase the differences between the American education system and the European education system

122. The challenge of teaching digital literacy skills

123. Parental involvement in children’s education

124. Detecting learning disabilities in children as early as possible

125. Benefits and advantages of studying abroad

126. The connection between education and poverty

127. Effective punishments for cyberbullying and bullying in classrooms

128. How to avoid procrastination

129. The connection between education and unemployment

130. Violence and sexual assault on college campuses

131. Hazing practices in college or university

132. The impact of fraternities and sororities in the 21st century

133. How to overcome personal challenges in university

134. The importance of student unions

135. Sexual education systems in elementary schools

136. Teaching tolerance and sensitivity in elementary schools

137. Pros and cons of segregated education systems for children who are mentally disabled or cognitively impaired

138. Caffeine addiction and student life

139. The real cost of attending college and university

140. How energy drinks impact student study habits

The Best Psychology Topics

141. How to deal with eating disorders and body image in young children and/or teens

142. Why the human brain cannot actually multitask efficiently

143. Mental health issues and war veterans

144. The psychology behind marketing and advertising

145. Social media and its impact on mental health

146. Addition and its connection to mental health issues

147. Insomnia and its impact on the human body

148. Phobias in young children or adults

149. Causes and solutions for sleep paralysis

150. Freud’s theories and their relevancy today

151. Solutions and healing processes for the mentally ill through video games

152. Child geniuses and prodigies

153. The psychology behind cults

154. Abnormal psychology: epidemiology, diagnosis, etc.

155. Profile a specific type of therapy and its pros and cons

156. Identifying autism in early states of life

157. Childhood bullying and self-esteem issues or depression

158. Hypnosis as a treatment for addiction

159. The link between physical health and mental illness

160. Child labour and post-traumatic stress disorder

Religion, Culture, and Food Studies Topics

161. The concept of culture shock

162. Extreme foods from different cultures around the world

163. Yoga and meditation practices around the world

164. Explore a religion outside of your own and its core values

165. The cultural connection between food and heritage

166. Social media “foodie” culture

167. How food culture can impact the development of a community or city

168. The relationship between diet and identity

169. Fast food and its impact on American culture

170. The role that food has played in various cultural traditions around the world or within history

171. Solutions that could contribute to ending world hunger

172. The reality of the Separation of Church and State in America

173. Traditions or rituals in various cultures around the world

174. Culture and its influence on law

175. Is there a dominant culture in the United States? What is American culture?

176. Nationalism and religion

177. Religious dominance and narrative pertaining to holidays such as Christmas

178. The history of a specific culture or cultural tradition

179. Gourmet food and social status/divisions

180. The impact of mass media on modern culture

Informative Speech Topics About Sports

181. The brutality of some extreme fighting sports

182. Tourism and the financial impact of the Olympics

183. Values and lessons that can be learned from playing team sports

184. Explore the history of a particular sport

185. Today’s athletic skills compared to those in the previous generation

186. College athletes and corporate sponsorship

187. The educational value of sports

188. Virtual or electronic sports

189. Gender issues in major sports leagues

190. The concept of chess as a sport

191. Physical activity and the process of aging

192. Issues with drug use and major league sports

193. Physical activity and sport as rehabilitation therapy for major injuries

194. The Olympics opening and closing ceremonies

195. Sport and physical activity as a stress relieving tool

196. Divisions and conflicts between sports fans

197. FIFA and the allegations of corruption

198. Salary caps in sports

199. Animal sports and the issues they pose

200. Sports betting and associated legalities

20 BONUS TOPICS: Fun Informative Speech Topics to Use When You Have Unlimited Creative Freedom

Not everyone is lucky enough to get to pick and choose whichever topic they want without any creative limitations. However, on the rare occasion that you do get to talk about any subject you want, here are some funny, interesting, or even controversial topics you can try out.

1. The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

2. Why money rules the world

3. How remote tribes can continue to exist primitively without the influence of technology

4. The likelihood that Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster are real

5. How to make friends in college or university

6. Did Pluto deserve to be stripped of its status as a planet?

7. The most dangerous or risky careers

8. If people knew they were going to die, would they live differently?

9. The relevance of the Academy Awards in today’s society

10. Things every couple should do before they get married

11. The best April Fool’s Day pranks

12. Online relationships in today’s society

13. How to talk to children about Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and other imaginary creatures

14. Murphy’s Law: how it works or doesn’t work

15. The importance of eating breakfast

16. How to learn lessons from your mistakes

17. The implications of time travel

18. Pros and cons of taking a gap year before college

19. Can wholesome comedians succeed?

20. How to tell if someone is a good person

If These Informative Speech Topics Didn’t Help, You Still Have Options

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