193 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas

A proposal argument is a type of essay describing a specific issue that needs fixing. It focuses on

the solutions to a problem


Are you interested in writing high-quality proposal essays? Wondering what makes a winning proposal essay? Here you will find answers to this question and 193 brilliant proposal essay topics prepared by

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📝 What Is a Proposal Argument?

A proposal argument is a perfect type of essay you could use if there is a specific issue that needs fixing. Such a paper would focus on the solutions proposed as a response to a problem.

It seems like, if talking about the kinds of argumentation, this is one of the most common. The reason is simple: it works and quite effectively. When you write it correctly, your proposal argument can turn out extremely persuasive. It could convince even the most skeptical readers.

Writing a proposal argument paper, you need to focus on several things. A standard set is a defined problem and a proposed solution. Another optional addition is the suggestion of a course of action. Moreover, there should be a description of the audience and the aim.

However, unlike other methods, this one suggests that all those parts should remain unchanged. Besides, it is vital to examine the problem from different points of view. It allows readers to be fully informed.

💡 Proposal Essay Ideas: What to Include?

Three main components your instructors want to see in a proposal essay are:

  • a well-defined problem;
  • the proposal of an effective solution for the problem;
  • the discussion of why this solution should be chosen among all the alternatives.

As you see, this task is pretty easy if your instructor assigns you a topic. If not, you will need to spend hours on researching and brainstorming or … simply check a list of 95 proposal essay topics below.

🌐 Proposal Essay Topics: Environment

Due to the ongoing

degradation of the environment

and the negative impacts of globalization, it is imperative to develop proposal papers with relevant ideas and solutions. Importantly, pay extra attention to tools and innovations that can improve the Earth.

  1. How do pet owners contribute to pollution, and what are environmentally friendly options for them?
  2. The small things everyone can do every day to help battle global warming.
  3. How to manage food resources correctly to battle the famine and food waste excess at the same time?
  4. Ways to manage water resources in India during the summer.
  5. What is the most efficient energy type people can use?
  6. The action plan of how to use coal resources wisely.
  7. How to preserve woods in Australia from fires?
  8. What is energy conservation, and what are its benefits?
  9. The most effective solutions to land degradation.
  10. Implementing renewable energy technology in developing countries.
  11. Floating cleaning devices as a way to battle pollution in the oceans.
  12. Ways to measure air pollution in remote areas.
  13. Forest conservation as a preventive method for biodiversity issues.
  14. How to reduce the damage caused to the environment by dams?
  15. How can we stop the desertification?
  16. Casual veganism as a way to manage food resources with a growing population.
  17. Educating students about environmentally-friendly behavior as a way to prevent ecological catastrophes.
  18. The power of unexplored energy sources, and how can they help us?
  19. What are the most effective ways to prevent deforestation?
  20. Biodegradable materials as a substitute for plastic.
  21. What is the best solution to the problem of plastic bags (should governments ban or discourage their usage; should citizens return bags to supermarkets for recycling)?
  22. How can countries promote bicycle use for short journeys?
  23. How can the problem of

    electronic waste

    (e-waste) be tackled? (Export to developing countries vs. recycling).

  24. Electricity from wind

    for reduction of the global warming effect.
  25. Evaporative coolers as green alternatives to air conditioners.
  26. What are the benefits of zero-waste living, and what solutions can be implemented by communities straightaway?

👔 Proposal Argument Topics: Business

Since business is a relevant topic in the modern world, this field offers an array of essay ideas that you can use when writing. From improving business performance to developing effective marketing strategies, you can easily craft a proposal paper that may be useful for your future career.

  1. How can small businesses recover quickly after economic crises?
  2. Preferring local farmers to the international grocery chains to support the development of small businesses.
  3. How to eliminate the erosion of trust in business for good?
  4. When bankruptcy is coming, what are the ways out with minimum damage?
  5. Paid internships as a solution for youth unemployment.
  6. Why is keeping private emails available at the working place beneficial?
  7. Overtime payments as a way to prevent qualified teachers from leaving.
  8. Financial education should come to children from parents.
  9. How to reduce the rates of underemployment?
  10. What should a consumer do when they notice the producer lying?
  11. Ways to prevent misunderstanding with customers’ rights.
  12. Healthy snacks, corporate weekends, and gym memberships as the ways to support employees’ motivation.
  13. What is the correct way to create an ethical policy in your company?
  14. Advanced training instead of firing in cases of low performance.
  15. Volunteering at college as a way to boost the graduate’s CV.
  16. How should companies adjust their policies to attract talented students?
  17. What is corporate responsibility and the ways to improve it?
  18. Innovative ideas about how to create more jobs with the help of social media.
  19. Why should opening a business be more accessible for students?
  20. The ways small businesses can survive national riots.

  21. Outsourcing

    as a solution for backup business activities.

  22. Corporate culture

    transformations needed for effective mergers.

  23. Training programs

    for effective assimilation of new employees.
  24. Feedback about performance for retention of valuable employees.
  25. E-commerce strategies for attraction of new customers.

🎓 Proposal Essay Topics: Education

Issues in education are always high on the agenda. From supporting teachers to improving students’ educational outcomes, you have a variety of topics from which to choose.

  1. The ways to let educational shows have more airtime on TV.
  2. How to improve the effectiveness of language courses for foreigners?
  3. The benefits of implementing more foreign languages into the school curriculum.
  4. The ways for teachers to prevent bullying in schools.
  5. The best solutions for boosting reading comprehension in preschool.
  6. Why sex education is essential and how to engage schools to include it?
  7. Letting students learn from mistakes instead of failing students.
  8. The ways for parents to interest children in education in the area of science.
  9. The controversial practice of grading, and what can be done instead?
  10. Psychological support for students coming from teachers.
  11. What real psychological tricks can teachers use to motivate students?
  12. Can students be guarded against procrastination and how to do it?
  13. Educating students about their health as a mandatory practice.
  14. The time students spend on physical activity at school and how to improve it?
  15. Simple ways to talk on taboo topics with kids.
  16. Best ways to enjoy and benefit from a subject you don’t like.
  17. What are the benefits of separating classes according to gender?
  18. The reasons to limit the use of smartphones at schools and the ways to do it.
  19. Why should practical classes and debates substitute lectures?
  20. Self-esteem boosting practices for students and teachers.
  21. Programs encouraging students to participate more in sports.
  22. Adaptation of standardized tests to the needs of ESL students and students with learning disabilities.
  23. Class activities improving students’ motivation and involvement.
  24. Social support for young teachers in rural areas.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Proposal Essay Topics: Social Life and Social Issues

  1. Cleaning marathons as a way to engage citizens in keeping the neighborhoods clean.
  2. Safe driving educational materials as a preventive measure.
  3. Is there a way to make students more socially responsible?
  4. How can an average person help orphans without spending money?
  5. The ways of promoting subcultures but managing their activities.
  6. Sexism related issues at schools and how to resolve it?
  7. Social programs for educating people about the disabled.
  8. Installing book exchange boxes around the city to promote people reading more.
  9. Support groups for teenagers to prevent depression due to issues with school peers.
  10. The ways to help your friend if you suspect they have alcohol or drug addiction.
  11. Banning social media: can it be a solution to reduce suicides?
  12. Knowing what you are buying or how not to let advertisements catch you?
  13. Choosing the right idols for teenagers to encourage positive lifestyle changes.
  14. How to support single-parent families in times of need?
  15. Changing your social connections list to reduce body shaming.
  16. Ways to show how social media controls people’s lives and how to change it.
  17. How not to get overloaded by information daily?
  18. Practical solutions for skyrocketing cybercrime rates.
  19. How can people preserve national identity in the current situation of globalization?
  20. The reason to implement more restrictions on legalized substances.
  21. An educational film for enhancing population awareness of the hazards of excessive television viewing.
  22. Hate-crime laws as a response to increased violence against minorities.
  23. Propaganda of

    healthy eating habits

    for reducing obesity levels.
  24. Cyber-bullying alerts decreasing the incidence of online harassment.
  25. Healthy alternatives to free beer parties to prevent the dangers of college drinking.

💻 Proposal Argument Topics: Technology

Since technological advancements have drastically changed how people live and communicate, the proposed essay ideas all focus on exploring the impact of progress in modern societies. Be imaginative and think about the role technology plays in your life to provide examples from the real world.

  1. The increasing speed of technological development and how to keep up with it?
  2. Having technological detox days as a preventive measure for depression and apathy.
  3. Implementing more technologies into the educational process – is it good or bad? The optimal solution.
  4. Child control applications for looking after children’s safety on the Internet.
  5. What are the financial benefits of switching to wireless technologies?
  6. The ways to resolve the issue with online identity stealing.
  7. Implementing more modern technologies in libraries to encourage people to use them.
  8. Online safety and how to protect your data as a customer?
  9. Cyber-bullying at schools: what are the most effective strategies to fight it?
  10. How can children with learning disabilities use the help of virtual reality?
  11. The ways not to kill your imagination while using modern technology.
  12. Limiting the age of modern technology users for the sake of healthy child development.
  13. Implementing censorship in the media to stop the collapse of moral values.
  14. Do technologies help college students in their performance and how to boost it?
  15. Banning TV watching for children as the best solution for the development of inappropriate behavior patterns.
  16. How to make the best out of technology in medicine for inheritance disease testing?
  17. Researching the issues of mechanical reproduction and finding the most appropriate ethical solutions.
  18. Technology and food industry: using GMO to help with the world hunger issue.
  19. How can technology save some of the environmental issues?
  20. Recommendations on how to use modern technologies and preserve mental health.
  21. Many processes that were once performed by people have been replaced by machines. Has this trend brought more benefits than disadvantages?
  22. Some people have been critical of the impact of technology, stating that computers and smartphones make younger generations less interactive. What evidence is there to support or disprove such criticism?
  23. How has technology changed the way modern businesses work?
  24. Develop a paper with solutions and recommendations for overcoming the gap between the rich and the poor that has been caused by technology
  25. What problems do parents face when preventing their children from accessing the Internet unsupervised?

😀 Other Proposal Essay Topics

Proposal Essay Ideas: Healthcare

  1. Income-related payments for the previously uninsured citizens.
  2. Training programs for improvement of physician-patient relationships.
  3. Pharmaceutical companies should share their findings at pre-competitive stages to reduce research and development expenditures and improve the outcomes.
  4. A program for attracting more men nurses.
  5. Training for improving integrity of interdisciplinary teams.

Proposal Argument Topics: Law and Justice

  1. Solutions for overcoming

    prison overcrowding

    and prison violence
  2. The most important and controversial issues that persist in courtrooms: false confessions, mistreatment of evidence, and witness framing
  3. The duty of care for senior citizens: who should be held accountable for the mistreatment of residents and wrongful deaths in nursing homes?
  4. The “he said – she said” narrative: is innocence maintained before a guilty verdict in sexual assault allegations?
  5. Arguments for and against police funding for improving neighborhood safety
  6. Classification of civil litigation cases everyone should know
  7. Business and law: how to manage sexual harassment lawsuits in the workplace
  8. How to mitigate the negative impact of police violence on the reputation of law enforcement agencies

Proposal Essay Ideas: Literature

  1. The most prominent

    symbols and motifs in The Great Gatsby

    and their influence on the narrator’s storytelling
  2. How Shakespeare’s “To be, or not to be?” became the most popular rhetorical question today
  3. Meaningful lessons that readers can take from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five
  4. Contemporary writers who have influenced the history of literature
  5. Programs targeted at encouraging children and teenagers to read classic literature

Proposal Argument Topics: Culture

  1. The definition of

    cultural awareness

    : when it is and is not relevant
  2. Simple ways to end the debate on stereotyping and cultural profiling
  3. Racism and reverse racism on college campuses: how students deal with the ongoing debate on race in light of recent cultural developments
  4. The impact of extreme patriotism on the reputation of Americans in the international arena
  5. Good questions to ask a foreigner before resorting to cultural stereotyping
  6. The long process of cultural accommodation: what you should do and avoid when in a foreign culture
  7. Explain how the debate with social justice warriors regarding racial profiling should be managed

Proposal Essay Ideas: Writing

  1. How to structure a research proposal, from the abstract to the list of references
  2. Writing a 1000-word summary of a book: what to include and what to avoid
  3. Recommendations on becoming a citation style expert (the MLA edition)
  4. Effective guidelines for writing an astonishing discursive paper
  5. How to write a 5-paragraph reflective essay
  6. Specifics of

    technical writing

    : how to differentiate between specialized and non-specialized text
  7. Coming up with memorable titles for articles and research papers: how to capture the attention of the audience
  8. The easiest ways to develop a draft that will serve as the basis for your future paper

Proposal Essay Ideas: World History

  1. How did strong

    female leaders

    such as Jeanne d’Arc impact the development of societies?
  2. An introduction to the Paleolithic Age: the development of societies, fishing, hunting and gathering, and scavenging
  3. A list of the most significant historical events that shaped modern society
  4. Discuss the possible outcomes of WWII had the opposing side won

Proposal Essay Ideas: Religion

  1. A short evaluation of the current issues prevailing in the Catholic Church: what has changed and what has not?
  2. A factual analysis of the Bible: comparing historical facts with the descriptions of events given in the religious text
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of

    religious education

    and how it influences children’s worldviews
  4. The best solution for overcoming religious discrimination (exploring the

    Christianity – Islam opposition

  5. Different views on the importance of religion, including how it helps people and how it harms them (the ethical debate)

Proposal Essay Ideas: Politics and Government

  1. Interesting insights into whether governments should make decisions about their citizens’ lifestyles (for example, the pro-choice versus pro-life debate)
  2. Subjects to discuss with your

    local government

    : its role in the economy, social equity, and the well-being of neighborhoods
  3. Should the government be involved in controlling the Internet and other forms of news media?
  4. Problems in society that were caused by government intervention
  5. What role should politicians play when providing formal support for underserved and underrepresented communities?

Proposal Essay Ideas: Personal Development and Psychology

  1. How harmful are various social media networks and the advertising industry to the development of a child? Discuss their impact on self-esteem
  2. Develop a descriptive essay about the experiences that have shaped your personality and your sense of self-worth. Have you learned more from positive or negative experiences?
  3. What format should training courses and personal development sessions take when it comes to working with developmentally disabled individuals?
  4. To what degree do you agree with the statement that people’s personalities are predetermined by their genetic heritage? Is it true that nothing can be done to alter personal traits?
  5. Discuss the current theories about

    anxiety and the impact of this disorder

    on the development of individuals

Proposal Essay Topics: Music and Art

  1. Should the government invest in funding and grants for up-and-coming musicians and artists?
  2. Discuss the benefits of art for societies and individuals separately
  3. Which contemporary artists and musicians have had the most impact on you as a person? Explain their impact
  4. Does rap music influence the behavior of modern teenagers? Is there a difference between the rap of the 70s and modern rap regarding their messages for society?

Proposal Essay Ideas: Globalization

  1. While


    has had some positive influences on


    , discuss the negative implications of this process
  2. Is there a connection between globalization and climate change?
  3. Explain the correlation between global wealth and the transfer of knowledge between countries and culture
  4. Has globalization affected you personally? What have you done to mitigate the impact of this process?
  5. Based on the example of developing economies, investigate the relationship between globalization and democratization

Proposal Essay Topics: Economy

  1. The scarcity of economic resources with regards to poverty, income gaps, and the distribution of wealth
  2. The economics of death and disease: how industries impose unnecessary regulations to increase revenue
  3. Agree or disagree with the following statement: there should be a limit placed on the ownership of private property
  4. Has the 2008 economic collapse ended? What has been the impact of this crisis on the modern economy?

You are welcome to use these proposal essay suggestions to write A+ papers. Choose a proposal essay topic idea matching your interests to enjoy the essay writing process and reap the fruits of your hard work. However, if you’re having any trouble with writing a high-quality proposal paper, you can always contact Custom Writing to get professional help from a team of language experts. We guarantee that your paper will exceed any expectations!

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✏️ Proposal Essay FAQ

❓ What is a proposal essay?

A proposal essay is just what it sounds like. It’s a description of a well-defined problem with a solution proposal and supporting arguments. A good proposal essay contains some elements of research and persuasive writing (why is this solution the best option?).

❓ How to write a proposal essay?

The key point to write a proposal essay for college or job is to present persuasive arguments. Such thesis should convince its readers that the proposed solution is the best one. Try to make it impressive yet modest. Creating an outline might be helpful.

❓ How to start a proposal essay?

Just like any essay, a proposal paper needs to be structured and cohesive. Thus, create an outline for your future thesis first. Start off with ideas to cover in the body part. Make sure to include relevant examples and supporting arguments. Then, add an appropriate introduction.

❓ What are some good proposal essay topics?

Proposal essays are often a part of business or college projects. Any problem that might have a list of possible solutions to choose from can become your topic. Some ideas are the optimal meeting format, the best way to celebrate something, or even finance allocation.

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